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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Introducing: OLIN iFUCK


The Savior of Your Boring Fucking Lifestly !

Our hectic lifestyle and irregular schedules sometimes make it difficult for us to maintain a creative yamade routine. OLIN iFUCK will bring you the convenience of creative yamade.

Easy to Use, No Need Instruction!

Portable, Can Carry Along When You Go See Piaomei!

Environmently Friendly, Can Re-Use Many Many Times !

Aprroved by FDA, FAA, CIA, CPA, MCA

Awarded Best Product of 2006 by ISO11967


Another Great Product by:

To place your order, please have your credit card ready and call:

26 Condeminations:

Blogger ah nel condemn:

if ur toilet dont hv seat mia then can used it fot shiting

Blogger ian condemn:

Hahahaha!~ Good one! Now for the TV ads

Anonymous TUX condemn:

Lin Peh, I called the 800 number...but it say..."please hang up and redial...coz it is an invalid number". I was so excited when I see the OLIN product and thought of ordering at least a dozen. But damn disappointed cannot get through. You see, my wife is about 170kg, and when she is on top of me the night before, I have to use tongkat the following morning. Please, please help me...I need the right number. Thank you in advance.

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

wakakakaka!!! nice product!!! I'll consider to buy it if i got a gf or wife... ngek ngek ngek.

Blogger angel condemn:

majiam for lazy f*ckers wan...

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

You are damn creative and have a lot of fresh-motivating idea. I must also introduce you to TVB Hongkong to do script writing for some 3-star movies.

Blogger LP condemn:

You must be the spokeman for the product huh?

Blogger Helen condemn:

Got free trial period and money back gurantee ar? lol

Blogger King's wife condemn:

lol @angel's comment!!

No wonder u so busy nowadays lah...

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

wa ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ak ...
i also want to buy but wait i have gf 1st....

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Does it come with the piaomei ah?

LOL @ Tux's comment. If your wife is 170kg, I think what you need is a overhead crane with hoist! Hahaha!

Blogger AceOne condemn:

wuahh!!nice product but didn't mentioned wat price geh?

Blogger wombie condemn:

the frame doesn't look very sturdy...dun have industrial strength wan meh? or else tux have to be on wheelchair the following morning

Blogger me condemn:

if my children come across the product, ask me why trampoline got hole one, how to answer ah?

Blogger Sasha condemn:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Sasha condemn:

WAH! This product will be a HIT!

But got 30 days money back guarantee wan or not?kakakakakakaka

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

ah nel:
Yes. Can use it as toilet bowl also but make sure u have a potty at the bottom la ! ;-)

TV ad ? U wan to be the model ? HAHA!

Diu ! This 9393 probably using it himself until dun wan answer phone. Please email me direct !

Meanwhile, please look at cocka punya condemn ;-)

Kenny Ng/pisang goreng:
The usage is not only limited to wife or gf la ! Can use it on piaomei, minah, tangkechi...whatever you preferred ! ;-)

Human are naturally lazy. Don't you aglee ? ;-)

Maverick SM:
YES YES YES ! Please get me the job !

And you wan to be the spokeswoman ? WINK WINK WINK ;-)

Free trial onli if you do with Lin Peh. Mani shoot already how to back ? LOL!

King's wife:
Now onli you know leh?

Cocka Doodle:
Sorry. Piaomei not included ;-)

And Tank Q veli much for answering to TUX ! HAHAHAHHAH!

Yeah lor hor...sendiri use until so siok forgotten about the pricing pulak ! :-(

King Kong also used it la. Powerful enough ? ;-)

Please tell your children it is a special trampoline for advance users onli lor ;-)

Blogger Inevitable condemn:

Wah, this 'device' will definitely steal iGallop sales man...

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Lin Peh happy Sasha like ! Just like what my reply yo Helen, Mani shoot already kenot back wan ;-)

Tank Q for sappot ! ;-)

Blogger LP condemn:

Lin Peh: Thinking to eat tofu arr? go to find your pui muis lar.....

Blogger Simple American condemn:

This product is pure fucking genius. I'll take a one for each day of the week.

Blogger Mickell condemn:

Looking at the stool itself, one might be forgiven for thinking it's a stool with a hole for farting.

Blogger LaundryAmah condemn:

Cool! again laughed till bang table lor. hey i noticed u deleted a comment,,how to do it ah? need to delete some kacau comment ler..

Anonymous allison condemn:

Oohh good support! OLIN product dam blardy chun lerrrr!~ ;-)

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

کــــــــــــــیر تو کون همتون

Anonymous ahmad condemn:

کــــــــــــــیر تو کون همتون

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