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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Problem Solving Problem


Remember to Sing Song for Christmas.

Remember to Party for Year End.

Many peeples do not understand how to solve problem in a proper manner. When they encounter a problem, all they do are blame, point fingers and attend genral asssembly! By doing so, not only they don't solve the problems, they actually create more problems !

Long time ago, Lin Peh was told by Confucious one old man that the highest level of problem solving skill is called "PROBLEM SOLVING PROBLEM". This method of problem solving is to actually look carefully into the root of the problem and then match them with another problem ! You will be surprise that of a lot of times, the problem will cancel out each other ! Sounds complicated huh ? Don't worry, because Lin Peh will now show you some examples by analysing the problems Malaysia is facing now and see how we can solve them all:

Example 1:

Problem 1:
The accident rate in Malaysia in very high. Many fuckers don't seems to know how to drive! So much so until the Police has to come out with OPERASI during every festive seasons to keep track of how many peeples die per day on the road!

Problem 2:
Bunch of illegal racers who called themselves Mat Cermelang (formerly known as Mat-Rempit) always create problems especially during middle of night! Lately, they even think they got support from some higher authority and start behaving like Mat-Chibye and wack the police like the country has no gaoment like dat !

Match Problem 1 and 2. Close the highway during the middle of night and let all the Mat Chibye go race there ! No innocent life will be lost on the highway, residences no more complain about the noise from the motorbike, police can go chase after criminals instead of busy kena chased by the Mat Chibye and at the same time these Mat Chibye will all die in just matter of time! 2 problems solved!

Example 2:

Problem 3:
Seems like the gaoment is having a lot of problems in calculating the "wealth distribution" among the peeples. If you see the newspaper, the results they announce all difference different one. Making everyone so confuse dunno which one to believe.

Problem 4:
It seems that our students all score many many A's in their exams until many peeple complains that our country is running out of A's already. But the problem is when they grow up and graduate from university, many cannot even find a job. To make it worst, the foreign media always give our university low ranking and condemn our education system somemore! However, our gaoment still very positive and insist that we have the best education system in the region! Making everyone so confuse dunno which one to believe.

Match Problem 3 and 4. Since gaoment wants to prove to others that our straight A's students actually damn smart one, get the students to calculate the percentage la ! Lin Peh sure they all can do a better job cause they don't get straight A's for no reason one! So, once and for all, no one can dispute the figure calculated anymore and foreign media also cannot condemn that our students no quality anymore. 2 problems solved!

Example 3:

Problem 5:
Got one specky fucker build one big mansion without permit but no one seems to have the guts to go and tear it down. Many peeples angry !

Problem 6:
Someone (don't know who) got access to excessive explosive of the police and use it to bomb dead body. Peeples all shock and all the media, including the foreign ones, all watching it closely. Really no good for the country!

Match Problem 5 and 6. Do I need to say more ? ;-)

Example 4:

Problem 7:
The year 2007, suppose to be Visit Malaysia Year but it seems that not much work has been done to promote it.

Problem 8:
The Penang Municipal Council installed CCTV in their meeting room to zoom in on the thighs of women journalists. The President, Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan, came to their defense and said the incident was caused by the “sexy” attire worn by some women reporters ! Peeples hear already all damn tulan !

Match problem 7 and 8 and we can get Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan to use his CCTV and make a movie to promote Visit Malaysia 2007 ! Sure the movie damn HOT wan! Sure many peeples go download wan ! LOL !


Ok la. After showing you so many examples, it's time for you to practise the skill of "Problem Solving Problem". Please solve the below yourself! HAHAHAHAHAH!

22 Condeminations:

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Oh? The one guy needs hair. So he can take from the other. Maybe every other hair can transplant.

Blogger Wingz condemn:

wuah the exercise very deep la lol!

Blogger LP condemn:

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Blogger LP condemn:

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Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Wah. Examples are all very good!

But need some hints for the exercise ;)

Blogger AceOne condemn:

Aiyo..Problem solving ar? I 've too much problem to solve and kenot finish solving my own problems and you gip problem solving exercise how to solve your problem jek and your problem so deep wan. i've a problem!

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Problem No. 7: After so many years of independence, the economic pie is still unequally distributed.

Solution: Blame it on the chinamen but themselves.
Abolish the time limit set out to achieve the NEP agenda.

Problem No: 8: exhausted all avenues of intended research in outer space for our Bolehland astronauts.

Solution: Play Congkak in outer space to experience weightlessness against gravititional pull of hefty taxpayers money!

Blogger angel condemn:

teacher, teacher, see problem, go hin hin liao... :P

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Solution: Send both to that Rm500,000 public toilet at Bukit Bintang to learn their public speaking skill. At least, the city of KL can earn $1 for each 15 min session to cover the cost of the toilet.

Anonymous bryan condemn:

This "problem solve problem" solution I early early already practiced.

When my right hand kena bitten by mosquito, I go pinch my left hand. Like that I mah forget about the itchyness ledi loh. Correct or not? LoL...

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

eh... no more ipiaomei exercise? this kinda exercise quite tough la... LOl

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:


You wouldn't want to publish what's the solution I have in my mind do you? Think Anwar and Sukma situation!!!

buzz buzz

Blogger ah nel condemn:

tat pigcher is b4 lin bcome peh n aft lin bcame lin

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Who the hell are those guys la!! Sorri la I am away too long I dunno who they are lor so I kneot help U solve the problem!!!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Eh. I think fly on the wall has solved it! :)

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

oh.... i know i know.....
this must be arder OLIN product right?
and this ahbeng is your tester.....

walau.... nice la

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Here are the Results for those who submitted:

Simple American:
Answer given not correct. Give you 2/10 for the effort tho.

Ask you to do exercise ! Not asking you to condemn the deepness ! 0/10

Sorry...Lin Peh very fair to all students wan ! NO HINT WILL BE GIVEN! 0/10

You not answer to the question even tho you are getting there. 3/10

Cocka Doodle:
Lanpah ! Problem No. 7 and Problem No: 8 were discussed in the examples ! You sleeping or what ? 1/10 !

Got hin hin you have to produce MC! If not 0/10

You didn't write name in your exercise book ! Give you 10/10 also useless la !

Very good "PSP" skill but didn't apply it properly to solve the problems given. 4/10

Kenny Ng:
ipiaomei exercise only for PE class la ! 0/10

The Fly on the Wall:
Lin Peh think you are tinking correct liao ! Since you call me darling. If you are male...0/10. If female 10/10 !

ah nel:
Insult your teacher ? -10/10 !

Don't even understand the question ? 0/10 !

Wei...who is teacher ? You or ME ? 0/10 !

pisang goreng:
WRONG! But give you 2/10 for the attempt la !

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Linpeh Darling!!

Thank you for the 10/10 and I knew we travel on the same wavelenght!!!

Better stop or else Cocka, my first love will get jeles!!!

buzz buzz

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Wah... sob sob. Teacher gave me 0/10, twice! T_T

Blogger pisang condemn:

my google rank is 3/10 lar....

Anonymous bryan condemn:

Yeah, yeah! I'm the highest. Can I be the class monitor? Can I? Can I?

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

lin lau boh says:---
Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan and his technicians have already compiled all his 'movies'from his cctv and will be selling the CDs in Lorong Kulit in time for Christmas ....can get you a copy if you want.

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