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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Olin iWallop

For this summer season, OLIN is proud to present to you its 2007 summer collection:


Powered by the Kawasaki 70cc Kapchai engine, iWALLOP has the power to go 100km/hour in less than 30 second, therefore you can be assured of the best walloping in your life!

The multi-speed function of the iWALLOP can be manually adjust to suit your need and the special design of the iWALLOP is the result of our extensive research. All these are well tought out by our R&D department to ensure that your performance can be enhanced with iWALLOP.

As you can imagine with your humsap dirty mind, the result is very powerful one! With this new product, many couple will be living happily ever after. Here's the promo video of OLIN iWALLOP:

Another Great Produck by:

Friday, May 25, 2007

Why the local banks are so afraid of foreign banks?

You want to know why our local banks are so afraid of the foreign banks? Just look at this advertisement by Shanghai Bank:

"Let Shanghai Bank Manage Your Finance. Bring PUKI home"

You see, they understand the customer so well. When you let them manage your finance, they offer you a series of limited edition PUKI for you to take home! Wa lao eh, got "Active PUKI", "Popular PUKI", Smiling PUKI", "Shy PUKI" and last but not least...."Naughty PUKI" !

Common la Malaysia Bank! To stay competitive, please offer your PUKI to your customers la !


Wednesday, May 23, 2007


"Bloggers must not abuse the freedom given by the government and must be responsible in their writings and actions so as not to jeopardise the unity among the people" Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin

"Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature." Benjamin Franklin

Monday, May 21, 2007

Top 10 Similarities between Malaysia and USA

No. 10
America - Flag got Red and White Stripes

Malaysia - Flag also got Red and White Stripes

No. 9
America - Play football without using foot

Malaysian - National football team also play football without using foot

No. 8
America - Legalized racist organisation Ku Klux Klan

Malaysia - Legalized racist organisation Maybank

No. 7
America - No 1 Car Maker is General Motor

Malaysia - Trying to sell its No 1 Car Maker to General Motor

No. 6
America - Speed Limit of High Way is 55

Malaysia - IQ of the person in charge of High Way is 55

No. 5
America - Dick very long as shown on porno movie

Malaysia - Keris very long as shown on national TV

No. 4
America - National Disaster is Katrina

Malaysia - National Disaster is Rafidah

No. 3
America - No.1 unsolved mystery is John F. Kennedy assasination

Malaysia - No.1 unsolved mystery is Mykad lucky draw cancellation

No. 2
America - Gaoment spent millions to build the nation

Malaysia - Gaoment spent millions during by-election

And the No. 1 similarity between Malaysia and America is
America - Worry most about North Korea

Malaysia - Worry most about Mongolia

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

United We Stand !

The Football Association of Malaysia has decided to ignore the order of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and go ahead with the Manchester United trip to Malaysia during the Asia Cup. However, the FAM’s defiance of this AFC ruling could put the national governing body in the line of fire. So, why do you think FAM is taking such a risk? Here is what Lin Peh think:

1) What kind of repercussions from the AFC are we expecting ?
Suspense us from World Cup and Olympic? HAHAHAH! Ask them to do their homework la. It makes no difference one !

2) The Match Will Not Affect Malaysia Team Performance at the Asia Cup.
Even though the MU match will be played on July 27 which is two days before the Asian Cup final, all the Malaysian rakyat agree with the FAM that we are very confident that it will not affect the Malaysian team. Because non of us expect Malaysia to make it to the final. HAHAHAH!

3) This match is part of the Celebration of 50th anniversary of our Independence.
In other part of the world, their national day celebration is the day for them to parade their military power and sometimes even nuclear warhead. However, being such a peace loving country, we have decided to parade something that the entire country is so pround of after 50 years of independence - Manchester United! Even Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had said last Friday that he wanted the United match here to kick off as scheduled.

4) Manchester United is actually the national football team of Malaysia.
How often do you see this logo at the bumper of Malaysia's car ?

Quite often, right ?

How often do you see this ?

Almost never! Right ? HAHAHAH!

So, Lin Peh not surprise with the FAM decision. Are you ?

United We Stand!

Another Projeck by the Malaysia Boleh Gaoment

Thursday, May 10, 2007

We Live in Singapura - MTV

A while ago Lin Peh did a post on Talking Cock in Parliment by Hossan Leong and everyone like it very much.

Today Lin Peh found someone has made an MTV for the song (WITH LYRICS SOMEMORE!!!) entitled - We Live in Singapura. So got good thing must share la!

Here is the KALAOKE MTV! ENJOY !

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lin Peh Never Dies

Tiu! 10 days liddat no post and some of you thought Lin Peh die already. Got 3 hai peeple even blog about Lin Peh missing! In case you think Lin Peh bluff 9 you all, you can see it for yourself at:

HumHai Aceone
Sor Hai Toudai
Kao Hai Frostier

If you look at the commments at the posts above, seems like many peeple think Lin Peh kena kidnap by piaomei or laying in the hospital getting treatment for sexual desease ! CHOY !

Anyway, Lin Peh is back and you no need to worry about finding Lin Peh's dead body on the front page of China Press or seeing the Mug Shot of Lin Peh at the obituary section of Malay Mail, at least not for the time being !


Reasons Lin Peh Never Dies are:

1. Lin Peh No Beat Up Peeple
OK la. Lin Peh actually got beat peeple up but those peeple are usually small small size one. Also, when Lin Peh beat them up, they sure die and no chance to revenge! ;-)

2. Lin Peh No Offend Aunty
Unlike Wingz who likes to offend aunty-aunty and their affiliates for entertainment purposes, Lin Peh LOVE aunties! So, you don't need to worry that aunty-aunty will come with their Broom Gang to wack kao Lin Peh for no reason ;-) Aunty Man Shui !

3. Lin Peh Practice Safe Sex
Before any unsafe sex, Lin Peh always think to myself what the kids will look like. You may get some idea here.

So, for those of you who were hoping that Lin Peh is dead, sorry to disappoint you ;-) For the rest, Lin Peh tank Q you very much for the concern and Lin Peh like to share with you a very nice picture here: