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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boleh Goes To Court

Boleh Only Good At Simply Tok
Boleh Only Good At Toking Cock
Boleh Took The Neighbour Go To Court
Neighbour Got The Island Boleh Got The Rock


Boleh Blame The Lawyer Not Prepared
Because Lingam Was Not Even There
Boleh Blame The Court Not Fair
Because Fairuz Was Not Sitting There


Friday, May 23, 2008

Lin Peh also Quit

In response to the recent call by the former PM to quit UMNO, Lin Peh will also quit la. However, since Lin Peh is not UMNO member, the best Lin Peh can do is to quit all the memberships Lin Peh has. So, the list of membership are as follows:

This one must quit because the gift not very nice. Want to claim one bottle of mineral water also must wait 2 years like that.

This one worse ! Must pay RM10 somemore and only get small french fries. Learn the sorhai "2 all beef patties.." can get FREE Big Mac. Easier.

This one really has to quit. Because Lin Peh don't know why got this card in the first place.

This one actually quite good one cause they offer piaomei at special discount rate when you sing song with the piaomei at KTV. You sing the song with the KTV mic while the piaomei sing song with your mic ;-) Really SONG ! But recently, they running out of new piaomei stock so Lin Peh quit also la. LIN PEH WILL REJOIN WHEN GOT NEW PIAOMEI!

Mahai...this one you see it yourself and you know why Lin Peh must quit la.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Olin Eye Test

Here is the Eye Test that you will need to go thru after using the OLIN product for more than 3 months.

Please read the following text:


1. If you able to read all the text - You are still healthy. Everything OK.

2. If you can't read, it may be due to one or more of the follwoing reasons:

A) You fucked up already
B) You colour blind
C) You are just blind
D) You never study Engrand

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rojak Punya Mother

Rojak ! You mother damn HOT la!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mahai....No Rice Liao


Recently whole world complain say no rice liao because gaoment tell people go work IT so the plan now backfired. The gaoment now realize IT cannot grow rice one, they only know how to make rice cooker. Thats also the reason why the rice cooker getting cheaper everyday because NO RICE LIAO! When you don't have rice, you buy nice nice rice cooker for fuck meh?

Anyway, today Lin Peh want to give the gaoment some advice on how to solve this no rice problem:

1. Stop feeding those criminals in prison. Give each of them a knife and let them eat each other. (Like that also solve the prison overcrowded problem)

2. Ban people from Tambah Nasi when eat the Char Siew Fan. (I know this one, my fei hai friend will damn tulan but Lin peh say this one on purpose to make him tulan wan)

3. Tell people don't go eat Nasi Kandar (I think this one already on..hehe)

4. Go to Makam Mahsuri there and get unlimited supply of rice. (If you don't understand this one, please go visit Pulau Longkangwi)

5. Lastly....MAHAI...EAT MEE LA!