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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yumiko Lost Her Pants


Please cum here often for an update on the Rudolf in Your House Sing Song Projeck for This Christmas.

Yumiko Cheng Hei-Yi (鄭希怡), a popular Hong Kong singer/actress, lost her pants during an acrobatics on Saturday night’s Tung Wah Charity Show. Right after the incident, there were over many mah-latt-lor (including Lin eh) from all over the world searching for the footage on the net. However, many of those footages have been removed at the request of TVB which broadcasted the show live.

Well, after some extensive searching and researching, Lin Peh manage to find the footage and since Lin Peh is always very generous in "information sharing", I decided to post the footage here. Lin Peh sure the footage will be removed in just a matter of time so don't blame me if you cum late ! Meanwhile, here is the video footage:


Update: Niama! Seems like the video gone liao (SO FAST). Lucky Lin Peh got do one screen capture here:

13 Condeminations:

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

video no longer available geh??

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Wah Lin Peh U no afraid after she cum and sue U lor for putting up her picture lidat!!

Blogger Wuching condemn:

tan sri lin peh, i'm sure u made a copy so u quiet quiet email me ya!

Blogger AceOne condemn:

Wah!! the video so fast gone already ar!!

Blogger ah nel condemn: time no video don upload it...LOL

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Nice underwears.

Too bad.

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

kannineh....thought got free show see....

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

At least she was wearing underwear...

Btw Lin Peh I'm sure you have a larger pic than that?

Blogger jokeserv condemn:

i found another site which still have the vid.. but can i post it here?

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

oi... video no longer anymore la...

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Tiu....liddat also shiok meh? i tot she no wear undies. LOL

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

why you dun ask me?
next time use flv software...
but 1st you had to use in IE

Anonymous ~TheAngel~ condemn:

Eh, video not loading...
Btw, I don't get what it means in the photo below the video...
Sorrylah, a bit slow...

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