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Friday, November 23, 2007

Mega Traffic Jam


This morning, as Lin Peh was driving the chibye Proton along the Federal Highway Lin Peh got stuck in a massive traffic jam. Accoring to Rojak punya 9 hai Blog, the jam was because our An Neh Neh bruders each requesting a compensation of RM3.4 Millions from the British gaoment so they want go talk to the Queen E this sunday at the British Hai Commission about the money.

Anyway, after the cars all move slow slow for long time, Lin Peh realize the jam was caused by road block. At the road block, there were some guys carry machine gun checking every car and talking to people through their car windows. So, when it comes to Lin Peh turn, Lin Peh asked "Eh, why block?"

The guy with the machine gun says, "Well, the gaoment scared the An Neh Neh bruders may not be getting the RM3.4 Millions each from the Bristish Gaoment this Sunday. because Engrand lost the Footbal match to croatia and no money liao. As a result, the An Neh Neh bruders may get angry and douse the British Hai Commision in gasoline and burn it down, so we are here to set up a collection booth and try to collect some money for the An Neh Neh bruders to help the An Neh Neh bruders.

Lin Peh asked, "How much have you gotten so far?"

"About twenty gallons."


p.s. The above story is fictitious wan, please don't belief! ;-)

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Blogger zewt condemn:

siew 9 sei ngo la....

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

thats actually 1 milliion each for every a neh neh ( dont know about those mamaks) about 3.4 trillion rgt. real sor hai.

Anonymous AhBoon condemn:

1 milion oli for neh neh ka??
how about cina ahpek!? 1 cent pun no ka?? Is this race sis ka!?!?

Or maybe another one on next weeeek :p

Blogger constant_drama condemn:

AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Too funny!

I would run down the damn cops, but I value my car more then their collective lives.

Eh Lin Peh, I link you to my blog boleh tak?

Blogger Hor ny Ang Moh condemn:

20 gllon of siliver???
He! He! Have a nice day!

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:


i return liau.. to comdem again in this blog kaw kaw again.......

Blogger Huei condemn:

i kasi donate oso..IF they plomis to burn er..u know who la

eh wait

i need to donate more

got lotsa ppl to burn..den maybe the road will have less potholes! and dey wun angkasawang so much anymore!

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