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Friday, January 27, 2006

Sincerely - Gong Xi Gong Xi

Lin Peh wishing everyone here a very happy, healthy and wealthy Dog Year. See everyone after the new year! Have a good one !

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian - MTV

Here is the MTV as promised. Please allow some time for it to download. TQ!

Anyway, if you missed it, you may download the file directly from HERE

Alternatively, if you have some super internet connection and want to download a copy where you can see all the leng chai leng looi singers more clearer, please download it from HERE.

ENJOY ! ;-)

Monday, January 23, 2006

World Premier of Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian !

After all the hard work by the world crass projeck team. The final produck of the Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian is finally available !

Please get your original copy from HERE or HERE.

Lin Peh like to take this opportunity to tank all the members of the projeck team and the singers for making this possible. Tank Q very much ! It has been wonderful working with all of you.

On behalf of the Projeck Team and the Singers, Lin Peh like to wish everyone a very happy, wealthy, healthy and yamade new year. Gong Xi Fa Chai !

Projeck Team Members:

Projeck Manager:
Lin Peh

Visual Director:
Y.Bhg Tan Sri Rojak Wingz

Creative Directors:

Tehnical Directors:
GB Yeow

Marketing Director:
Ah John

Language Director:
Winnie Wennie

Desmond 9394
GB Yeow
Helen Punya Jantan
John Ong
King's Wife
KL Podcast:
Lin Peh
LP (No Blog Wan)
Moonlady (No Blog Wan)
Pin Pin
Simmie Lang
Thai Boxing Girl
Y. Bhg Tan Sri Rojaks Wingz
Zara mama

Special Appearance:
Andy Lau and Twins

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blogger Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian (Update 2)

After all the no day no night "gong xi gong xi", the Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian projeck is finally done and it is currenetly being reviewed by the projeck team for final torch-up before the launching.

For those of you who has been waiting eagerly to hear how screw up we are this time, please jot down the following dates in your PDA (or buku 555 if you are related to Y. Bhg Tan Sri Rojaks Wingz ):

10:28am Jan 23 - World Premier of Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian !

3:28pm Jan 26 - World Premier of the MTV of Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian !

Last time, during the Christmas projeck, everyone was very curious about who sings what when they listen to the song. So, to screw up your mind, this time Lin Peh will first tell you who sings what before you get to hear the song so that you will go "who sounds what?" LOL !

The sequence go like this:

Verse 1 (Pussy Bloggers Sing)
mei tiao da jie siao siang (Zara mama)
mei geh ren di zhui lee (Thai Boxing Girl)
jien mien di yi ju hua (lilpatchee)
jiu si gong xi gong xi (May)

gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah, gong xi gong xi gong xi ni (King's Wife)

Verse 2 (Dick Bloggers Sing)
dung tian yi dao jing tou (John Ong)
zhen shi hao di siao xi (cocka-doodle)
wen nuan di chuen feng (Y. Bhg Tan Sri Rojaks Wingz )
jiu yao chui sing da di (GB Yeow)

gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah, gong xi gong xi gong xi ni (KL Podcast:)

Verse 3 (Pussy campur Dick Bloggers Sing)
hao hao bing xue rong jie (Pin Pin)
yan kan mei hua tu rei (Helen and her Jantan)
man man chang yeh guo chu (moonlady and Lin Peh)
ting dao yi shen ji ti (Simmie Lang)

gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah, gong xi gong xi gong xi ni (Desmond 9394)

Verse 4 (Pussy, dick, lanjiao, chi-bye bloggers all sings la)
jing guo duo sao kuen nan (LP)
li jing duo sao muo lian (JoMel)
duo sao xin er pan wang (5xmom)
pan wang chuen de xiao xi (Allison)

gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah, gong xi gong xi gong xi ni (ALL SING)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Blogger Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian (Update 1)

As at the closing time of this Sing Song project on 16 January, Lin Peh have received many files until Lin Peh hear "gong xi gong xi" oso want to vomit oledi. Anyway, it's now the magic show time where Lin Peh need to do all the tuning and polishing to make sure the final product can beat those of 4 princess, 7 angels or even Loong Piao Piao. Meanwhile, Lin Peh want to thank the following all-star cast for their contribution to this projek:

1. Zara mama
2. GB Yeow
3. Pin Pin
4. Allison
5. Desmond 9394
6. King's Wife
7. John Ong
8. cocka-doodle
9. Helen
10. Helen punya Jantan
11. Y. Bhg Tan Sri Rojaks Wingz
12. JoMel
13. Little Pakcik
14. 5xmom
15. Thai Boxing Girl
16. Simmie Lang
17. LP (no blog wan) but she's Simmie Lang Punya BJ friend.
18. Moon Lady also no blog one but she said she is from moon one. Lin Peh wonder she knows Neil Armstrong ;-)

So, it looks like the response this time is even better than the White Christmas and Lin Peh think the reasons could be:

1. More people know us oledi after the White Christmas
2. Better promosion this time because we got a real Projeck Team
3. Picture of Andy Lau and Twins !

Anyway, there are a few individual whom Lin Peh was expecting to receive their recording but until today still no sound. Just in case, the have sent their recording wrongly to Polygram which already chap-lap. Lin Peh want to point out their name here so that they can resend their file to Lin Peh at These superstars are:

KL Podcast:
You did mention you dunno how to sing chinese language but Lin Peh already got said even just the chorus Gong Xi Gong Xi oso can mah ! It'll be great to have non-chinese in this projeck so we can promote the spirit of Muhibbah and make the gaoment proud of us.

She's Jess:
Just because Lin Peh got say like you earlier doesn't mean Lin Peh will sing on your behalf la!

Winnie Wennie
You mana boleh just do the Hanyu Pinyin for eveyone to sing and you sendiri no sing ? Don't tell me you oso no understand the Hanyu Pinyin that you did ?

Siao Cha Bor
Just for info, you can also sing from Tanjong Rambutan if you happen to be in there.

You want Hanyu Pinyin, Winnie Wennie so nice to do the translation and you no sing mana boleh ?

You are from the original all-star cast, mana boleh no sing ?

I tought you said sure can sing in tune one ?

Ki, the rambling traveller
We (especially 9394 trying to sell this cd to overseas market la. So, if your sing, it'll be easier to get into UK market also.

So, that's the update for now ! Update 2 will be coming after the Projeck Team Meeting. Until then, Tank Q veli much and Gong Xi Gong Xi !

Thursday, January 12, 2006



When Lin Peh was doing the Christmas Sing Song Projeck, the idea was to hit-and-run like "molesting" those mei-mei during year-end count down at KLCC like dat. However, after listening to the Blogger White Christmas, many people actually want more and ask Lin Peh to do another round for Chinese New Year because of the following reasons:

1. The Chritmas Sing Song very nice. (Lin Peh think they downloaded the wrong file)

2. Want to make Lin Peh more busy so Lin Peh no chance go molest chics in the street. (They call this modern day Rukun Tetangga)

3. More John Ong Leng Chai Voice ! (This one is from all the Silais who think John Ong look as handsome as his voice. LOL!)

4. Chinese New Year no Sing Song MANA BOLEH ?!!!!

Anyway, after consulting the singers, musicians and the technical team of the Christmas Sing Song Projeck, we have decided to go ahead and do the Part II of the projeck which is called BLOGGER CHA CHA GUO XIN NIAN !

For those of you who already participated in the PART I, the formula is still the same so Lin Peh no need to tell you much. For the virgin newcomers, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to HERE, HERE or HERE to get the kalaoke music of Gong Xi Gong Xi.

2. The lyrics of the Gong Xi Gong Xi song (Both Mandarin and Han Yu Pin Yin)is posted below so please refer to it if you dunno the lyrics.

3. In case you are so screwed up and don't know how the original song sounds like, you may get a copy of it HERE or HERE and listen to it for practising purpose. (Please delete the file cause Lin Peh no pay copyright one. Somemore, the song sung by Teresa Teng who already dead. Not veli nice if she come claim copyright from Lin Peh during CNY time).

4. Sing the "Gong Xi Gong Xi" song and record it down. Try your bestest to sing according to the correct tempo and key! Remember to follow the kalaoke music Lin Peh provide one. NOT THE TERESA TENG VERSION!

3. When doing the recording, make sure to use a headphone to listen to the kalaoke music while you sing directly into the mic. That means, record only your voice! Lin Peh want your voice only! It may sounds awful without music but don't worry la because Lin Peh can do wonder as long as you don't record down the karaoke music or noise of your baby crying in background. (WARNING: last time projeck, many sing too near to the mic and the breathing veli loud sounds like porno onli. Please don't do that!)

4. Send your recording in mp3/wav/wma format to Lin Peh at

5. Please remember to include your Blog Name when your send in your recording so that credit can be given when the projeck is published.

6. Check this blog regularly for the update of this project.

7. Last day to submit your singing is 5pm 16 January 2006.

That's all you need to do. Hope to "hear" from you all very soon ! Enjoy, Lin Peh waiting for you cha cha cha ! ;-)






Here's the Hanyu Pinyi Version (courtesy of Winnie Wennie)

Gong Xi Gong Xi

mei tiao da jie siao siang
mei geh ren di zhui lee
jien mien di yi ju hua
jiu si gong xi gong xi
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni

dung tian yi dao jing tou
zhen shi hao di siao xi
wen nuan di chuen feng
jiu yao chui sing da di
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni

hao hao bing xue rong jie
yan kan mei hua tu rei
man man chang yeh guo chu
ting dao yi shen ji ti
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni

jing guo duo sao kuen nan
li jing duo sao muo lian
duo sao xin er pan wang
pan wang chuen de xiao xi
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni

Projeck Team Members:

Projeck Manager:
Lin Peh

Visual Director:
Y.Bhg Tan Sri Rojak Wingz

Creative Director:

Tehnical Directors:
GB Yeow

Marketing Director:
Ah John

Language Director:
Winnie Wennie

Special tank Q to:
5Xmom for generously hosts the files at her parenting website MyMomsBest
Ah Johnfor generously hosts the files at his OngLine podcast site
GB Yeowfor generously hosts the files at his boredworkers punya opis site

Saturday, January 07, 2006

January 12 - Part 2 of Bloggers Sing Song Projeck

Due to the many request for Part 2 of the Bloggers Sing Song Projeck after the sucessful White Christmas, Lin Peh and the Singing Bloggers Gang decided that we should do a Chinese New Year song and hope to get some Chinese Mei Mei to sing with us this time. (since the gaoment says Chinese Mei Mei no do ear squat, they sure free to sing wan)

So, ladies and genitalmen, we will be launching the Part 2 of the Sing Song Project on January 12. Please remember to come here for detail and let's sing together !

Meanwhile, please help to spread the news. Let's make this Chinese New Year a HAPPY HAPPY ONE !

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Business Plan for MSC

This morning when toking cock at kopi shop, Or Kao (black dog) suddenly show up with Ah Huat. This Or Kao friend of Lin Peh usually do not join us for kopi tok in morning because he no wake up in morning one. So, Lin Peh was surprise to see him. Anyway, during our conversation, Or Kao told us that his company want to apply for MSC status because many benefits but he cannot find anyone good to write the business plan for him. Since Ah Huat know Lin Peh got write story on blog, Ah Huat recommended that Or Kao should take Lin Peh in as his consultant and get Lin Peh to write all those bullshit business plan especially for gaoment wan. After some serious thinking, Lin Peh decided to give it a try since Lin Peh also got nothing to do. Lin Peh started by doing many researches and do many copy/paste to make sure that the business plan is a sure hit one. Since many people who read the blog here are very the techno or got study the Engrish veli deep one, Lin Peh decided to post the draft business plan here for comment and condemn before submiting it to MDC. By the way, I need to also thank Uncle Ho, whoever he is, for giving many ideas to Lin Peh on this proposal.

Here is the proposal:


Or Gao Holdings Sdn Bhd is currently the largest manufacturer, distributor and retailer of quality original "copy" of VCDs, DVDs, Audio CDs, CD-ROMS in Malaysia.

From our humble beginnings in Petaling Street in 2003, OGH is currently operating more than 68,000 outlets in the Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh & Johor Baru. We have managed to secure at least 2 stalls at the kaki lima outside every 7-11 shop, 3 stalls outside every coffee shop and 20 stalls at every pasar malam. We're expanding into every housing and commercial areas, making us the biggest outdoor retailing company in the world with over 16 million discs sold daily. We are also in the process of applying for an IPO (Initial Public Offering) for listing at Bursa Malaysia.



The buiness model of the Retail Division of OGH is based on the Franchise Model. We are the largest Franchisor in the country. We offer exciting and profitable franchising opportunities for school leavers, retrenched workers, unemployed individuals and ex-convicts. There are 2 types of Franchise packages available for our Franchisee depends on their budget:

Basic Franchisee

- Set-up cost is a RM500, including an inventory of 150 titles, portable iron stands, plywood and yellow table cloth.

- The Basic Franchisee will be protected by us against local gangsters, unsatisfied customers, enforcement officers and post bail if required.

- In the event of "operasi", all confiscated items are our responsibilty and will be returned to the franchisee within 2 working days.

- All the franchisee will be rotated with other franchisee from nearby areas to reduce the rate of return or exchange for defective copies.

Premium Franchisee

- Set-up cost is RM2,500. In addition to all the benefits enjoyed by the Basic Franchisee, the Premium Franchisee are alo given the following benifits:

- RED table cloth instead of YELLOW table cloth.

- Free hair colouring on a monthly basis.

- A more extensive inventory of 250 titles which includes more latest porno mainly from USA and Japan.

- A condemned 25-year-old Nissan C20 will be provided as a mobile store.

- A Motorola GP300 Walkie Talkies with free access to our wireless LAWS(TM)(Local Authority Warning System) network, a networking system that enable our franchisee to connect to our well trained informers in every enforcement agencies, and thus eliminate the 'surprise element'.


Our movie production divison was established in response to the gaoment call to make the country a major producer of movies we can be proud of. The graduates of our School of Cinematography has successfully released the following movies which have received overwhelming response from the Malaysian Public:

1. MAS stewardess
2. Pramugara yang terlampau
3. Datin yang terlampau
4. Skandal tasik Shah Alam


- To provide Malaysian youths with employment and a stable source of income.

- To help promote Malaysia as the top regional technology and multimedia hub in the true spirit of 'Malaysia Boleh'.

- To make available in Malaysia the latest blockbuster 30 days before its international release.

- To fight American hegemony by reducing the profits of Hollywood studios and Bill Gates.


With all the achievements and track record showed above, we are sure that OGH Sdn Bhd has made the country very proud and an MSC status should be awarded.