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Monday, August 29, 2005

Why Blog ?

All Cheong told me yesterday that I have to get blog. I said " What blog?" I know the Gaoment Flat got many blocks la but don't know what the fuck is blog. So, to save face and pretent I also know internet I went to teh googer thing and search. Wah lao so many blogs. So many until I also blur blur. Got people who never die before write all the Shuei thing about gaoment, mah latt lor write about humsap humsap wan, school children write about their fucked up teacher and school. And a few who want express way to HELL write bad thing about god ! Si peh ho liao.

After reading a few, I feel very good because I realize my english actually not so teruk la because got people dare not even write in English ! hahahah. Anyway, I think this blog thing is just another investion of the America Kwai Lo to let people write bad things about their gaoment.

Anyway, after finish reading all the humsap blogs (actually look at pictures only la), I think what the fuck la... If people can write I also can la. I don't care whether got people read my blog or not but at least I dare to write mah. With so many million blogs on the net I don't think other people punya blogs with those very high class English got people read also la. hahaha !