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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Latest from OLIN: iPiaomei !

After the very sucessful lauching of the iKkcLock and iFuck, OLIN is proud to present to you its latest produck: iPiaomei !

Can be stored easily

Looked so much like real Piaomei!

Even the nen-nen so firm and nice to squeeze! (Better than most of the Aunti Bloggers)

Got Back Hole for those who wants Anal !

Also got front hole for those who prefer Normal!

Its flexibility let you explore all your dreamed positions!

So, why spend your hard earned money on the piaomeis when you can have iPiaomei delivered directly to your doorstep ?

To place your order, please have your credit card ready and call:

Another Great Produck by:

26 Condeminations:

Blogger JoMel condemn:


Blogger Wingz condemn:

I want order 2 pls!!!! i want 3some!!!

Blogger angel condemn:

What about iPiaoker?

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

Lin Peh, have u tried it? You so naughty!

Blogger ah nel condemn:

can i used it to keep all my coins since i dont see any nice piggy bank around...LOL

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

I really need it! How much ah? Got warranty or not? LOL...

Blogger King's wife condemn:

Her mouth like so tight..cannot open liddat wor.

Blogger Shireen K condemn:


i looking for ipiaoker la..

Blogger AceOne condemn:

I wan to order one like Chermaine Sheh got ar??

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Does she do dishes and laundry?

Blogger plink condemn:

OMG! So many looking for iPiaoker....


Blogger Sasha condemn:

Ipiaoker is a good one. When u wanna make Lih Peh?

Anyway, this piao mei no good ler..cos the mouth not open..

Anonymous ah pek condemn:

I oso want!! I want tangkachi wan got ah?? Somemore wan got sound one!

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

AhPek, tangkachi one sudah kasi Cocka booked liao. :)

Blogger Wuching condemn:

can try anot?

Blogger plink condemn:

Wharabout iLinPeh, iWingz and iCocka?

They all can do the yak-yak-sing-song while the three founders can go on with the *ahem* hard work of teaching Creative Yamade! ;)

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Lil' Joy / plink::
What's the "o.O" ? One side big, One side small ? LOL!

You got to kkc meh ? LOL!

iPiaoker? Don't worry la! Many mah-latt-lou here will volunteer to be one !

Maverick SM:
You only wan buy it only after I used it ah ? You lagi jahat ! LOL!

ah nel:
Good idea ! Must add the piggy bank feature in the catalog ! LOL!

Kenny Ng:
Manafucturing warranti sure got la ! But damaged due to improper useage no waranti la ! LOL!

King's wife / Sasha:
HAHAH! Now everyone know your preferred style liao !

Shireen K:
Tiu you back la ! Even got make ipiaoker also dun have your size la ! LOL LOL LOL LOL !

Customize wan more expensive lor !

Simple American:
For dishes and laundry, please visit Toshiba punya website!

ah pek:
Please call our friendly operator, Lil Patchee, to place your order :-)

Lil Patchee:
Aisay ! So fast sold out ? LOL!

Try ledi still got other peeple wan meh ? LOL!

Good Idea! But itu iLinPeh, iWingz and iCocka dat one is collector items la ! Maybe will make those onli during special festive seasons !

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

did u "steal" the pix from someone's blog?

Blogger Samm condemn:

ok, ds one i wan. hubby can take them along for his travels. and i wan 1 ipiaoker also.

Blogger Inevitable condemn:

Oi, can do oral with her or not?

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Kata-kata Aluan dari Dean of Lin-Cocka-Wingz.....

Ah Pek....ok, i've finished using the tangkachi one. You can have it now and the curry powder effect that comes with it. LOL

Plink...if you buy iWingz very worth it. It's like 2 for the price of 1. LOL
However, if you want to buy iLinpeh you have to specify to the manufacturer that you want a longer kkc. Otherwise, the standard is 1 inch. LOL

Inevitable...can, can do oral. For that added ummpph, I suggest you add a fish to the slit before you lick. LOL

Blogger wombie condemn:

long time didn't visit your blog now so berwarna-warni liao come iPiaomei got one lubang wan???

Blogger pisang condemn:

i want it too....
how you order ah?
built-in screaming sound anot?

Anonymous Neo condemn:

I want to order 2 for a threesome! How much? How to order?

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

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Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

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