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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bini vs Piaomei



Bini is like a TV;
Piaomei is like handphone

At home watch TV;
Go out bring handhphone.

No money sell TV;
Got money change handphone.

Sometimes enjoy TV;
Most of the time play with handphone.

TV free for life but handphone?
If you don't pay, services will be terminated!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Want to Fight Ah ?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Facts Only Please, Rumor Not Allowed

Johari Baharum, Deputy Miniter of Internal Security, had instructed the Commercial Crimes Department to investigate and trace those writers who spread lies through websites. He said, "The police must act to prevent them from tarnishing the image of the country".

Don't say Lin Peh no warning you all. From now on please post only facts and not rumor.OK ? To learn the proper way of posting, you may refer to Lin Peh's earlier post on Be a Netsponsible Blogger!

So, Lin Peh today will tell you something true. Very true one. Not rumor hearsay one:

Malaysia Lost to China 1-5 in the Asia Cup Football.

Yes, Malaysia Lost to China 1-5 at home, at Bukit Jalil, in front of own crowd.

It's a fact that Malaysia has conceived 5 goals, the most number of goals conceived in a single match in this Asia Cup.


Malaysia Lost to Uzbekistan 0-5 in the Asia Cup Football.

Yes, Malaysia Lost to Uzbekistan 0-5 at home, at Bukit Jalil, in front of own crowd.

It's a fact that Malaysia has conceived 5 goals again! Matching their own record as the most number of goals conceived in a single match in this Asia Cup.


True one la. Not rumor one.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Learn Hokkien

Lin Peh found a very good hokkien teacher recently. The teacher has simplified the learning of hokkien language in the following manner:


Hope it helps.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Seven Wonders of Malaysia

1. Wonder why our rivers all looked like instant coffee after millions have been spent cleaning them up annually.

2. Wonder why still got so many fucking Mat Rempit on the road when Metro Bus already killed off so many of them.

3. Wonder why the zakar-ria (happy balls) massion still standing there after confirmed that it was built illegally.

4. Wonder why our university ranking so damn bloody low when our students all so damn clever scoring so many As every year.

5. Wonder what is the actual percentage of Malaysian corporate equity owned by the bumiputeras.

7. Wonder where the fuck this fella go to school one.



There was a hidden message in this post. Humhai Wuching was the first one to realized it but did not pursue further. Subsequently Tiuniasing got it right! Anyway, credit must also goes to Chibye Huei and Lanjiao Pisang for the contribution. Great job ! ;-)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Space Misssion 102 - The Panic Button

After many people condemn kao the Space Mission 101 by Lin Peh, today Lin Peh will continue the Mini Series by toking about "Space Mission 102 - The Panic Button"


Inside every spaceship, there is always a panic button one. But the Russian may not teach our astronaut on "when" to press the panic button because the Russian also want face mah; they will probably tell our astronaut "потревожьтесь, вы не идите оно!" (which means "Don't worry, you won't need it!").

So, in this Space Mission 102, Lin Peh will tok about when to PRESS the PANIC BUTTON:

1. When the spaceship behind you keep flashing High Beam!

2. When the captain announce "We're cruising at an altitude of 30 meter"

3. When you see the co-captain sitting on the captain's lap.

4. The captain yells "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" during the take off !

5. You realize the entire crew all wearing Pizza Hut Delivery uniform.

6. You recognize the captain as the same Mat Rempit who race with you at NKVE!

7. The captain keep asking the control tower "Mommy, can still see our spaceship?"

8. You see the captain busy shredding financial records of TRANSMILE before the take off.

9. The captain announce that "This is a NO FRILLS flight".

10. Last but not least - Run for your live if you see her in the same flight:

Monday, July 02, 2007

Yumiko Drop Again !

The popular Hong Kong singer/actress Yumiko Cheng Hei-Yi (鄭希怡), who lost her pants last year on live TV show does it again! This time, she drop her top ( a bit only la) during a concert! Even tho it was onlyt a bit, it was enough to show her brownish nipple! As usual, since Lin Peh always like to share nice thing with all my mah-latt-lou readers, Lin Peh went on a net-hunt and found the footage (again...hehehe)!

Lin Peh quite sure the footage will be removed in just a matter of time so don't blame me if you cum late !

In case you cum late, or you have fucked up internet connection, here are 2 closer-up shots for you to TFK! ;-)