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Saturday, October 29, 2005

How much my blog worth ?

Found this site today on the net and it says my chi-bai blog worth nothing la ! Why don't you try out your blog. If yours worth something, please let me know why and how ? If everyone else's blog also worth nothing that means the fucking ang mor just bluff us only. Try it.

My blog is worth $0.00.
How much is your blog worth?

Friday, October 28, 2005

Thank you for Support

After blogging 3 months, it's now time to say a little Thank You for those of you who always spend your time to come here and read my cock and bull story even tho I don't have those hum sap picture here. So...your guys must really like my story or you are so blur that you dunno you can get many hum sap pictures on internet wan.

Anyway, I am very happy that some of you not only spend time even post comment...wah sai ! If you pretty pretty...sure I want love you so much until I want kiss you....actually, if you pretty pretty, no matter you got leave comment or not I also want kiss you !

Special dedications to the followings:

King's wife: Thank you for reading and comment. By the way, my Engrish so fucked up also I know King's wife is call Queen ! Unless Larry King is your Husband la ! Joking only angry la.

Kang Xian: You SPM want to sampai still come here and read all these ? Don't worry la...all the topics covered here won't come out in SPM wan la. If come out....the Lembaga Peperiksaan will kena fucked by whole country la. Anyway, since Form 3 students complain the PMR too chalennging...I think SPM will also be peanut la...CONSISTENT MAH !

Got one fella by name of Tiuniasing also comment. Wah ! This one I see the name I scare...I wonder has he change to his new MyKad? Seriously....father also call u Tiuniasing ah ? hahaha

Other than those I mentioned above, I also got comments from Anonymous. Too many Anonymouses make me wonder it's all the same Anonymous or many Anonymouses ?

The most serious comment I got was from Rachel (she saw my posting on the pope with the america blur president about Harican and she said: You're kidding me right? You really think someone is personally making these hurricanes? It's called Mother Nature..)...holly cow....I better shut up lor.

If you notice, I also got deleted comments which are from ex-general of Nigeria who ask me for bank account number so that he can transfer Millions of $$$ to my account. I quickly delete the post cause I dun wan you all to see it and share my $$....hahahahha ! Anyway, my reply was; FUCK YOU, I ALSO GOT MANY MILLIONS ! WHY DON'T YOU GIVE ME YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER AND I TRANSFER TO YOU ?

Anyway....Thanks for the support ! Thank you, Kam Siah, Toh Che, Terima Kasih...etc etc etc

Monday, October 24, 2005

King of Ah Beng: Andy Lau Coming Kuala Lumpur

Andy Lau, the King of Ah Beng, is finally coming to Kuala Lumpur. This is a long awaited show for all the Ah Beng and Ah Lian...also not forgetting the Ah Hui. I am sure the Ah Beng community will declare the day of the concert as the official holiday also la.

So, for those of you who always go pasar malam to see all the Lians and will have to go to the stadium on the night of concert. But if you plan to pick up any of them, you make sure your car got big big spoilers. So big until bigger than aeroplan wan. Also, make sure your body got dragon tatoo. But please dun stupid stupid go for the real tatoo because painful and cannot rub off wan. Just buy the sticker will do la. Ah Lian all blur blur can't tell the difference wan la. Moreover, in case going home time kena stop by police can fast fast rub off, or else kena lockup not nice also la.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

KFC Punya Small Small Chiken

Have you been to KFC lately ? Went there yesterday and wah lao eh...the size of the chicken is so miserably small la ! It's nothing like what they show on TV la. If in USA, I think sure got mat salleh sue them until "fu latt" for false advertising wan la. But fuck is malaysia, we are all very accomodative wan! On second thought.....maybe must report to Bukit Aman la cause I think they are serving "underage" chicken !

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where did the $$ go ?

December twenty six two thousand jiro jiro four
The big wave Sunami Hit the asian shore
It hit Penang and Kedah and also Langkawi
But our PM said "Acheh yang teruk sekali"

Malaysian people all veli good hati
Malay Chinese Indian and also the Bangkali
All already poor but still get together
Collect food and money to send to our neighbour

Today I watch the news, and I become confuse
All the things we sent, dunno where they went
People over there, still no place to stay
Only their gaoment, say "terima kasih"

Sunday, October 09, 2005

12 or 13?

Can you count how many people in this picture ? 12 or 13 ? Lin Peh see until eyes pop out also cannot figure out! I think the friend who send this to me try to make me more blur la ! Please let me know if you know the answer. Thank you veli much!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Monash University Advertisement

Recently the chinese radio station in Malaysia got Monash University advertisement. But even Lin Peh engrish like fuck also Lin Peh know the person who talk on the advertisement cannot say the word "Monash" properly. He keep saying "Moh-Nas" no "h" sound wan. Lin Peh hear until "8" ears. Feel like calling up the college and tell them the problem. Anyway, I am sure the college tao keh must have heard the advertisement before they play it on radio so I guess the taokeh also Mo-Nas wan la!

However, this past week, the advertisement changed they say everything in Mandarin including the name of the University. I guess they realize the problem but cannot find anyone who can say the word Monash in engrish properly ! Tiu Nia come they never come look for Lin Peh ah ?