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Friday, December 30, 2005

That's all for 2005

To all the beloved (and corrupted) readers of Lin Peh blog:

As the year 2005 is coming to the end, Lin Peh will like to inform all of you that Lin Peh Tok 3 Tok 4 blog will be having the following special sections starting 2006:

1. Si Lai of the Month!
On monthly basis, Lin Peh will announce the winner of Lin Peh's Choice Si Lai blogger of the month. The reason Lin Peh do this is because many humsap fellas blog got do babe of the month, chic of the month but there are so many nice Si Lai who blog but no one seems to give a fuck about them. So, Lin Peh do lor! The monthly winner will be given a special "sticker" from Lin Peh (Like kindergarten like dat) and she can proudly stick the sticker to her blog and tell the whole world about it ! Cool leh ?

The criteria to be chosen is very simple. Firstly, Lin Peh must have read the blog; secondly, Lin Peh siok after reading the blog; and finally (most importantly) the owner of the blog must be a silai la!

2. Untold History of the World!
From time to time when Lin Peh doing research in kopi shop, Lin Peh discover many untold histories that worth sharing with everyone here. Since this histories all very "keng" and "hit" but never make it to the school textbook, Lin Peh decided to dedicate a special section to it so that they will not be forgotten.

Lin Peh hope the new additions will bring more joy and entertainment to all the readers of Lin Peh blog in the upcoming year and therefore corrupt all my readers even more.

For the year 2005, Lin Peh is very pleasure that so many peoples actually come read Lin Peh's screwed up blog. More pleasurer when Lin Peh got so many supporters in the Christmas Sing Song Project. And most pleaseurest when the the final product of the Christmas Sing Song Project was downloaded for more than 1,000 times and passed on to many many more thousands peoples. So, overall, it has been a wonderful year of blogging (plus some yamadeing) with all of you.

With all the pleasures in my heart, Lin Peh like to say thank you to everyone and wish everyone a very happy 2006, Gong Xi Fa Chai !

Signing off for 2005.

Lin Peh

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Lin Peh Give Present

As an appreciation from Lin Peh for your support, Lin Peh is giving out christmas present to all you people here. The present is an original painting title "Lobster Si Kiao Kiao" by Lin Peh which carry a suggested retail price of RM342,000.

You may print it out, frame it and hang it on your office wall because it will increase the status of your company. Meaning, when people walk in to your office and see Lin Peh's painting on the wall, they either "ki hiao" or "ki siao" and whatever deal you tell them, sure "on" wan !

You must be wondering how the price of the painting is determined. So, just to show that Lin Peh no cheat you, below is the a similar painting title "Still Life with Lobster" that MAS bought for RM342,000:

You happy with your present ? ;-)

Merry Christmas!

Cheers from Lin Peh

Who sing what ?

Ok la....the voice is not Lin Peh and here's the answer in case you dunno yet:

First Verse

Helen and Desmond9394:
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Jkn of KL Podcast:
Just like the ones I used to know

Simmie Lang, GBYeow and his WL:
Where the treetops glisten

Lil' Patchee:
and children listen

king's wife:
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

Second Verse

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Mikel Lian and Lin Peh:
With every Christmas card I write

JoMel and 5xmom:
May your days be merry and bright

And may all your Christmases be white

Music in Middle (also known as Bridge)
The music in middle is when Lin Peh do the Chicken Little dance

Final Verse
ALL SING including the PJ, KC Yap, and Siao Cha Bor who did not get a solo line due to technical reason (thousand apologies from Lin Peh)

So, Stop dreaming about Lin Peh and enjoy your Christmas Cokkies and Presents. Speaking about present, Lin Peh feel veli generous today and decided to give all the readers here a surprise christmas present. Please come back here at 5PM to collect your present. In case you wonder, here's the hint: the present worth RM342,000 but Lin Peh giving it to you for FREE ! YES...F.R.E.E! FREE !

Thursday, December 22, 2005

World Premiere of the White Christmas

Here you go !

Tan Sri and Puan Sri, Lato and Latin, Ladies and gentlemen, boys and gals, Lin Peh veli proudly presents to you (Drum Roll..)


BY THE CRAZY (eat full nothing to do) BLOGGERS OF THE WORLD!

As you can see from the previous update, Helen have proposed that we do a gueess who's singing game but I just realized that someone already got the answer "leaked" just like those SPM papers. Anyway, just for the fun of it, you may still play the game by naming the "singers" here but there won't be any hot prizes as proposed earlier.

Lin Peh will reveal the identity of the singer(s) of each line of the song later. So, please listen carefully and enjoy. By the way, in case the link to the song above too high trafic and you cannot doanload (yeah right), you can also get the song from HERE

Participants in this project include:

GBYeow and his WL
Jkn of KL Podcast
KC Yap
king's wife
Lil' Patchee
Lin Peh
Mikel Lian
Siao Cha Bor
Simmie Lang

Anyway, it has been veli veli nice to receive such good response from all of you.I think it shows the country economy not so good, everyone very free. But never mind la cause it's very nice to be able to sing with all of you especially the hiao hiao wan. The feeling of singing with the hiao hiao wans is as good as singing at KTV with GRO except no need to pay and no extra service. Anyway, Lin Peh, hereby, sincecerly thanks all of you. Thank you ! Xie Xie! Terima Kasih!

Until next time, have a wonderful Christmas. Don't drink and drive and don't drive while yamadeeee ;-) LOL !


Lin Peh

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Sing Song Project (Update 4)'s confirmed ! At 12:00 noon tomorrow, 22 Dec 2005, it's the world premier of the White Christmas brought to you specially by the Crazy Blogger's of the world which include the following:

Jkn of KL Podcast
KC Yap
king's wife
Lin Peh
Mikel Lian
Siao Cha Bor
Simmie Lang

As for now, Lin Peh going YAMADEEEEE !!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Sing Song Project (Update 3)

Yesterday listen to all the recordings like dunno how many times until Lin Peh punya misai also become white already. Some record so loud like scare Lin Peh deaf like dat but some record so soft like want to whisper hiao hiao in Lin Peh ear only. So, Lin Peh have to adjust a bit here and there to make sure the volume got a bit balance.

After adjust all those, Lin Peh got have to go thru all recording again to see who sing which verse. Originally, Lin Peh idea is to put the hiao hiao wan in front sing the "I'm....dreaming of a white christmas..." and then follow by Lin Peh singing "Just like the ones I used to know" so it can sound veli the hormony and Lin Peh can siok a bit. But after I sounds too horny and scare RTM will ban the song so Lin Peh have to listen all recording again to see who get to sing the second much work la. Somemore, this morning got 2 more files from the 9394 fella and Siao Char Bor. Since one is 99 one and the other one is siao wan, Lin Peh no choice but to accept their late submission before they Ki Siao and start bombing everywhere !

Anyway, dunno these few days what wind is blowing until Lin Peh so busy so, to be fair to those who participated, Lin Peh already sent you the first version of the song just a few minutes ago. Please check your mail! For those who just shaking their tits or dicks while waiting...please keep shaking cause the final product is not out yet.

OK...that's the latest update. Be back tomorrow !

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Sing Song Project (Update 2)

If you still have not send in your recording, soli lor cause Lin Peh already decided that the submmision for your recording is now officially closed!

So, all in all, Lin Peh received 12 recording from the following bloggers

  • king's wife

  • Siao Cha Bor

  • GBYeow

  • Lil' Patchee

  • Helen

  • 5xmom

  • OngLine

  • Mikel Lian

  • JoMel

  • Simmie Lang

  • Jkn of KL Podcast

  • PJ

  • and one William Hung punya kakilang style from
  • KC Yap

  • Anyway, Lin Peh now very busy because too many "yamade" during weekend. So...will update again tomorrow.

    Cheers !

    Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    Christmas Sing Song Project (Update 1)

    Here's the latest update on the Sing Song Project:


    Yip Chi Weng of "Beyond" suppose to play the drum but he very sad now, he cannot play already because he's now unemployed since there is no more "Beyond". Luckily, Lin Peh found out the kopi-shop fried Kwei Tiao one his name is Yip Chi Seng, so Lin Peh got him to substitute la.

    Paul McCartney suppose to play bass but he too busy with new wife and all the chics. Lin Peh didn't know earlier that Ang Mor songs can get so many chi-byes. If not, last time small small time Lin Peh sure polish English instead of everyday go those road side show and watch Ah Beng sing "Jit Pah Ban" and Ah Lian sing the "Ai Lin Te Lang Chow" (boyfriend runaway with other people). Anyway, Lin Peh manage to get this Ah Huat change name to Paul McAhHuat for now and play the bass for this project.

    Elic Crapton suppose to play the guitar but he not yet free because he preparing for his World Tour. Since Lin Peh last time small small got play a bit the guitar. Lin Peh sendiri mari lor.

    Ta Mao (Big cat) of China Blue told me earlier he wants to play the keyboard but recently Goh Pah a.k.a Wu Bai (500) got new project so he also cannot play. No choice lor, Lin Peh get this friend name also very cool wan...Kao Kia (Small dog) to substitute lor.

    In conclusion, the music should be ok la.


    So far, Lin Peh already received the singing files from the following bloggers:

  • JoMel

  • Simmie Lang

  • Jkn of KL Podcast

  • PJ

  • Lin Peh very happy to receive those files so Lin Peh want to take this oppotunity to thanks them for producing such high quality recording and singing within such a short time. Damn good ! (5Xmom, you got feel threaten kah?)

    Anyway, everything is in order, No worry la. I have got plenty of request to extend the deadline to December 19 because of various technical reasons that Lin Peh also no understand. So, no choice lor. The deadline for the file submission is now extend to December 19...:-(

    Lin Peh need to go look for the guitar which is half eaten by Mickey Mouse.

    p.s. Please come back regularly for the latest update !

    Friday, December 09, 2005

    Here is the Important Annoucement!

    Sorry for making everyone waiting until face red red and so tu lan already. The important announcement from Lin Peh:


    For this christmas, in the name of Malaysia Bloggers Also Boleh, Lin Peh is coming out with one project like last time the USA punya "We are the world" like dat. This project Lin Peh tentatively call it "Christmas Sing Song Poject" (If you can come out with better crass crass punya name, please tell Lin Peh).

    However, it is going to be different from the "We are the world" because:

    1. Lin Peh don't have budget.
    2. Lin Peh don't famous enough.
    3. Lin Peh don't love kids as much as Micheal Jackson.

    So, after thinking thinking, Lin Peh got solution to solve the problems above. How? Easy la, please read on.....

    We do home recording using our mp3 player. Instead of get everyone to go to recording studio with live band, we all sing the same song at own home, record it, send it to Lin Peh and Lin Peh will arrange and remix it (sound crass leh?).

    In terms of song selection, originally Lin Peh think of asking everyone to sing the hokkien "Jit Pah Ban" song but that will be unfair to non-hokkien who wants to participate in this very meaningful project. After more serious thinking and thinking, Lin Peh decided we all sing the Ang Mor Chritmas Song by name of "White Christmas" because so many people got hear before this song, easy to sing the karaoke lor. No talent also can.

    So, for those of you who are interested, please do the following:

    1. Go to HERE to get the lyrics and the karaoke music of WHITE CHRISTMAS.

    2. Sing the "White Christmas" song and record it down. Try your bestest to sing according to the correct tempo and key! Get your Piao Ker/Piao Mei to help listen to it after you sing, if no piao ker/piao mei, Lin Peh can supply to you or you can get your indon maid to hear also can la.

    3. When doing the recording, make sure to use a headphone to listen to the karaoke music while you sing directly into the mic. That means, record only your voice! Lin Peh want your voice only! It may sounds awful without music but don't worry la because Lin Peh can do wonder as long as you don't record down the karaoke music or noise of your baby crying in background.

    4. Send your recording in mp3 format to Lin Peh at

    5. Please remember to include your Blog Name when your send in your recording so that credit can be given when the project is published.

    6. Check this blog regularly for the update of this project.

    That's all my important announcement. Hope to "hear" from you all very soon ! Enjoy Singing! Lin Peh waiting now ;-)

    Important Annoucement from Lin Peh !

    Ladies and Genitalman, Boys and Gals, Duck and Chic,

    There is going to be a very important announcement coming from Lin Peh in the next 24 hours !

    Please check back here regularly !

    Lin Peh

    p.s. make sure you sit tight (lady must cross legs somemore) and hold on to your chair when you read the announcement.

    Wednesday, December 07, 2005


    Since the international famous ear squat incident, our blur blur gaoment has decided to put 18 Chinese speaking translators at airport to assist the china tourist. Lin Peh like the idea and Lin Peh want the job cause can have first view of the China Piao Mei ! LOL !

    According to the gaoment, the reason they are doing this is because the gaoment is expecting 400,000 chinese tourist (NO JOKE!!) to come Malaysia during the Chinese New Year month and we want to show them we really welcome them to this country. Of course, Lin Peh think the real reason gaoment doing this is because the minister who went China to apology kena the KNNCCP and DNS from the china minister until tear come out from backside hole. LOL ! But anyway, the reason is not important anymore.

    Unless Lin Peh punya calculator short-circuit liao, if not, based on the 400,000 tourist arrival expected, each translator have to "assist" 22,222 tourists during the one month. That also means 740 assists per day if they work 30 days per month which equal to 62 assists per hour if they work 12 hours per day! Do you think that is possible?

    Many people will say this is impossible but since our gaoment is a "Ha Mi Lan Jiao Pun Boleh" gaoment, Lin Peh think it's possible ! Why so? Because Gaoment said so ma! LOL ! The gaoment already said no more making susah susah for the Piao Mei to come visit, so the translator job should be quite straight forward. Instead of asking the Piao Mei 10 thousand questions at the airport counter before allowing them to come in, Lin Peh think they will be asked only one question and the question is:


    Easy leh ?

    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Chi-Bye King's Wife Taged Me !

    Sunday morning 7 morning 8 morning, Lin Peh eye still blurr blurr and was looking for some neh neh picture to start my day but found out this King Wife's silai tag me ! At first, Lin Peh siok cause Lin Peh thought "Tag" is shortform for Tackle but after reading it, Lin Peh no stim liao la because this "Tag" thing is so complicated just like those direct selling networking, must list 4 people before Lin Peh and must recommend 3 people etc etc etc... KNN chi-bye leh! Anyway, after spending long long time Lin Peh baru tahu King's wife just want to know Lin Peh eat what shit when Lin Peh small small baby time! Aiya....want to tackle just say so la, no need paiseh paiseh go round about pusing pusing like dat wan la.

    Anyway, here's what Lin Peh eat when small small time:

    1. Breast Milk
    Still my favourite until today !

    2. Cow Milk
    Unlike the breast milk, this one cannot drink direct. Must drink from the bottle with fake nipple. The fake nipple is so fake even baby can tell it's fake! That's why people use it to feed cow milk, make the baby stupid like cow so cannot tell the difference lor! Anyway, this cow milk made Lin Peh brain like cow only. "Score" all F in exam. Chi-bye leh!

    3. Dumex
    This one is the powder punya milk. The advertisement said "Bring Out The Genius" and it's veli true because the Genuis already "OUT" and no longer in me after drinking.

    4. Nespray
    This Nespray the name also very condemn wan but very true. it sounds like Let's Pray, meaning after I drink my mommy has to pray hard hard that I don't lao-sai. Anyway, the advertisement very good and it says "Kids go further with NESPRAY"! Yeah right ! No wonder nowadays got so many runaway kids !

    5. Susu Cap Junjung
    This one Lin Peh also dunno what milk. I think it's lots and lots of sugar with little bit milk (the taokeh soh probably cup A only that's why not much milk in this brand). Soli...this one no pic. Post Cup A pic for fuck ah?

    OK. Since I need to follow the rules of Tag, the 4 chi-bye before me were:
    1. Sngl Guy
    2. Yvy
    3. Helen
    4. King's Wife

    and...and the 3 I want to tag are:

    1. Kang Xian
    This one good boy, must see what he ate when baby time

    2. simmie lang?
    This one volunteer to in charge food at Blogger's Meet. Must be good with food. She somemore said her ambition is to become chef but she ended up teaching Ang More how to blow the flute. Lin Peh like chic who is good in blowing flute wan ! MUST SEE, MUST KNOW !

    3. Loc Kee Trading
    This one is very cool blogger. Since he want to be invited to Blogger's meet, must see what he eat baru we can have better idea of what cool blogger eat and make our event really crass !

    Ok la. That's all !