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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Effect of National Animal

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Blogger JoMel condemn:

hehehe! Where you get these from? No other countries meh?

Blogger Wingz condemn:

best post eva!!!!

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

hahaha...nice illustration...

Blogger angel condemn:

India wan leh?

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

wait wait thought maraisian wan is 'orang utan' wan?

Blogger LP condemn:

hahaha..very cool..

Blogger AceOne condemn:

M'sian pic, Lin Peh mat rempit at bike izzit?

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

LOL... nice one, no wonder Rossi can't wins the world champion this year la, we got more powderful Mat Rempit around... wakakaka

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

hahaha!! tats so true

Blogger ah nel condemn:

lin peh the lusian or sinkapork guy???

Blogger sengkor condemn:

which circus u took the motobike pic? tht fella still alive onot?

Blogger Simple American condemn:

haha. Thats so funny. :)

You da king man.

Blogger Mickell condemn:

Boleh Land's hell-rider looks so much cooler than Sinkieland's Lion King :p

Blogger janicepa condemn:

malaisi so geng... harimau kuat.. mat rempit semangat !!

Blogger Helen condemn:

Wild Life people will sue 9 you. You're insulting the tigers... lol

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Lil' Joy:
Niasing ! what do u mean where I got them from ? Lin Peh sendiri bikin wan la ! The other countries I leave it to u to bikin ! LOL!

Wingz/Maverick/LP/Kenny/Sasha/Simple American:
U all like leh ?

India is what animal huh ?

pisang goreng:
Orang Utan is the Sukom wan la! Malaysia is Harimau! Dats why singapore is Singa cause they tink they got more hair ! LOL!

Pandai lu, itu memang mat rempit!

ah nel:
lusian is actually Wingz and the sinkapork guy is Aceone ! LOL!

The chibye fella probably fucking dead by now !

Lion King? hahahahah !

Lin Peh tot you gonna say: harimau harimau!.. janice hari hari mahu ! LOL!

The Wild Life fella will onli sue 9 Lin Peh when I post you do the tiger show ! LOL!

Blogger EA Cheng condemn:

Nice post man!

Penang one is seahorse, not to forget... I thought it was ikan bilis when I first saw it...

And you know what? The gahmen just put the pics to the pavement and let others step over it...

Blogger Angel Eyes condemn:

very very funny lah.. me loike it!

Blogger MengZ condemn: reader here.
Wah....ur head so creative.

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