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Monday, August 28, 2006

Education Post: Why 2 Ghost Months ?

After the few ghost posts, many peeples think Lin Peh is some ghost specialist and want Lin Peh to tell why this year got 2 ghost months. Initially Lin Peh no plan to Diu them but this Chibye Angel promise an offer which is IRRESISTABLE ! So, for once, Lin Peh will be posting the MOST EDUCATIONAL post ever here !

To understand how we got 2 ghost months, we all have to understand the basic of Chinese Calender first.

Chinese calender actually combines the lunar and solar systems together. The Year and Day cycles use the solar system whereas the month use the lunar system!

Since the lunar system is based on the circulation of moon around the earth, each month will be about 29.53 days. Thats why chinese calender months are rounded to 29 or 30 days wan. No such thing as 31 days or 28 days!

Based on the solar calender punya 365.2425 days per year, that means each solar year will have 12.3685 lunar months (No belive u can take out your calculator and divide 365.2425 with 29.53 see you get what number)! 12.3685 is about 12 and 7/19 that's why in order for the moon cycle to harmonize with the sun cycle, they will be seven leap months (extra months) in 19 years! Now you know leh ?

Following or not ? If not, read again from beginning; if can follow, please continue reading ;-)

To determine if a year is a leap year, calculate the number of new moons between the the Winter Solstice also known as Tong Jit @ December 22 of one year and the Winter Solstice of the following year. If there are 13 new moons between these 2 dates, a leap month must be inserted!

The question now is which month is the extra month ? If you ask the expert, they will explain to you that it's because of the sun longtitudes and the 30 degrees for each month and 360 degress for each year and make you blurr blurr until you want to fuck kao them !

But Lin Peh will give you the short cut here ! Very easy one, just look at the Engrish HorrorScope table as follows first:

And then, take out the list of the 13 months for the year. In this case, the current year 13 months are as follows:

Month No.1 = 29 January to 27 February (Note: Pieces starts on 19/2)
Month No.2 = 28 February to 28 March (Note: Aries starts on 21/3)
Month No.3 = 29 March to 27 April (Note: Taurus starts on 20/4)
Month No.4 = 28 April to 26 May (Note: Gemini starts on 21/5)
Month No.5 = 27 May to 25 June (Note: Cancer starts on 21/6)
Month No.6 = 26 June to 24 July (Note: Leo starts on 23/7)
Month No.7 = 25 July to 23 August (Note: Virgo starts on 23/8)
Month No.8 = 24 August to 21 September (Note: No HorrorScope Start here wor!)
Month No.9 = 22 September to 21 October (Note: Libra starts on 23/9)
Month No.10 = 22 October to 20 November (Note: Scorpio starts on 23/10)
Month No.11 = 21 November to 19 December (Note: Sagittarius starts on 22/11)
Month No.12 = 20 December to 18 January (Note: Capricon starts on 22/12)
Month No.13 = 19 January to 17 February (Note: Aquarius starts on 20/1)

Please note that NO Engrish HorrorScope Start during the Month No. 8 of this year Chinese Calender. That means BINGO ie the month No. 8 is the Leap Month! And the rule is to name this leap month the same as previous month. And this year, ngam ngam the leap month is Month No.7 and therefore we kena 2 ghost months lor !

Anyway, for your reference, Lin Peh also calculated the next cycle of leap months (7 leap months in the next 19 years) as follows:

2009-7th month again !
2012-4th month
2014-9th month
2017-6th month
2020-6th month
2023-6th month
2025-6th month

OK. Dats all ! So, Chibye Angel!!!! Where is the kopi-O kurang manis and the Yao-Char-Kuai you promise????

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Blogger sengkor condemn:

tomor i amik mc.. got headache now.

Blogger ah nel condemn:

reli dont understand at all...btw say hi for me to the ghost if you intend to find

Blogger Inevitable condemn:

Hmm... if the damn leap month falls on the 1st month, are we gonna have CNY twice?

Blogger King's wife condemn:

wah...speechless liao!
And headache abit also.
I think you deserve more than a kopi-o and yau char kwai for that.
Right or not, Angel??

Blogger Wuching condemn:

linpeh veli good with nombors!

Blogger angel condemn:

*jaw dropped*
*kapala pusing*
*apprause apprause apprause*
lemme read again tonite... really too komplex for me lah... see lah, even sengkor akauntan orso tao thia liao... *LOL*

king's wife, haha, ya! he really deserve a lot more! shucks, what did i just say?? *LOL*

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

Fuah!!! Terra la u, anyway... I still catch no ball, I think my matimati (matermatic) really mati liao... hahaha

Blogger angel condemn:

i read again and still tak faham... but hor, since i kenot gib up becos u wrote this for me, i read 3rd time.

and i saw the light! now i know what you mean by taking the chinese carender and compare with the engrish carender... say so earlier lah!

Tenkiu you!

ei, u reali go kira all the leap years mya tahun meh? can kira and see which year can get 2x CNY arr like wat inevitable asked?

ok ok, kopi-O & yau cha kuai on me! that's all, rite? :P

Blogger Wingz condemn:

OOHHHH!!!!! eh ... what you toking about ar?

Anonymous gbyeow condemn:

Read the future leap years backwards and you get... Lok lok lok lok gao sei chat! Ahahahahahahaa...

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

U damn Good at Ghost Ghost and chinese calender caculations

I suspect you do part time Chinese Funeral Taoist Priests.

Cheepet ! No wonder everyday you complain very sleepy and also you damn Kaya

Blogger plink condemn:

O.O @ calendar

O.O @ angel


Blogger Simple American condemn:

Take two Tylenol and ignore this post in the morning.

Every month is ghost month.

Blogger wombie condemn:

who did the research for you? hhahahaha

Anonymous pek imm condemn:

hmm, i'm guessing you curi this theory from one of your more educated piaomeis, right? just admit it la! i'm not buying that one humsup ghost like you can be so knowledgeable...:))

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Get well soon ;-)

ah nel:
Soli la. Lin Peh no intent to see them. U sendiri go cari ;-)

Believe it or not, the leap month can never be on 1st month! Use your matamati can calculate to see. Serious wan ! :-)

King's wife:
What you tink Lin Peh deserve leh ? *wink wink*

Linpeh practise the nombors game by everyday looking at those 36-24-36! :-) You may try also !

Kenny Ng:
World cup over oledi you still wan catch ball? LOL!

After 3rd round you understood leh ? Not Bad, Not Bad ! You *muaks* sama Lin Peh, you no sked Lin Peh stim ah ? LOL!

What else can you offer other than Kopi-O & yau cha kuai? *wink wink*

Lu skolah talak pigi ah ? LOL!

KNN! Onli genius like you can cum out with this Lok lok lok lok gao sei chat! You lagi terra sama gua !

Nine3 Nine 3:
Kaya lanjiao la ! By the way, if Lin Peh do those nammo-lo for peeples funeral, no one dare to die la ! LOL!

Please enlighthen Lin Peh...apa itu sign "O.O" means ? Look like Big Nen Nen wor !

Simple American:
For you Kuai Lor of course every month is ghost month lor ! ;-)

simmie/pek imm:
Wei....See Lin Peh no up ah ? Lin Peh spent 3 weeks do research wan leh!

Blogger me condemn:

lucky i am not the only one here who catch no ball. i never realised lin peh sooooooo the smart leh.

Blogger AngryMan condemn:

You must tell everybodi to study it hard hard. And then you give exam.

See who can score A.

I think I will get F, even if you give multi choice exam.

Blogger AceOne condemn:

dui lor..this is my 4th panadol i'm taking!!

Blogger LP condemn:

alamak..when is this Ah sai kong punya ghost months cetory end arr?
Mahu cari makan also dun pretend to be sai kong or ghost consultant lar...

Blogger Robin condemn:

if anyone can make it more complicated, it must be linpeh.


Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

No surprise la. My readers all becoming pandai-pandai after this ! LOL!

Good idea. Maybe those who score A can get skolaship to go itu Fuking Unibersiti ! :-)

After 4 panadol can goyang kepala or not ? :-)

Lin Peh so happy u know I cari makan susah. When u wan let me makan ? LOL!

Complicated? Lin Peh notchet write the History of the Lunar Karender leh ! LOL!

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

so confius....
but my mom told me we celebrete the real month olny the doudble month we kanot celebrate at all

Blogger Phantom Prospero condemn:

Super complicated. In the solar calendar, we have a leap year with 366 days in it once every 4 years. This one is so much simpler and straightforward. Pity those born on 29th February. Can only celebrate birday once every 4 years. A leap year is also one that is divible by 4.

Blogger plink condemn:

O.O @ LinPeh


Blogger candygan condemn:

Wah..u really expert in math lor..
i admire u from the bottom of my heart ;p.

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

pisang goreng:
Your mama is correct cause the leap month is just an "extra" month that happened to just fall after the official "ghost" month. No more ghost liao wan ! :-)

Phantom Prospero:
Yeah lor. Complicated cause need to take care both the moon and and sun.

O.O @ plink too ! (actually...dunno the meaning but O.O also la!)

Panlai leh ? ;-) LOL!

Anonymous TUX condemn:

Lin Peh, I think 2009 leap month is the 5th month (begining from June 23rd, 2009) and not 7th month leh.

Anonymous TUX condemn:

below are the leap years and month:

2009 - 5th month
2012 - 4th month
2014 - 9th month
2017 - 6th month
2020 - 4th month
2023 - 2nd month
2025 - 6th month

It can't be the 6th month 4 times in a row.

Blogger plink condemn:

O.O (I think) means mata terbeliak / bak jiew peh khui thua thua.... =D

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