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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Calling all the Breasts !

In the spirit of Maraysia Boleh (and also in conjuction with the Malaysia Cup final this weekend), a breastfeeding-thon will be held in Kuala Lumpur this coming Saturday (16th September 2006). Please go here for more detail !

This is the first time such an event is held in Maraysia and the organiser is calling for all the breasts to make it a success. If possible, Kuala Lumpur wants beat the current world record which is held by the City of Manila with 3,738 mothers (that means 7,476 breasts la..LOL!)

So, for all of you who has breasts (Wingz included), please be there and make this event a success ! Maraysia Boleh !

Warning: Please do not forget to bring along your baby when attending this event!

32 Condeminations:

Anonymous ah pek condemn:

Woi! really wan ah? I bring my bitch can ah. she got 8 breast! sure can get champion wan!

Blogger Inevitable condemn:

LOL at ah pek's comment...

Blogger Wingz condemn:

wuah!! this activity we must sapot!!!!

Blogger ah nel condemn:

bring husband along kenot kar??? LOL

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Keep us a breast of this project Lin Peh. Very titalating topic. Shows you are very sensitive.

If any woman does not have a baby for breastfeeding, I can be your baby. I prromise not to bite. Also I will suck down the cost of the flight to KL for this worthy cause.

Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 condemn:

What happen if mother forget bring baby, can become baby substitute mai ?

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

I wanna be the baby!!! kekeke.

Blogger AceOne condemn:

You all remember to come ya, all the cameras are very well place!!

Blogger JoMel condemn:

I have a question: If dry up already still can join or not???

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

ah pek/Inevitable:
Niasing, you tink dis one is contest on who has more breasts meh ? LOL!

So, Lin Peh assume you legistered liao ? LOL!

ah nel:
husband/boyfren/kai kah lou all welcum la ! LOL!

Simple American:
So desparate ? I bet you Amedika peeple dun have this leh ? LOL!

Nine3 Nine 3/Kenny Ng:
If mother forget bring baby, you substitute lor ! Alternatvely Kenny Ng already said he wans be baby lor !

Yes please post the pictures !

Lil' Joy:
If dry up already it will very much depend on the "baby" lor ! Lin Peh sure experienced baby like 9393 or Kenny can still do all the sucking regardless whether got milk or no milk.

Blogger JoMel condemn:

But... its not breastsucking 'thon wor!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Breastfeeding = breastsucking la ! Liddat oso need Lin Peh teach you ah ? LOL!

Blogger JoMel condemn:

I think I need to teach you, the difference between suck and feed lah!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

YES PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! Please teach !!!!! When is first lesson ? LOL!

Blogger Wingz condemn:

i also want lil'joy to teach me!!! pls pls pls!!

Blogger ah nel condemn:

i tot suck n feed same rite???all just want milk...LOL

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

No baby, can bring gf ah?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Wingz/ah nel::
You all oso want to learn from lil'joy? Line up please !

Maverick SM:
U konfuse or what ? Baby = sucker in this case whereas gf should be the suckee la ! Please get your facts right first. Tiu ! U make until Lin Peh also konfuse liao ! Really need lil'joy to help liao ! LOL!

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn: bring g/f to suck YOUR tits ah? or vice-versa? LOL

Please forward this community message to Zara Mama. I think she will participate. those with lychee boobs, you are exempted. LOL

Blogger Wuching condemn:

wuah! lots of breasts i like veli much!

Blogger ah nel condemn:

linpeh :the younger people owes get in the line first...LOL

wuching :ostalia no breast kar???

Blogger JoMel condemn:

Ah Nel, to your question. When you feed, you will get milk. When you suck, you don't necessary do.

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Cocka Doodle:
Zara Mama punya department u in charge la ! Those with lychee boobs, can also cum la. Maybe after kena sucked the lychee become papaya leh ? LOL!!

Please see ah nel condemn ! HAHA!

ah nel:
If the younger people get in the line first...Uncle Cocka will have to line up all the way at Petaling Street lor !

Lil' Joy:
Hmmm... now I know the theory liao. But in practice?

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

How many piao meis are you bringing?? and how many babies are you going to pretend to be?

Me close shop liao.. next year re-open..

Cocka can bring his cow.. fresh milk is good for old ppl like him who has osteoporosis.

Blogger ah nel condemn:

jomel :ohhh...tenk q for the tips... ;)

linpeh :he old kar???i tot just 30 yrs old nia this year...LOL

btw ystdy i nearly misundertood by my singapore lady boss...she saw me laffing n ask me show her wat so funny...i was typing comment and ur title "Calling all the Breasts" make her tot i surf porn when she saw it...then i ask her look at the front page advertisement and i told her this crazy guy go and change the title...LOL

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Zara's Mama:
Not bringing any piao mei la ! Well, the number of babies Lin Peh will be pretending depend onhow many chun chic there lor !

The old cock got osteoporosis? HAHAH! *actually..what animal is osteoporosis?*

ah nel
Cocka veli veli old wan la !

Alamak ! So, your lady boss going to participate or not ? She chun ah ? If so, Lin Peh volunteer become her baby ;-)

Blogger ah nel condemn:

she got hubby ledi lar and they both from kiasuland so u think she will come bolihland donate milk??? ;)

Blogger pisang condemn:

wah like that i oso wan to join....

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Ah Nel & Linpeh,
Uncle cocka got senior citizen privilege wan. Line up in front and can 'chiew keng' on who I chose to suck! LOL

Blogger Helen condemn:

Like Ah Nel said, can bring along bf/husband. But since the milk dried up ages ago, I'll demonstrate other suction .......

Though it's not milk, it's still white and gooey. CLose enuff hor?

Blogger ah nel condemn:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger ah nel condemn:

linpeh :she i think not going as kiasuland wont allowed any milk to bolihland...

cocka :senior citizen got priviledge thats y u can get to SUCK first...

Wingz :CESS is waiting for the senior citizen rite??? LOL

helen :dried up still can refill ler wad...rather than those langsat boobs notchet suck ledi dried...LOL

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