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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Be Cafeful...Lin Peh spying u !

Hari raya damn sian cause all my leng looi friends all back to their kampong. Even my tok 3 tok 4 kakis Ah Seng and Ah Huat also gone Hatyai to charge battery already. So, Lin Peh damn sian sitting home after eating Tu kah, I goyang lan pah la. Then I tell myself it's time to update my humsap big neh neh photos collection so I go online and started serching for update. But seems like Lin Peh's database is bigger and better than most of the site la....nothing really new. Then suddenly...(got background music wan.....) I found this very solid software !

This software name so serious "earth google" so if you look at it you won't want download wan. You probably think it's only for the geogafi expert, scientist or those nerds with many chi-bye thick glasses and many abcd's behind their name one. But luck was with me this time (maybe because Deepa Raya) when I clicked the download button accidenly. Since already download, and I so sian at home...I tried ot lor. Suprisely, the software turn out to be very solid because u can see the world - the whole fucking world from satelite (can zoom in somemore)! I uploaded a sample of what KLCC from the satelite at 1,300+ feet. I also manage to fly here fly there and basically travel around the world. Damn Siok la !

Now...since I have this SPY software...Lin Peh is going to look for places like:

Nude beach (ang mor wan only cause neh neh bigger easier to see)
Hatyai (to see what Ah Seng and Ah Huat doing there....or...who they pick up)
China Town Stalls (to see which stalls selling the latest humsap DVD)
and YOU ! (if you let me know where you live...HAHAHA) be fair to all of you, I share share the software with you also la. You can download it from Google Earth

Download....enjoy ! But please no spying on me goyang my Lan Pah ! LOL!!!!

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Blogger Helen condemn:

Lin Peh,

Why didn't follow your comrades to Haadyai??

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Go Hap chai need visa from home minister la ! tak la visa no tok !

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