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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Miss Nevada Katie Rees Fired

Miss Nevada 2007, Katie Rees, was yesterday stripped of her title because of some raunchy pictures:

No la, not this one, this picture so decent, where got problem ?

This one also no problem la

It seems that the pictures are so stim until the owner of Miss USA Pageant, Donald Trump, also got very angry like that:

Donald said, "Did you see those pictures? Unlike Miss USA, who made some bad choices, Miss Nevada is a real problem ... It's a much different thing, and a much bigger problem."

Lin Peh sure you also want to see those photos that cost her the title huh ?

Ok la, after some extensive research, Lin Peh found the following. Let's share share (She is the one in RED):

18 Condeminations:

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Wishing you HamSup Lo a “ Lick Lick Christmas”

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

She should win some other award instead :p

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:


Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

merry christmas cocka!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

if linpeh is the owner of Miss USA Pageant linpeh sure no fire her. give her higher salary so she can pose more cool pics. Correct?

Blogger Wingz condemn:

mahai lidat also fire!!! how can??!!! that is the normal behaviour of amadikans wat??!!!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

This is so sick! This is so unprofessional! At least take off the clothes first lah before doing it.
Geez...teased me liddat! Tiu!

Blogger ah nel condemn:

liddat oso can...lick lick,press press nia mar as din c our gabanment hv any prob wit tat...

Merry Kerismas to u...

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Lin Peh: U realli terror ah!! Always the ham sup stoli sure get first!!! Anyway Merry Christmas to U and hv A prosperous New Year lor!!!

Blogger JoMel condemn:

MEEEERRRRRY Christmas Lin Peh Kor Kor!!!

Anonymous TUX condemn:

Merry Christmas broder!!!

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Wishing you a Merry Christmas Lin Peh and the Happiest of New Years. :)

It would be merrier if Miss Nevada showed up hor?

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

She looks so decent also into this... sighh... really cannot judge a person by the look... kekeke

Blogger Mickell condemn:

Just as Vanessa Williams was stripped of her Miss USA 1984 title because she posed nude for Penthouse in 1982.

Controversy erupted in the summer of 1984 when it was discovered that in 1982, Williams had posed nude for photographs — including scenes of graphic exposure and lesbian theme. The news came to light when adult magazine Penthouse announced that they would be publishing the photos in their September 1984 issue, without her consent.

After several days of media frenzy, Williams chose to resign her position on July 23, 1984. The crown was given to Suzette Charles (making her the second African-American Miss America), 54 days before the start of the pageant for Miss America 1985. At the time, many believed Williams' reputation would never recover from the scandal.

Blogger AceOne condemn:

Aiyo..every amadikan do that lor. Donald Trumpet so bias wan.

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

woi, got malaysia version or not?? lim peh wan see.....

Blogger Inevitable condemn:

Wah... syiok lah like this. I am sure Lin Peh got the 'uncensored' series... hey don't keep it for yourself lah. Share share mah.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Blogger Maverick SM condemn:

wah, ur research veri kengh....

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