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Friday, September 16, 2005

Arsenal Win !

Watch the Arsenal vs (some small swiss team) on TV until 430am and my eyes now still blur blur.

Anyway, it's worth all the blur blur cause Arsenal Win la ! (To MU Fan.....sorry lor....and I heard your loonie tune also kena red card ah ? Nyek Nyek Nyek)

Always like to watch Arsenal play footbal cause a lot of passing. Pass here, pass there, pass forward, pass many passes...and then got one black guy (I think his name is Henry but dunno why all the Kwai Lor call him Ong Li) will come from nowhere and shoot...GOAL! Damn siok to watch. Much better than the Malaysian footbal who pass pass..and out already. Pass pass again and out again...and finally when they score, everyone say they eat moeny wan. No wonder we call it Super Leaque here. Damn bloody Super.....don't know how to pass ball also can become professional. Who say we no good ? MALAYSIA BOLEH !

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