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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hungry Ghost My Foot !

Today is the first day of the seventh lunar month. Some peeples also called this the Ghost Month! So, to honor all the Ghosts especially the Hum Sap Ghosts, Lin Peh will tell you what is this Hungry Ghost all about before you learn "the other" version from Universiti Putra Malaysia. HAHAHAHHA !

Warning: If you find the following article sensitif, please stop reading and go read my other humsap posts ;-)

General Perception

The general perception about the Hungry Ghost Month is that the superstitious Chinese believe that the Gates of hell are opened during this month and all the Ghosts from hell will be released to the earth. So, to prevent the Hungry Ghost from disturbing the earth and the living, the Chinese will be offering food, paper monies, goodies and entertainment to the ghosts.

The Truth - Lin Peh Version

First of all, Lin Peh tink the Engrish name HUNGRY GHOST MONTH is WRONG! I mean FUCKING WRONG! As far as Lin Peh is concerned, the chinese NEVER refer to the 7th lunar month as Hungry Ghost month! Have you ever heard anyone say "Ngor Kwai Yit" in cantonese, "Yao Kui Gueh" in Hokkien or "Er Gui Yue" in mandarin ? NO NO NO!!! So, Lin Peh conclusion is Chinese ghost no hungry! Perhaps the Engrish name was done by some fuckers who tink that Chinese are very hungry! Diuniamachaohai to the one gave it this kind of Lanjioa name ! Niama !

All the cultures and religions in this world belif that death is not the end. Instead, we all belif that death is the beginning of a journey to the new world, may it be heaven, a new life or some form of eternity. Therefore, prayers are given to the death so that the spirit can go smoothly and peacefully to the new world. However, some of the unfortunates may not get the prayers because they got no decendents, they died during war, their death was not known, their body never discovered or no one give a fuck about them when they died. The Chinese belif that these poor spirits will therefore be wandering around without proper directions.

To take care of this wandering spirits, the Chinese peeples designate the seventh lunar month as the month to honour the forgotten spirits and a time to help the unfortunates. That's why mass prayers are performed for the wandering spirits at road side with the hope that these spirits will find their way to the new world after the prayers. In addition, all the proceeds collected during the prayers are donated to charitible organisations.

To make the mass prayer more interesting and exciting, many organisers also hire those skimpily attired sexy chics to perform in order to attract more peeples to come. This has been seriously condemned but Lin Peh don't see anything wrong with it as long as the chic is a real chic and not some aunties who dress like teenagers ! Of course the nen nen also must be big enough la! hahahahha!

With all the rituals and "entertainment", every year during this time, there will be some hypocrates out there who will launch their condemns regarding this folk belif of the Chinese peeple. They will condemn that the burning of paper monies, paper DVD players, paper computers as nothing but wasteful acts. But Lin Peh tink there is nothing wrong with it because culture and religious practise must also improve with time la. What's the problem as long as peeples who are practising it does not go around and disturb the rest? Their method may be unscientific but what is? If other religion and belif can follow the advancement of tehnology in one way or another, why can't the Chinese? Lin Peh sure the original mosques were not equiped with loud speakers and the original christmas tree has no electrical blinking lights either ;-) Correct or not ?

With this post, Lin Peh hope that we all can have a better understanding about the "Hungry Ghost Month" and Lin Peh also hope that we all can learn the truth about other cultures, belifs and religions so that we can respect each other better ;-)

26 Condeminations:

Blogger suanie condemn:

i am the ghost la. always hungry...

Blogger angel condemn:


*dunno wat to say*

I oso quite hungry liao...
This year got two ghost month... Lin Peh can sexplain why? I no read yesterday's paper...

Blogger LP condemn:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger King's wife condemn:

u sometimes very clever one....your post got tulang wor.
And yes, pls explain the 2 ghost month this year. Thk you.

Blogger LP condemn:

Definately not Hungry Ghost Month..whoever translated that should send him/them to Cocka's room.

Actually in buddhist called 盂蘭盆 節and 道教 called 中元節. That is a story behind this festival-- 目蓮救母. A lot of people probably forgot the story liao.

The first day of festival should be 7/15 in lunar calendar. I think Halloween might have the same theory behind it. Worst thing Halloween day human dress like ghost go to scare human. Why we want to dress like ghost when we are human? That is a good question.

Lin Peh should blog the romantic story about 七夕 (7/7 lunar calendar) the 牛郎 and 織女 and see what kind of hamsap story you can come up with :)

Anonymous ah pek condemn:

wahh how cum you so fimiliar with this wan? u one of them ah?

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Lp....when are you coming to my room?
I waiting here neck long long, tongue long-long liao.

Blogger Wuching condemn:

aiya..i sked to go out liao!

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

Happy 7th month to you..
Happy 7th month to you..

this year got 2 mths right.. so wish you two times la.

Hope you won't turn humsup ngor kuai these 2 months..

Blogger AceOne condemn:

Huh, burning paper DVD players for the ghost do they see hamsap video anot? and burning paper computers for them do they blog anot?

Happy 7th month to you!
Happy 7th month to you!

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

burn PC and laptop too with inter connection to blogger

Blogger wombie condemn:

I still dun get why they call it hungry ghost month. Maybe it's cos ppl put the food by the roadside and table for those ghosts to eat?

Since people burn paper DVD player, paper PC/laptop, and paper ham tai, I think the food also must upgrade a bit lah. If just put fruits and kuih muih, sure ghosts hungry lah.

Blogger mirror condemn:

talking about this..making me remember the 'eye 10' movie about the hungry ghost part. scared me until can't sleep for so many days.

Blogger ah nel condemn:

ya lor...whose tat farker create Hungry Ghost Month words?

most of us never called them ghost but we called them 'ho hia ti" in hokkien mean good brader... :)

Blogger Tiuniasing condemn:

what ghost do you want to be when you die one day?? hamsup ghost ah??

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Eh, hello. U didn't listen to Pak Lah ar? No more discussion on inter-religious topics. Stop letting everybody understand about each other's religion. It's unstable to our multi-racial harmony :p

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Go eat something lor ;-)

You really wan me to explain the two ghost months? That will turn out to be the most educational post ever la ! hahahahh!

King's wife:
Wrong la ! Lin Peh always very clever one, but sometimes cleverest! LOL

Tulang ? make sure you no choke on it sadah la ;-)


Wah Sai ! U more keng than Lin Peh. Lin Peh really Tabet u la !

Want me Blog the romantic story about 七夕 (7/7 lunar calendar) the 牛郎 and 織女 ? You wan me die again is it ?

By the way, cocka looking for you. HAHAHA !

ah pek:
No la. Lin Peh still alive, not yet join the Ghost community ;-)

Cocka Doodle:
You looking for LP ah ? Please go her blog and call her direct;-)
7:13 PM

sked to go out? Why ? You offended the ghosts before kah ? :-)

Zara's Mama:
Thank you very much for the double orgasms ;-)

AceOne/pisang goreng:
Hamsap Kuai will watch the hamsap video and visit those hamsap blogs lor ! LOL!

Nowadays the food damn keng wan. Got roast pork, roast lamp, roast whatever and you should look at the XO! All the death and living also become drunken ! hahah!

Hopefully my post no make u sked ;-)

ah nel:
OK. Let's hunt down the fucker ! LOL!

Before died already hamsup kuai la ! :-)

Lin Peh no discuss on inter-religious la. Lin Peh discuss Ghost month onli ! If discuss also kenot, might as well all go home and Ta Fei Kei ? HAHAHAHHA!

Blogger titoki condemn:

For a start lin peh, you should try to come up with a proper ENGRISH name for this festival. ;)

Blogger Wingz condemn:

Linpeh boleh!!!!! linpeh mansui!!!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Soli la, Lin Peh Enrgish no good enough to come up with a proper ENGRISH name for the fest. The job shall be left to highly educated peeple with double degree such as your goodself ;-)

mansui? slow slow sleep ? ;-)

Blogger See Fei condemn:

tenkiu for sharing your knowledge. will knock the head of the next joker who call the lunar 7th month "hungry ghost month"...

Blogger angel condemn:

yes, lin peh.. i waiting to be sexducated abt the two ghostly months :D

*admires lin peh*

Blogger Kiki the rambling traveller condemn:

Wah liao the story tell so long long.

Eh I know who started this name for hungry ghost month! Always these enthic translations are made for the benefit of the kwai-lo (caucasions) or translate for an English article in a lapan magazine (tabloids). Therefore, I have concluded the person who came up with this name is a Singaporean. Period.

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

Must be some dude simply named it like that coz we can see during the festival, there are full of foods donated by people. So I think because of too much foods over there, they named it as Hungry Ghost Month lor... by right should call Hungry Human Month... wakakakaka

Anonymous yenchiew condemn:

after reading this, seems to me lin peh's version makes more sense..LOL..

Anonymous Sharlene condemn:

actually, the word hungry ghost is not made up by the westener. In buddhism, it actually exist. Buddhism believes in rebirth and there are various forms of existence. One of it, is the hungry ghost. Why this term? These beings took an ugly form where the stomach is very very big whereas their mouth is believed to be as small as the hole of a needle. This form of rebirth is truly suffering as they will always be in a hungry suffering state... well.. this is just some sharing of mine with you all...

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