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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

McDonalds save RM500,000 per year by pretending blur !

Everytime I go McDonalds I like to order the chicken nugget. But everytime also the cashier will not give me the "free sauce" unless I ask for it. I think they have been told by their boss to pretend blur.

Imagin if each sauce cost 10 sen and by pretending blur, they will save 100 sauce per outlet per day which means they will save RM10 per day. Since they got 158 outlets in Malaysia (according to the website that will add up to RM1,580 per day or RM576,700 per year !

True or not ?

Friday, September 23, 2005

After Katrina, Now got Rita ? How ?

Interesting Blog by Yong Fook

Who knows you may become an artist !

Monday, September 19, 2005

It's Lantern Festival time again ! But what happened to the Lanterns ?

Chinese people here is Malaysia is very happening wan. We may not want to admit but we actually have more parties than the Kwai Lo. Kwai Lo only know New Year, Easter, Christmas but we Chinese people every month also got reason to celebrate and to party.

So, after the ghost month, it's time for the Lantern Month. Last time my grandma told me the real reason for this celebration is that many years ago we Chinese kicked the Mongolian ass during the 15th day of the 8th month that's why we celebrate. No wonder the chinese people also refer to ass as the "Ba Yue Shi Wu" ! haha !'s actually a celebration of Chinese Unity ! Wah...damn kao latt huh ? Sounds like the Gangster Talk !

Went to some lantern parties recently and what really surprise me is that the design of the lanterns are now very "in" and hi tech. When I asked my friend Ah Kao why many lanterns no more using the traditional candles, his answer was "the wind blow very strong nowadays la". hmmm... I was thinking about the Katrina but then I realize he was talking about the police catching all the VCDs seller. Another thing about the lantern is most of them nowadays are made of plastics and the shape is in the latest Disney Cartoons and got one TAI CHIONG KAM somemore ! I am sure the mongolian will just pack up and get the hell out of China if this type of lantern were used back then. No need to kick ass.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Top 5 Ways of Getting Rid of the RM1 Coin after Dec 7

5. Throw inside the wishing well and wish that the RM1 coin will bounce back and become RM100 notes.

4. Give them to the foreign beggers at pasar malam. They are foreigners ! They won't know wan la.

3. Sell them to the recycle fellas. They are collecting them at RM1.20.

2. Dye it silver and use it as 20 sen.


More educated Cops Needed

Today the police chief said we need more educated police. Nia Sing....this is like telling people to make sure that their mother better be woman. And newspaper actually report this as "news" ! I think what he is trying to say is that our police mostly not educated wan ! Kao Lat leh !

I am also not very sure when he "proudly announced" that: "Since 1995, he said, 57 policemen and civilians working in the force had obtained diplomas and degrees in various related fields". Meaning...10 years and only 57 of the thousands of them go higher educated. No wonder our newspaper getting thicker everyday....lots to crime to be reported !

Citibank Crazy wan la !

Just got a call from a citibank officer and the conversation go like this:

Citibank: Hello, is that Mr Lin Peh
Me: Yes. Who that ?

Citibank: I am calling from Citibank..... and before we go on, can I have your IC number for verification?

Me: WEI...YOU CRAZY AH ? Who is calling who now ?

Citibank: Sorry Mr Lin Peh it's our security procedures to make sure we are talking to the right person ?

Me: Why don't you give me your IC number and I verify you ?

Tiu Nia call that security procedure ?

Bye Bye RM1

Gaoment said Starting Dec 7 this year the RM1 coin cannot be used anymore. Why Dec7 huh ? is it a date chosen by Lilian Too or what ? If let me choose, Lin Peh will probably choose Dec 8 la. 8 = Fatt mah ! Tiu !

Anyway, the gaoment said the main reason of the RM1 coin cannot use anymore is because too many fake ones out there. Wah lau eh ! our people really good la. Not only know how to make pirated CD, VCD, DVD...coin also can produce ! Next is what ? Use the fucked up Proton car engine and sell it ask Fake BMW ? But actually, my friend Ah Tan already told me many years ago that many of those fake coins in th market. That's why a lot of time the coca cola machine also dun wan to accept. So, why until today baru the gaoment want to tarik balik all the fake coins ?

I am no economist but I think gaoment can make a lot of money this round by making all the RM1 coins useless. I am sure a lot of these coins (I mean the real one) have been lost over the years because of Flood la, fire la or feed the kura kura at Kek Lok Si la. So, all these coins that will not be send back to Bank Negara will be void by Dec 7 and who will untung ? Of course the gaoment la ! Simple economics right ? If Lin Peh know, I am sure gaoment people already calculated before they came out with this plan la !

Friday, September 16, 2005

Picture in my profile

Just took me more than an hour to add the sexy picture in my profile but somehow still tak dapat the effect la.

I search the internet so damn long to find a good resemblance of me and I found a sexy fat fella who can goyang goyang wan. But I dunno why after uploaded, the fatty only stand there and the special effect of the fat man goyang goyang dancing cannot be seen. Tiu !

Arsenal Win !

Watch the Arsenal vs (some small swiss team) on TV until 430am and my eyes now still blur blur.

Anyway, it's worth all the blur blur cause Arsenal Win la ! (To MU Fan.....sorry lor....and I heard your loonie tune also kena red card ah ? Nyek Nyek Nyek)

Always like to watch Arsenal play footbal cause a lot of passing. Pass here, pass there, pass forward, pass many passes...and then got one black guy (I think his name is Henry but dunno why all the Kwai Lor call him Ong Li) will come from nowhere and shoot...GOAL! Damn siok to watch. Much better than the Malaysian footbal who pass pass..and out already. Pass pass again and out again...and finally when they score, everyone say they eat moeny wan. No wonder we call it Super Leaque here. Damn bloody Super.....don't know how to pass ball also can become professional. Who say we no good ? MALAYSIA BOLEH !

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Malaysian Astronaut

Today newspaper say we can choose our first Malaysian Astronaut like how we choose Nawi on Akademi Fantasia! Wah Siok lor ! One more project of Malaysia Boleh ! I think the producer will make all the Astronauts sing and dance and let the Lansi Simon Guy condemn them cukup cukup so the whole nation can have some fun before they vote for the most hansomest one !

I think we better also make them complete slogan in english because gaoment must also show the world our english very the keng chao wan ! The candidate should be made to write: I want to be the first Malaysian Astronaut because............ (Shopping center also doing it what ?) Or else after the kwai lor find out that our Astro-nut cannot even write then we all malu again. Remember last time we got one Menteri Besar kena tangkap in Australia and then the Chi Bai Kwai Lo asked him to sit for English test and he Failed ? that also can!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wawasan 2020 ? Serious or not ?

Today is mitika day so I must write something pro gaoment also la. After look here look there, I really cannot find anything good to write about gaoment so I decide to join all the crowd and write about WAWASAN 2020.

I don't have high high education so I don't know what the fuck the gaoment say when they put banner big big about 2020 but nevermind la cause the other day I listend to one Minister speak to the coffee shop people and I also don't think he knows what the 67 is Wawasan 2020. He said the coffee price cannot go up too fast even the oil price very high because we want to achieve 2020 ! I said...FUCK la....I thought Starbucks is from USA and USA veri develop right? their coffee not expensive meh ?

So, after thinking and thinking, maybe gaoment want the people to learn these by the year 2020:

1. Learn how to ride motorbikes on the right side of road.
2. Learn not to rushing into lift when the life door open.
3. No more setting stupid world record such as biggest this, longest this, largest that (except longer 67 la).
4. Learn the wear the jacket properly for those riding motorbike because i see many wear gostan wan ! Very dangerous because when got accident the doctor may think the bikers neck already putus and head already pusing and looking at the back !