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Thursday, October 13, 2005

KFC Punya Small Small Chiken

Have you been to KFC lately ? Went there yesterday and wah lao eh...the size of the chicken is so miserably small la ! It's nothing like what they show on TV la. If in USA, I think sure got mat salleh sue them until "fu latt" for false advertising wan la. But fuck is malaysia, we are all very accomodative wan! On second thought.....maybe must report to Bukit Aman la cause I think they are serving "underage" chicken !

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Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Hallo Lim Peh..

i really donot know who you are, since you are so mystery, but i damn like your way of writing! keep on friend! "Add Oil" to you!!

Blogger King's wife condemn:

I agree..all shrunk in size. 1 bite habis.

eh, the nia-ma-got-chi you play one ah? you how old ah?

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

hi lin peh! i fuck kau like your writing style! so "soang"!!

Anonymous Tikus Cina condemn:

The "chicken" is small because 10% has gone to the lesen holder, the cook took 10% home, 10% was lost when it weighed, so you got 70% - just govt policy of 30% bumi - so it okay. Don't sue or else govt use ISA. Only joking lah. Real reason junk food no good for you. Also are you sure it is chicken in KFC?. It does not say "chicken" any more. I rahter eat bah kut teh - also junk food but I get 100%.

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