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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bye Bye RM1

Gaoment said Starting Dec 7 this year the RM1 coin cannot be used anymore. Why Dec7 huh ? is it a date chosen by Lilian Too or what ? If let me choose, Lin Peh will probably choose Dec 8 la. 8 = Fatt mah ! Tiu !

Anyway, the gaoment said the main reason of the RM1 coin cannot use anymore is because too many fake ones out there. Wah lau eh ! our people really good la. Not only know how to make pirated CD, VCD, DVD...coin also can produce ! Next is what ? Use the fucked up Proton car engine and sell it ask Fake BMW ? But actually, my friend Ah Tan already told me many years ago that many of those fake coins in th market. That's why a lot of time the coca cola machine also dun wan to accept. So, why until today baru the gaoment want to tarik balik all the fake coins ?

I am no economist but I think gaoment can make a lot of money this round by making all the RM1 coins useless. I am sure a lot of these coins (I mean the real one) have been lost over the years because of Flood la, fire la or feed the kura kura at Kek Lok Si la. So, all these coins that will not be send back to Bank Negara will be void by Dec 7 and who will untung ? Of course the gaoment la ! Simple economics right ? If Lin Peh know, I am sure gaoment people already calculated before they came out with this plan la !

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