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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Song For Edison And His Piaomeis

Enjoy ;-)

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Anonymous Anonymous condemn:


no england sub title how to understand!

the cantonese also so 9 deep wan

tiu u 9 street far far

Blogger Nine3 Nine3 condemn:

Is this your latest singing in oldman night club,thanks for sharing wor

I like the part you sing " Ah Q Hai very complicated "

Blogger Oona Tan condemn:

interesting wan! hahahha..u sang tat!!!!???? wu huuu!
super geng la u Lin Peh!

Blogger CY condemn:

Lin Peh ah, do Singsong Projek lah... you got so many Singsong kaki (there, at the left...) but you neber give chance for us to sing with Lin Peh, how? :/

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