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Monday, November 06, 2006

An Easy Guide to Building Your Own Mansion

1. Identify the land

2. Site Clearance

Hopefulyl the piece of land that you have identified is liddis one:

If it is liddis one, then a bit susah to clear:

But Don't worry la, because you can just do this:

3. Start Building:

4. Work in Progress:

5. Final Product:

Please remember that you must meet the following requirements before you proceed with the contruction of your mansion:

1. You current house must be SMALL!

2. Your family must have at least 25 peeples!

3. You must wear a designer glasses which look liddis!

4. You must have been a bankrupt before!

5. You must get ready RM24,000 to pay the maximum fine!

p.s. In case you serve satay at your House Warming party, please get it from the following Satay Restaurant:

19 Condeminations:

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

sounds like u hamtam someone lidat... r u into politikus?

Anonymous eve condemn:

make sure ur wife or ur family oso can get tat special treatment...ahhh..tat completes it..

Blogger ricadoe condemn:

you also need to know how to cry mah. After that, all your worries are over and your mah chai will back you up openly in the public.

Big big guns will close one eye summore.

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

Lin peh, to be frank, amongst all your article, this one is the best of the best...I vote this one as the best.

Blogger Helen condemn:

I second Maverick!!!

This is a masterpiece. So, in appreciation for your blogging effort, lemme know what you need when they throw u inside ISA camp. :-P

Blogger King's wife condemn:

LOL..another linpeh classic!
Looks like I don't qualify, I only satisfy criteria 1.

Blogger AceOne condemn:

Somemore no need to pay cukai tanah and cukai pintu hor!!

Blogger -KeNt- condemn:'s like come out and cry infront of everyone and don have to roboh ur hse adi is's like wtf man...assclown politician...

moreover , if u're a chinese , ur hse already break into million pieces be4 u can even cry to the public...and kena fine somemore...DAMN....

Blogger pisang condemn:

wah linpeh you veli keng la

any way this form is valid kar?

i wan to make my womansion...
(opposite of man-sion)

ke ke ke ke ke brmladss

Blogger angel condemn:

since everyone say you keng, i let u belanja me, ok? ;)

Blogger Wingz condemn:

oii why you make fun of my house??!!!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Wah Lin Peh: how long did it took U to build the mansion arr?? can see arr U wear sunglasses liao!! After ur mansion roboh la!!

Blogger Simple American condemn:

So if I move to Malaysia I can hire you as a consultant? Make sure I build in the right place. Do I have to make such small house?

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Kenny Ng:
What politikus? Lin Peh teaching peeple build house onli mah !

U mean whole kampong all also build mansion or bangoro ? Wah ! Liddat the whole place look like beverli hill lor ! LOL!

OK OK ! Lin Peh still learning ;-)

Maverick SM:
You mean this one bester than iPiaomei ? LOL!

HUH ? Teach peeple build mansion also kena ISA ? Liddat if teach peeple build the crooked bridge kena death sentense kah ? LOL!

King's wife:
You criteria 1 onli ? You humble la ;-)

No need pay cukai tanah and cukai pintu? Liddat also can ah ? LOL!

WEI ! dun la tok all the Bangsa bangsa issue at my blog ! Really want me go prison meh ? I Bangsa Malaysia wan ! LOL!

Mansion, womansion all same way of building wan ! No belif, you try la ! HAHAH !

Wait till u yamade with me baru u know what is KENG ! LOL!

Which one is your house ? Dat one kena Bullsozed wan ah ? LOL!

No need long long to build la cause this one no need approval. Usually, the delay is caused by approval wan ! LOL!

Simple American:
If you move to Malaysia, I kasi build satu WHITE HOUSE for u ! LOL!

Blogger Samm condemn:

ok, whoever wants 2 build their mansion, where oso can, i be ur contractor, k...

Blogger -KeNt- condemn:

haha..yeah...sorry i brought it up...but i was like damn piss about that shit..thats why bought it up..sorry...


Blogger JoMel condemn:

just a big mansion needs beautiful candle stands (which I can supply) to complement. Interior decor is just as important. *winks*

Blogger EA Cheng condemn:

Keng! Maybe can write about buying imported cars next time, hehe.

Blogger Mickell condemn:

RM24,000 is a small fine to pay to build a nice mansion like that. For anyone with the financial means to build a nice mansion like that, a RM24,000 fine is merely and surely a slap on his wrist.

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