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Friday, November 11, 2005

Lin Peh Read News

Many time when go Kopi shop in morning, we can hear many loud mouth fuckers who comment about the news like they damn know a lot. But usually, all those comments cannot be recorded and cannot be remembered wan; by the time the kopi habis...everyone just sapu the backside and all said will be forgotten..and that's the rule ! If you ever tell them what they are saying today is contradicting with what they said last week, fuckers will wallop you la ! Anyway, since Lin Peh so hi-tech until got own blog, Lin Peh will record my comments here and see whether the comments will still stand in few weeks or months. Here are the latest local news and Lin Peh's comments:

Malaysia's Industrial Production Index up
Lin Peh: I told u what....Malaysia Boleh wan! What Lan Jiao also can up...I am sure it's so up until the most up in the world wan ! But too bad Share Market and the men Lan Jiao in Malaysia not very up...that's why rank so low in love making index.

Parents confused over new directive from Education Ministry
Lin Peh: This one not qualify as news la. If one day the Ministry can issue not confuse punya directive...baru can consider news!

PM slams blasts in Jordan
Lin Peh: This one also not qualify as news la. Tak akan PM no slam the terrorists right ?

Azahari confirmed to have been killed in Malang shoot-out
Lin Peh: Wah! less terrorist means world peace kah ? or...his ma-chai going to bomb more places as revenge ?

Mozambique wants Malaysia’s help to set up e-government
Lin Peh: Come ask Lin Peh go help la ! By the way, where's Mozambique ? I used my spy software also cannot find la !

8 Condeminations:

Blogger King's wife condemn:

wah, u can read wan ah? linpeh boleh....

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

After reading your blog
my english drop from A
to Z.....tmt,tns..ccp

Peanut king

Blogger Helen condemn:

Diu, Lin Peh now so politically conscious already. Want to fight with our prominent blogger ar? Dun lar... Lin Peh is fun, prominent blogger is serious shit. lol

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

King's wife:
Lin Peh Tok 3 Tok 4 ma.

Peanut King:
Like that better stop reading lor. Don't la after become zzzz... and mata come catch me say I bad influnce

Please see my reply to Kin's wife ! (I let u and King's wife both share me....shong or not ? LOL)

Blogger Helen condemn:

Ceh...dun over estimate yourself lar... U think easy to handle 2 birds with one stone

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Helen.. where got 2 birds ? 1 bird only la ! but 2 nests ! LOL ! LOL !

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Lin Peh, wat lah those kind og lan-jiao news oso you read ah? Everyday the newspapers por-gomen-lam-par only. Where got standard wan? Better read Lin Peh's blog. More educational than wat our chee-bye politicians are toking.

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Anonymous: Aiya...don't slam the newspaper until like dat la. We need them to provide entertainment and jokes mah. By the way, their report on Magnum 4D results quite accurate also mah :-)

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