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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wawasan 2020 ? Serious or not ?

Today is mitika day so I must write something pro gaoment also la. After look here look there, I really cannot find anything good to write about gaoment so I decide to join all the crowd and write about WAWASAN 2020.

I don't have high high education so I don't know what the fuck the gaoment say when they put banner big big about 2020 but nevermind la cause the other day I listend to one Minister speak to the coffee shop people and I also don't think he knows what the 67 is Wawasan 2020. He said the coffee price cannot go up too fast even the oil price very high because we want to achieve 2020 ! I said...FUCK la....I thought Starbucks is from USA and USA veri develop right? their coffee not expensive meh ?

So, after thinking and thinking, maybe gaoment want the people to learn these by the year 2020:

1. Learn how to ride motorbikes on the right side of road.
2. Learn not to rushing into lift when the life door open.
3. No more setting stupid world record such as biggest this, longest this, largest that (except longer 67 la).
4. Learn the wear the jacket properly for those riding motorbike because i see many wear gostan wan ! Very dangerous because when got accident the doctor may think the bikers neck already putus and head already pusing and looking at the back !

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