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Friday, April 27, 2007

My Friends

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Next time, when your doggie at home got horny, you don't have to let it out to commit crime by raping your neigbour's bitch anymore!

At OLIN, not only we take care of the human needs, we also take care of your doggie! Our latest produck - iBITCH will make sure that doggie at home is as happy as daddy at nightclub!

The ever creative produck designing team at OLIN is committed to bringing eternal happiness to your entire family - Doggie included. By designing the iBITCH it shows that we treat your doggie as part of your family!

Image Hosted by
Sexy Design: Doggie See Doggie Horny!!

Image Hosted by
Come in 2 colors: Black and White!

Image Hosted by
Aerodynamic Design: No Unwanted Injury!

Image Hosted by
“Black cat or white cat: If it can catch mice, it's a good cat.”
Deng Xiaoping, Former Leader of China

“Black bitch or white bitch: If it can let the doggie fuck, it's a good bitch.”
Lin Peh, Current Leader of OLIN

Another Great Product by:

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Restaurant That Will Give You Heart Attack

After the previous posts about my Hooters and OLIN iCafe, Lin Peh received many complaints that the waitress at Lin Peh restaurant all dress too sexy and it's not a good family restaurant. However, to show that other reastaurants are doing the same, Lin Peh will show you today what others are doing with their restaurant business.

The Heart Attack Grill located at Arizona, USA. It is basically a burger restaurant

However, it has become very famous internationally because all its waitress are dress in naughty nurse uniforms - a male fantasy ? ;-)

Their menu is quite simple but the specialty of the restaurant is the Triple or Quadruple Bypass burger.

What is so special about it ?

Well, when a customer orders a Triple or Quadruple Bypass burger and finishes his or her "procedure", the nurses wheel them outside in wheelchairs.

At times, if the customer can "recover" in time, he can even carry the nurse back into the restaurant.

All the waitresses at the Heart Attack Grill wear skimpy, cleavage-baring outfits, high heels and thigh-high stockings -- another male fantasy ;-)

What's next ? ;-)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OLIN iCafe

After Lin Peh post about the Hooter restaurant that Lin Peh managed, many peeple think Lin Peh got very good business idea and they all wrote to Lin Peh asking for potential business venture. Since Lin Peh not selfish wan, Lin Peh will now show you the next business venture that Lin Peh will do. It's called OLIN iCAFE!

The difference between Olin cyber cafe and the one you all usually go and surf porn one is Olin iCafe offers Piaomei to surf together with you one. It will be something like this:

However, please do not ask Lin Peh for the exact location of the Olin iCafe yet because it is currently still under prototype testing at a secret location:

Monday, April 16, 2007

Singapore's Gals Take Off Their Bra

For those of you who have never get a chance to see a Singapore gal take off her bra, here's a video of 4 of them taking off their bra in a contest!

Faster than Clint Eastwood in his gunslingers scene huh ? ;-)

Please contact Lin Peh if you think you can do it faster (female only please) HAHA!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Sexual Awareness Survey

Lin Peh's aunti friend, Mott Lan is doing a Sexual Awareness Survey because she is very humsap. Detail can be found at her blog:

Image Hosted by

However, very pitiful her survey business not so good because many male bloggers until kkc also cannot stim liao because all afraid that she may post their response Big Big on the internet. Can you imagine what will happen if she post something like:

COCKA first sexual awareness at Age 55!

Aceone only start to like the opposite sex at Age 48!

Anyway, since this Mott Lan quite cute also, Lin Peh help her la. So, as a real good friend, not only Lin Peh will do the survey myself, Lin Peh also selected a sample of my friends who best represent the male population in this world and asked them to do the survey. Those selected in this survey are:

1. Aceone (Represent the Humhai)
2. Wingz (Represent the Taokeh)
3. Cocka (Represent the Old Cock)
4. Toudai (Represent the Young Punk)
5. 9393(Represent those who play play until chap lap)
6. Lin Peh Goodself (Represent the blue collar MIC sapporters)

So, with our answers, she no need look for others already because ours is like a compilation like that and here they are:

1. At what age was your first sexual awareness?

20, This is based on weighted average and it is a bit misleading because Wingz weight a lot so he pull up the average a lot also. Without Wingz, the average is about 8.11967 only.

2. Were you embarrassed or curious?

This one answer very straight forward. No embarasseed, no curious, we all feel Siok la !

3. At what age did you like the same/opposite sex?

8 months, this is also base on weighted average. However at 8 months old, all of us, including WINGZ, weight almost the same.

4. Did you have someone that taught you about sex?

This one cannot compute average so Lin Peh list them down one by one in detail:

Aceone - Foong Foong Hair Sallon (No.2: Ah Lan)
Wingz - Pusat Kesihatan Hollywood (No.3: Ah Ying)
Cocka - Rumah Urut Bollywood (No.23: Minahchi)
Toudai - Pusat Hiburan Pandan Jaya (No.33: Ah Fah)
9393 - Kiu Kiu Massage Parlor (No.8: Ah Kiu)
Lin Peh - Learn from this sex manual.

5. Was it your parent?


6. If not, would you have wished it was your parent?

No, we all wish if was your son's mother! HAHHAHAHAAHH!

7. Any thoughts on this matter (education of sexual awareness)?

Please lagalize all the "service center". If not, stim already and no galfriend where to release?

Lin Peh hope the above is helpful.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hooters Girls Around The World

Hooters is an American Based restaurant chain which operates 425 Hooters restaurants in 46 U.S. states and 19 other countries. The menu of Hooters includes hamburgers and other sandwiches, steak, seafood, and chicken. It also specializes in Buffalo wings. But it is the Hooters Girls who make their concept unique.

The Hooters Girls
The waitress at Hooters Restaurant are called Hooters Girls. Hooters Girls are generally employed for their breast size! They are easily recognizable by their sexy uniform!

Here are some pictures of Hooters Girls Around The World

Headquarter: USA

Hooters Girls With Bill Gates




Coming Soon to.......


Managed by: Lin Peh

Friday, April 06, 2007

Boggers Registration Campaign

"In order to prevent the spread of negative or malicious content on the Internet, the government is going to require that all the BLOGGERS using locally hosted websites to register with the authorities." Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor.

Lin Peh sure the task is not going to be easy and the gaoment is going to have a tough time getting all the bloggers to register especially those bloggers who always condemn the gaoment and post humsap picture wan (example: Aceone). HAHAHA!

As usual, Lin Peh very sappot the gaoment and will do whatever possible to help. So, first thing first, Lin Peh propose that this registration exercise must have a nice name. The name must not be scary, if not, all the Malaysian bloggers may runaway to safer country such as Iraq! So, the following are list of NOT RECOMMENDED NAMES:




The gaoment may not be aware but many bloggers are actually very patriotic one (example: all bloggers except Aceone) and since the country is celebrating its 50 years'old birthday this year, Lin Peh suggest that a patriotic name shall be created for this projeck. So, Lin Peh cum out with the following name which is non controversial and no one shall dispute:


Of course when the gaoment is doing a nationwide projeck like this, a slogan is a must! As far as Lin Peh is concern, the following slogan which has been quoted many times recently at local blogs is really no fight one:


So kao meaningful hor ? ;-)

When the name and the slogan is done properly, Lin Peh sure bloggers will not be afraid anymore but that does not mean they will come register also. So, to encourage them to cum forward, the gaoment must PROMISE some rewards just like the Mykad program liddat. Lin Peh sure the response will be very good if those who register can get Bangoro, Satay House, Cars, Motorbike etc.

To help with promoting this projeck, Lin Peh has created a very nice poster so that the gaoment can paste it everywhere and advertise it on newspaper! This poster is very useful because it has a recent picture of all the fehmes bloggers which also means:


This time all Hailatt liao ! HAHAHAHAHHAH!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Eye Inside Your Chibye

In conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year 2007, the city of Kuala Lumpur has turned the Taman Titiwangsa into a big fun fair by putting up a huge Ferris Wheel near the lake there and charge peeple lots of many and take them for a "ride" ;-)

The Ferris Wheel the gaoment put up is about 60 meter tall and they claim if you are up there, you can see very far, so 9 damn far until they name it "Eye On Malaysia"! Niasing! they themselves gaoment also dunno how big is the country meh ? Can see whole Malaysia by going up 60 meter ah? Call it "Eye on Titiwangsa" more reasonable la. Or, if want good good business call it "Eye on Young Couple Park Tor and Raba Raba" because Titiwangsa there got many young punks go and raba-raba each other one; the actions there so good until Lin Peh name it The Official Lin Peh Outdoor Entertainment Center! hahaha !

Anyway, let's look at some famous Ferris Wheel around the world so that we know how far we can see:

China: Star of Nanchang, 160 meter

England: London Eye, 135 meter

Japan: Sky Dream Fukuoka, 120 meter

Malaysia: Eye On Malaysia, 60 meter

Lin Peh: Eye Inside Your Chibye, less than one meter but the BEST la!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Bollywood Thriller

Many of you love to watch Bollywood MTV because the dances even tho you may not understand what they singing! However, Lin Peh sure you will love the following Bollywood production even more because it comes with SUB-TITLE!

ENJOY ! ;-)