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Thursday, November 29, 2007

How Malaysian Are You ?

If you want to know how stupid you are, go take the IQ test.

If you want to know how Emo you are, go take EQ test.

However, if you want to know how Malaysian you are, please take the following MQ test developed by Lin Peh without any kopiright wan!

The test is very simple one. Just answer the following questions and add up you score:

1. When waiting for lift:
A) You press the up button when you want to go up and down button if you want go go down (1 point)

B) You press the up button when you want to go down and down button if you want go go up (5 points)

C) You press both the buttons regardless whether you want to go up or down (10 points)

2. When the lift arrive:
A) You make sure eveyone come out already before you enter (1 point)

B) You see some peeple come out already only you enter (5 points)

C) You no fuck got peeple no peeple come out, you just bulldozer your way in like Maradona wallop the Engrand defenders.

3. On the street:
A) You walk fast fast and drive also fast fast fast (1 point)

B) You walk slow slow and drive also slow slow (5 points)

C) You walk like turtle like that but drive like Formula 1 (10 points)

4. When riding a bike:
A) You ride alone (1 point)

B) You have ONE passenger at the backseat (5 points)

C) You have your entire fucking village on you backseat like circus like that (10 points)

5. Which side of the road do you drive:
A) Left (1 point)

B) Right (5 points)

C) Either side depend on what I like (10 points)

6. You think Washington is:
A) Name of a president (1 point)

B) Name of a city (5 points)

C) Name of Apple (10 points)

7. You think someone with a "bin" in his name is:
A) A Terrorist (1 point)

B) A Rocker (5 points)

C) Own 30% of everything under the sky (10 points)

8. You know Mawi as:
A) Name of a place in Hawaii (1 point)

B) Name of a tribe in New Zealand (5 points)

C) Name of a rock star (10 points)

9. On Education:
A) You failed everything and cannot get a job (1 point)

B) You pass some, fail some and cannot get a job (5 points)

C) You scored all A and cannot get a job (10 points)

10. On Politics:
A) You love your gaoment and you vote for them ( Minus 10 points)

B) You fuck your gaoment and you vote the opposition (5 points)

C) You fuck your gaoment but still vote for them (10 points)

Please add up you score and check the following:

10 to 50 points - You don't belong to Malaysia. You shall be deported !

51 to 99 points - With some training, you can be a good malaysian. You shall be awarded PR status.

100 points - MALAYSIA BOLEH !

17 Condeminations:

Blogger Helen condemn:

Hahahaa this is GOOD!!

The ultimate true Malaysian is one who can do bad ass rap when interviewed on Al Jazzera. lol

Cool hor?

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:


quest no.6 is wrong leh......
washinton is 100 usdollar leh........

i got less b-kos that Q6 wan

Blogger constant_drama condemn:


" You walk like turtle like that but drive like Formula 1 (10 points)"

Oh man, that hits home.

Blogger zewt condemn:

shit... i only got 44!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

linpeh teach me how to be 100% Malaysian can? Please gime your Malaysia Boleh Pei Kap i learn till level 10 can become mou tik.

Blogger W_W_H condemn:

wakakakakakaka!!! TNS!!! i scored 100%!!!

Anonymous AhLoc condemn:

Yeah!! Malaisia apa pun boleh!!!

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:


i damn like this test. i'll blog it.

Blogger CK Tan condemn:

lu sibeh funny lah linpeh..
i wanna link ur blog...

Blogger Wuching condemn:

diu lah! I scored 100 still Malaysia government no want me back!

Blogger GobloKing condemn:

Thank you Linpeh

Discovered yr blogsite and been reading it nonstop!!

Your blogs make me LAUGH so badly & so LOUDLY - been a long long LONG time since no laugh like dat!

reading political blogs make me so damn sad...but yr blog....??


keep it up man!..although I doubt I fit the profile of yr usual readers but wtf? I enjoy yr humor so much!!

Blogger Huei condemn:


hm..ok..i must change myself to be a true msian!

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Dang. I am deported before I even arrive.

Blogger Hor ny Ang Moh condemn:

Me? I am 100% bolehrian!!! Have a nice day!

Blogger simmie condemn:

I was a few points shy of being deported!!! hhahahah

Blogger Ezra condemn:

freakin funny
score all a and cannot find a job!

Anonymous histrionic condemn:

The stupidest test I ever seen XD

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