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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Malaysian Astronaut

Today newspaper say we can choose our first Malaysian Astronaut like how we choose Nawi on Akademi Fantasia! Wah Siok lor ! One more project of Malaysia Boleh ! I think the producer will make all the Astronauts sing and dance and let the Lansi Simon Guy condemn them cukup cukup so the whole nation can have some fun before they vote for the most hansomest one !

I think we better also make them complete slogan in english because gaoment must also show the world our english very the keng chao wan ! The candidate should be made to write: I want to be the first Malaysian Astronaut because............ (Shopping center also doing it what ?) Or else after the kwai lor find out that our Astro-nut cannot even write then we all malu again. Remember last time we got one Menteri Besar kena tangkap in Australia and then the Chi Bai Kwai Lo asked him to sit for English test and he Failed ? that also can!

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