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Monday, January 28, 2008

Latest from OLIN: iPiaoker

After the very sucessful lauching of the iPiaomei and iWallop, OLIN received a lot of request to come out with a special produck for all the aunty-aunty and horny chics who always no getting enough from their real life piaoker.

After the long long waiting, OLIN is proud to present to you its latest produck:


It is a Life Size Piaoker!


Front View Sexy, Rear View Also Sexy

Money Back Garenti! Aunty See Aunty Horny

Damn Solid! Even the nen-nen Chest Got Muscles One


Can Be Placed at Your Sofa with Remote Control in Hand Just like Your Normal Piaoker

Always on Standby Mode - Got Erection All The Time

The Erection is Elastic, Flexible and Realistic Feel

Water Resistant, Stain Resistant, Heat Resistant

In Case Your Water Overflow, His Lanjiao Still Can Pop Up

So, why spend your hard earned money on keeping a Piaoker and running into risk of getting HIV, AIDS and DVD when you can have iPiaoker delivered directly to your doorstep ?


To place your order, please have your credit card ready and call:

Another Great Produck by:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 Girls 1 Cup


You know la. Lin Peh usually no give warning about my post one. But today, different story because Lin Peh decided to give you warning about the following video entitled - 2 Girls 1 Cup performed by 2 sorhais who Sek Si Or Fun (Engrish peeple say: eat shit let go rice):

If you are underage, DON'T WATCH!
If you are too old, DON'T WATCH!

If your boss in office, DON'T WATCH!
If your father, mother, children at home, DON'T WATCH!

If you are eating, DON'T WATCH!
If you eat full full already, DON'T WATCH!

If you have peeple behind you, DON'T WATCH!
If you have peeple in front of you, DON'T WATCH! 9 many warning....go eat shit la!

After watching, you can still type comment ah ? HAHAHAHAHA!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Poor Daddy Rich Daddy


Poor Daddy:
Pretend to be rich

Rich Daddy:
Pretend to be poor

Poor Daddy:
Rear dog outside the house

Rich Daddy:
Rear dog inside the house

Poor Daddy:
Go see doctor, doctor ask him to gain weight

Rich Daddy:
Doctor go see him, doctor ask him to lose weight

Poor Daddy:
Ride Bicycle on the street

Rich Daddy:
Ride Bicycle in the Living Room

Poor Daddy:
Make the wife become his part time Secretary

Rich Daddy:
Make Secretary become his part time wife

Poor Daddy:
Wake up by the chicken crowing in the morning

Rich Daddy:
Crow and wake up the chicken in the evening

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Starring Chua Soi Lek


When Lin Peh was preparing new year parties with all the piaomeis, Lin Peh got an sms from a friend asking who is the MCA minister in the porno DVD. Lin Peh first reaction was like: Wah lao eh....this new year good leh, at least got some new thing on newspaper lor! Fucking hell, if not of this, every day Lin Peh on the tv and open the newspaper is only Indian Hindraft news! KNNBCCB! Lin Peh go holiday come back open newspaper and still see nothing but the Ahnehneh news.

At that time, Lin Peh tought the PM will step in and tell the whole nation that we must first authenticate the DVD and then force the person having the original recording to come out. Sound familiar ? ;-) HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, this Chua Soi Lek was honest enough to call press conference and admitted that he was the one starring in the movie so the authentication is no longer an issue la. Wa sai! Lin Peh very like his honesty! Actually, he damn brave to say this kind of thing! But it seems like honesty in the worst policy in this country because since then, many peeples just took out machine guns and shoot, all also say he "taisei" la, shameful la, unholly la, indecent la, la la la etc etc etc and wanted his head. So, he resigned liao!

Well, Lin Peh think that most of the peeple when see sex tape all blur liao. Fuck you la, think with your head la ! Which piaomei he did it with and how his performance in bed is his personal matter and if his wife want to wack him with broom that's their own problem. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL HIM WHAT IS MORALLY RIGHT?. Actually, as long as the money he spent on the room and his piaomei is not the taxpayers money then Lin Peh don't give a shit! On the other hand, Lin Peh see that those fuckers who built big bangoro with the tax payers and those who did the disappearing act on BILLIONS OF RINGGIT at PKFZ are more damaging to the country all still not yet resign! So, Lin Peh conclusion is, cheat the taxpayers money is ok but if you fuck piaomei AND KENA are fucked!

From the reaction generated from this issue, you all should now understand why The President of the Penang Municipal Council, Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan, blamed the CCTV incident on the “sexy” attire worn by the women reporters. It's the same la fucker! The one kena recorded got the bullethole whereas the one holding the camera become the HERO!

Anyway, Lin Peh think the Malaysian in general so damn fucking blur until they think they vote for GOD during the general election. Lanjiao la ! He is a human la ! And human fuck piaomei just like you also need to get screwed from time to time! Somemore, he is a Health Minister so he sure damn healthy and healthy man need to fuck more Piaomeis! OK, tell me which do you prefer as a health minister? A healthy man who can fuck or an unfuckable man ? HAHAHAH! You want to have a GOD as your minister, you migrate to Vatican city and vote for POPE la ! Mahai! HAHAHAHA!