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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bloggers Together-Gather

After all the meetings, FFK and tiu tiu, Lin Peh hereby very honour to annouce to you the 2006 Year End Bloogers Party

Bloggers Together-Gather !

When: 30 December 2006

What Time: Evening lor

Where: Sky Room, Federal Hotel

Who will be there: All the gila bloggers (serious one all stay home TFK so they won't cum)

What to expect: An evening of fun dining, wining and sixtyning !

What to wear: Something nice la (if you dun wear anything at all, Lin Peh belanja!)

How much: RM100 (Cheap cheap only, sure you can afford wan)

We made a blog specially dedicated to this party! Check it out and register


Our very friendly and sexy sales representatives will get in touch with you.

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20 Condeminations:

Anonymous r3dqu33n condemn:

can any blogger joint...even not malaysian citizen? but am stayin here in KL...coz you guys might just have a kinda socialist group down here and not open to outsiders

Blogger EA Cheng condemn:

Now dunno can or not... Decide later. (I dun even know I am in S'pore or Penang at that moment...)

Blogger ah nel condemn:

tenk q for the treat last saturday... ;)

Blogger ricadoe condemn:

How do I know which one is linpeh to ask for belanja when I come naked?

Blogger PinPin 彬彬 condemn:

Yeeeee, in KL again ah... i can't go leh...

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

i wan to kam!!! i wan!!! :P

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Can I Skype in? I will try to set up a webcam too. :)

Blogger LP condemn:

lin peh I heard that you gonna do a solo wor?

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:


Anonymous pek imm condemn:

here's the deal - you go dressed in your birthday suit, and i belanja you. how's that?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

YES ! Any bloggers, non-blogger all can join regradless or sexual preference, race, religion, language, national origin. Well...except those who knows how to ignite bomb ;-)

EA Cheng:
OK ! Make sure if u in KL in cum !

ah nel:
Bruder bruder so hak hei meh ? Anyway, got hoi fong with your gf ? LOL!

You you come naked, u no need to know Lin Peh also the security will let u "enter" for free ! LOL!

PinPin 彬彬:
KL so far meh ? ;-) Cum la !

Kenny Ng:
I already know u wan kam la ! LOL!

Simple American:
Wah ! So hi tech one ? Can u TT the ticket price to my swiss bank account ? LOL!

Do solo ? U mean TFK in front of everyone ah ? LOL!

Horny Ang Moh:
Horny one u are welcum as well !

pek imm:
Why dun You dress in your birthday suit and Lin Peh belanja you ? ;-)

Blogger candygan condemn:

me mau join , can bo ??
but me tak tau speaking wow... how ar ?? :-(

Anonymous r3dqu33n condemn:

thanks for the information Lin Peh...much appreciated would love to drop by and meet some of the bloggies ;)

muchas gracias

Blogger AceOne condemn: extra ticket ar? Can spare one anot?

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Got to pay and no can squeeze other bloggers?

They got Paypal in Swissyland?

Blogger CrazyGrr| condemn:

candygan, dunno speaking oso nvm.. linpeh likes speak mandalin 1.. lol

yeahlar.. ei.. i oso wanna skype in like simple american..

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Speaking no speaking all cum cause the party will be in multi-lingual! Lin Peh will be speaking mandalin and hokkien wan ;-)

Hope to see you there ;-)

You never die before ah ? Wan Lin Peh to spare you ticket? You tink you wear skirt wan meh ? LOL!

Simple American:
Paypal no la. Direct TT ok ? ;-)

Linpeh likes speaking mandalin and hokkien wan ! got cum or not ?

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Lin Peh: I wear skirt wan wor so U can sponsor my ticket go back M'sia so I can go to together gather ah??

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

lin peh : i wear skirt wan .. so whn u wanna come send me the ticket lah ??? i waiting lah .. oi !

Blogger dSaint condemn:

wahh,like this i also wear skirt la. micro mini skirt, show u all my bulu kaki. how? send me a ticket also ha...

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