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Friday, October 06, 2006

Please Use Proper Bahasa Malaysia

Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim recently said that his ministry will be proposing amendments to the Education Act and the National Language Act to include fines of up to RM1,000 against those who are found to have abused the national language. The amendments are to stop the improper usage of Bahasa Malaysia in advertisements, signboards, and billboards. According to him, there are many instances where Bahasa Malaysia and English were mixed or used together and become Rojak !

Based on the track record and the efficientcy of our gaoment, Lin Peh sure they will be going all out to enforce the law once the amendments are made. The first thing they will probably do is to fine everyone RM1,000 for carrying MyKad ! HAHAHAHHA !

Anyway, let's look at some of the names that Lin Peh think changes should be made:

This is straight forward. The new Malaysian name should be PENJAGA

This one also easy la. The new Malaysian name should be SENTUH DAN PERGI (sounds like a crime huh? LOL)

This one susah a bit because there is no such word in the dictionary one. So, no choice la, break it into 2 parts and the new Malaysian name should be ANAK TAMAN (Sounds like those babies who were conceived as a results of Yamade at Lake Garden...hahahaha!)

Wah lau eh! Getting more difficult liao! This one lagi cannot find in dictionary! Even break into 2 parts of (CAR FOUR) still got the "RE" as balance. So, we just have to keep the "RE" as something like punctuation like that and the new Malaysian name should be EMPAT RE KERETA. Can la huh? LOL!

Actually this HP alone is no problem one. But the full name of Hewlett-Packard is sooooo unMalaysian. Therefore, Lin Peh proposed that the full name be changed to HUSSEIN-PAKLAH. (This name is so Malaysian and somemore get to skip the "M" in between. Can kill 2 kkc with one stone! HAHAHAHA !)

This name is also not Malaysian at all. Therefore, it will be better if they can change it to SAMSENG. (Not only it becomes Malaysian, the gaoment can also use this to show LKY that the gaoment of Malaysia no maginalise the Chinese in the country! LOL!)

This one he asked for it one! SANGAT KECIL DAN LEMBUT HAHAHAHA!

This one cannot dispute la. ! It should be called ANAK PATUNG CIBAI KUCING

20 Condeminations:

Blogger angel condemn:

Pak Lin patut menjadi Ketua Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka liao... :D

Which dicktionary u use har?

Blogger sengkor condemn:

y last time i din notice u so bloody crever one?

2 thumbs up! (majiam dvd cover liddat)

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

You are a damn good translation genius. DBP should employ you lah. Your translation is fantastic.

Blogger AceOne condemn:

Bagus bagus!! Ini gua sokong 100% penuh. Baik mia translations

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

*clap clap* wa salute sama lu mia translation, excellent!

Blogger Wingz condemn:

apasal tarak cucuk dan main wannnn

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

angel: Lin Peh using Kamus DatWan, sikalang kena ban disebabkan too much rojak....

This is all TanSliWingz mya salah wei!

'cucuk dan main' OMTuhan!

Blogger candygan condemn:

Sai lei lor... U banyak pandai translate lor...;p

Blogger ah nel condemn:

lu maciam maciam ada....LOL

Blogger Tiuniasing condemn:

Proton will go bankrupt this time with so many units of Gen2, Neo and Savvy sold. Considering RM1000 fine for every unit found on the road, Proton can tapau already.

Blogger CY condemn:

Wow. Very funny! Good job :)

Blogger ricadoe condemn:

Why so funny one? Astaga. Please give more translations. pls...

Anonymous yc condemn:

OMG.. the last one was the killer!! ROTFLMAO :)

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

yeah saya sokong juga
dan tukar nama ber-lok anda kepada
cakap tiga cakap empat

penulis awak bapak

ke ke ke ke ke ke ke

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Lin Peh the dick to sionary wan ! LOL!

last time u din notice cause u a bit "slow" la ! LOL!

You got jalan to get Lin Peh the DBP job ? LOL!

AceOne/Kenny Ng/CY/yc:
Terima kasih banyak banyak !

"Cucuk dan main" (Plug and play) is for computer terminology together with "Barang Keras" (Hard ware), "Barang Lembut" (Software) LOL!!!!

OMTuhan? LOL! LOL!

cikgu ! boleh kasi A+ kah ?

ah nel:
Gua ada 2 bulat 1 tajam saja la ! LOL!

Proton going pokkai even before this ruling la ! LOL!

More translations? You wan Lin Peh masuk lokap kah? HUH? LOL!

pisang goreng:
Wah lau eh !!!!
cakap tiga cakap empat and penulis awak bapak ? Kao Latttt !LOL!

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Linpeh also sound vely cheenah.
From now on everyone should just address you as 'Bapak'

Blogger ikanbilis condemn:

hahaha i never really post before but i have to start doing it! i love this post!!

Blogger Inevitable condemn:

Hahaha... good one!

Blogger EA Cheng condemn:

Aloi, i think de minister kaki pun not veli sure about de differens between ang mo and hua na...

De translation very geng btw... Hehe...

Anonymous tetamu blog condemn:

Hmmm... Is Bahasa Malaysia considered as Bahasa Malaysia?

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