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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Effect of National Animal

Friday, October 27, 2006

Talking Cock in Parliment - Hossan Leong

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Miss Tiu Tok Story

After LP Miss Tiu posted her fehmes Tiu Tiu post, she has received a lot of compliments about her photoshop skills. However, not many peeples know that this Miss Tiu is also very good in telling story - especially those Tiu Tiu story! No believe ? Lin Peh will now share one of her fehmes Tiu Tiu story with you. Enjoy:

Miss Tiu Tok Story

However, you can still download the file by right click HERE

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nobel Peace Prize 2006 won by Bangladesh

"Bangladesh's Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank won this year's Nobel Peace Prize for working to advance economic and social development among the poor. Yunus, born in 1940, founded the Grameen Bank which provides credit to the poor in rural Bangladesh without any collateral."

When Lin Peh saw the news today, Lin Peh's reaction was KNN leh ! How come our Boleh Country never produce such person even though our buliding taller than other peeples, lanjiao sausage longer than other peeples and everything etc etc and etc also longest, biggest, and bestest in the world. Lanjiao leh ! Lin Peh don't believe our country with 20 over million peeples and run by a creative gaoment, we can't even have one nomination! However, after some serious searching, Lin Peh concluded that our fehmes blogger, Wingz, actually stand a very good chance to win the award because he has also done many things to advance the economic and social development for the poor peeples.

So, to let everyone have a better understanding about Wingz's contribution, Lin Peh hereby present to you

***Wingz For Nobel Prize***

Wingz Owns a Big Company
Which Has Lots Of Vacancies

Wingz Hire Many Employees

Especially Those From The Poor Countries

Wingz Give Them Job Also Give Study

Plus He Provide Them With Basic Amenities

Of Course He No Forget Those With Big Family

Wingz Also Give Them Food Of Quality

Plus Free Transport to Go To The Big City

During Weekend Wingz Take Them Go Cuti

Sometimes Even Go All The Way To Pee Dee

Unlike Some Not So Friendly Party,
Wingz Celebrate With Them During Deepavali

Some Of Them Even Get To Play His Didi

So, do you think Wingz qualify for the Nobel Prize? If so, please pass this massage to everyone you know. SPAM 9 their mailbox ! LOL!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Last Samurai of Ah Beng

Tom Cruise Punya Last Samurai

Ah Beng Andy Punya Lak-sa Murai

Quite same huh ?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

OLIN: Eye-Fi

Lin Peh is very proud to announce to you that the King of Humsap, MR. ACEONE has recently joined OLIN as the small head of research department. Since then, he has succesfully invented a new produck call Eye-Fi. Without further delay, Lin Peh is proud to present to you the first invention by MR. ACEONE.

Here you go:

Another Great Produck by:

Friday, October 06, 2006

Please Use Proper Bahasa Malaysia

Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim recently said that his ministry will be proposing amendments to the Education Act and the National Language Act to include fines of up to RM1,000 against those who are found to have abused the national language. The amendments are to stop the improper usage of Bahasa Malaysia in advertisements, signboards, and billboards. According to him, there are many instances where Bahasa Malaysia and English were mixed or used together and become Rojak !

Based on the track record and the efficientcy of our gaoment, Lin Peh sure they will be going all out to enforce the law once the amendments are made. The first thing they will probably do is to fine everyone RM1,000 for carrying MyKad ! HAHAHAHHA !

Anyway, let's look at some of the names that Lin Peh think changes should be made:

This is straight forward. The new Malaysian name should be PENJAGA

This one also easy la. The new Malaysian name should be SENTUH DAN PERGI (sounds like a crime huh? LOL)

This one susah a bit because there is no such word in the dictionary one. So, no choice la, break it into 2 parts and the new Malaysian name should be ANAK TAMAN (Sounds like those babies who were conceived as a results of Yamade at Lake Garden...hahahaha!)

Wah lau eh! Getting more difficult liao! This one lagi cannot find in dictionary! Even break into 2 parts of (CAR FOUR) still got the "RE" as balance. So, we just have to keep the "RE" as something like punctuation like that and the new Malaysian name should be EMPAT RE KERETA. Can la huh? LOL!

Actually this HP alone is no problem one. But the full name of Hewlett-Packard is sooooo unMalaysian. Therefore, Lin Peh proposed that the full name be changed to HUSSEIN-PAKLAH. (This name is so Malaysian and somemore get to skip the "M" in between. Can kill 2 kkc with one stone! HAHAHAHA !)

This name is also not Malaysian at all. Therefore, it will be better if they can change it to SAMSENG. (Not only it becomes Malaysian, the gaoment can also use this to show LKY that the gaoment of Malaysia no maginalise the Chinese in the country! LOL!)

This one he asked for it one! SANGAT KECIL DAN LEMBUT HAHAHAHA!

This one cannot dispute la. ! It should be called ANAK PATUNG CIBAI KUCING

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sound Effects of iPiaomei

During the launching of iPiaomei, there were many enquiries on whether the iPiaomei cum with sound effect. So, to answer your question, all the iPiaomei are actually cum with the default sound of piaomei. However, upon your request, customisation of sound effects are also available. Examples are as follows:

Default Sound of iPiaomei

Customised Sound Effect Requested by Cocka

Customised Sound Effect Requested by WINGZ

Seems like many humsap lor and humsap por kenot hear the sound directly from this site. Well, you can either give your computer to Lin Peh for recycling purposes or your may download the files directly by right click on the following links: