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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Update - Rudolf in Your House


Remember to Party for Year End.

First of all, a very special Tank Q to all the crazy bloggers who sacrifice their voice for the Sing Song projeck. Really appreciate it !

As at closing of the projeck, Lin Peh have received a total of 20 recordings (exclusing Lin Peh) which is really encouraging! Tank Q again !

To give you an idea about these bloggers and their recordings, Lin Peh have compiled a summary as follows:

The Veterans:

1. 5xMom
This aunti the voice very sweet wan. I think she bluf us wan! The truth is, she is the Ah Sar of TWINS!

2. Allison
This Pak Ali punya Son dunno why the voice sounds like a female wan! But nevermind la. Male, female, shemale..all accept !

3. Cocka
This Uncle sent in the recording late but he insists that his voice must be included because many leng loois all waiting to hear his very lum singing! Since Lin Peh is not a leng looi so can't condemn. If you happen to be a leng looi, please condemn after listening ! LOL!

4. Helen
This aunti Lin Peh dare not condemn cause she told me she will burn my computer if I condemn her singing ! ;-)

5. JKN of KL Podcast
This fella long time never update his Lalio Station but still find time to do the recording ! Tank Q very much !

6. John Ong
This one Lin Peh no condemn, you sendiri listen then you will know why.

7. King's Wife
Her recording was terrible! Can hear all sorts of sounds in the background wan!Somemore got wind blowing sound liddat wan. Lin Peh think she accidently sent her recording of her doing Blow Job !

8. Lady Moon
Last time her name was Moon Lady but now called Lady Moon pulak ! Lin Peh think she changed it after reading my Leap Year Post ! HAHAHAHA! Anyway, last projeck I let her sang duet with Lin Peh and she komplain like hell! So, this time around, I make sure she won't sing with me ! LOL!

9. LP
This LP has been busy cooking, complaining and tackling guys online but she still very support and send in her recording also. Leng Looi..tank Q yeah ?

10. Little Patchi
This Pakcik may be Little but she got 6th sense wan. She sent in a file which was done when she was 5 years old! She told me, way back then she already and foresee this porjeck! Terrar!

11. Rojak
Only thing Lin Peh can warn you all about this guy is...Not only rojak cannot sing, he also cannot TOK ! Niama leh !


Here are the new cummers to Lin Peh's Sing Song Projeck so...very special Welcum!

12. Angel
She claims dat she sang 200 times just to get it right and the file was sent at 5 o'clock in the morning! After listen to it, Lin Peh very CumTong, want to cry liao ! LOL!

13. CY Gemini
This fella is one of the first to sent in his recording. Too bad Malaysia didn't get to host the Asian Games, if not, sure he will be singing during the open ceremony wan !

14. Crazy Girl
You think she is crazy ? Wait till you hear her SING!

15. Inevitable
Incondemable ! Garenti this fella always sing song at KTV with Piao Mei wan ! LOL!

16. Kenny Ng
Kenny can ROCK !

17. Matthew Kang
This one is a borned country singer! No matter how he sang also sounds like country singer liddat! LOL!

18. Seng Kor
Seng Kor actually took the effort to go buy a mic just for this projeck. But this stingy fucker bought the Cheap-palak mic even tho he is now getting very high paid for his new job!

19. Simple American
For the very first time, Lin Peh got a real Ang Mor to cum in and sing the song! Next time must ask him sing the Chinese New Year Song...Xin Nian Lai Lor! LOL!

20. Tiu Niasing
Tiu ! Lin Peh didn't know this fella can sing Engrish wan wor !

That's the update for now. Lin Peh will be updating you again once I manage to sort out who to duet with who ! (any suggestion? LOL). Meanwhile, Lin Peh has been listening to all these recording for like 10 hours per day until the dog at my house also look like Rudolf like that liao !

30 Condeminations:

Anonymous ~TheAngel~ condemn:

Haha, kinda fun, next time if you still have this, for sure I will join in!

Blogger Tiuniasing condemn:

i asked you sing you say paiseh!! now you say you will join next time. wan yeh ah??

Blogger ah nel condemn:

nex time i go ur house sing...ok?

Blogger 5xmom condemn:

You go catch Matthew Kang and ask him lah. He and I choir members wei. Me the kelefeh whose mouth move but no voice come out wan. Because I am tall, they put me there so that it makes the group big oni. Cannot wait for the recording lah.

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

If next time you still no join, Lin Peh get you to pose nude for the CD cover !


ah nel:
Dunwan! You see my dog only stim liao! Cari excuse to cum my house !

5xmom: Lin Peh understand liao ! LOL!

Blogger Wingz condemn:

niahmah lei ah! you asked me to sing lidat wan now u say i kenot sing!!!! I object!!!

Blogger AceOne condemn:

where are the songs??

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

Where is the song ah? I wanna hear all their voice... kekeke.

Blogger angel condemn:

waaa... really so CumTong? No need to cry wan... just buy me dinner will do! Heh heh...

Blogger King's wife condemn:

Yeah, and you owe me dinner also!! So fussy..Like this cannot, like that cannot. Dunno how many times I got to re-record. Niamah!! Sing until sore throat liao!!

Anonymous ~TheAngel~ condemn:

Eh lin peh, not that I don't wan to join earlier, don't know how to sing, pai seh!

Tiu, not "wan yeh" really don't know how to sing, how to join? But now, I will start practice so that by the day lin peh organize this again, I can join loh ^^

Blogger Sasha condemn:

soli lin peh cannot join. wanna shit also no time. so where's the song?

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

lin peh, i wan to listen.. whn are you gng to post it ?? pulezzzz

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Niasing ! dunno how to sing (and tok) just admit la ! LOL!

AceOne/Kenny Ng/janicepa:
Wait for my up cuming announcement la ! You cum my blog every hour la. Sure will know when the song will be launch wan ! ;-)

Cry ledi still need to buy dinner meh ? No fair leh !

King's wife:
Lin Peh professional sure must fussy a bit la ! But you sure youe sore throat is because of singing and not deep throating some King Kong dick? HAHAHAHA!

I will keep that in mind ;-)

So, you long time no shit liao la ? LOL!

Blogger sengkor condemn:

oi, since i buy the mic solely for this project means it's a project cost. can claim mou??

Blogger CrazyGrr| condemn:

*waiting patiently for the song to come out*

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

i duet with you can ah? since your voice so feminine....

Blogger sun,moon&star condemn:

so who am i gonna duet with this time?

Blogger LP condemn:

Gip you face mah......

Blogger LP condemn:

I meant has to gip the face to old ppl mah...

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Hi Lin Peh. Maybe you should stop listening for a while... Your dog can't stand it anymore. Haha.

Oh, and let me duet with the prettiest piaomei please... :P

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Ah, i feel so left out... :'(

Looking forward to the 'album release'.

Anonymous allison condemn:

Haha haha! The last quote was superb!! LOL!

Blogger a^ben condemn:

aiyak~ I late to participate liaw` hahahahha


Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

Have I told you that I also foresee I come chasing you with the parang and decline the next sing-song invite? *wink*

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

I missed the boat liao.. B'cos hor.. So busy lar..

Some more Zara knows how to sing one this song.. I initially planned to duet with her tim.. Never mind lar. Next round.

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Sorri Linpeh was quite busy and then when I realize I hv to record it is oredi too late liao!! So next time I sing la, ok but pls dun ask me to post nude for the cd okie!!!!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Cheap-skat accoutant !

Slow slow wait yeah ?

Cocka Doodle:
You duet sama itu CY la !

You sure not dueting with Cocka !

Face I got ledi. Can give other thing ? LOL!

OK ! You Duet sama Cocka!

PinPin 彬彬
Wei ! I still waiting for your nude photo for the CD cover !

You like huh ?

Next time cum earlier la !

Lil Patchee:
You got foresee Lin Peh happily surrounded by Piaomei or not ?

Zara's Mama:
Next time I do humsap song..See zara know how to sing or not ;-)

Dun care ! You better send in your nude photo ! Still got time for that !

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Lin Peh : U wait ah I sent in nude photos for ur eyes oni, U wait ok!!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Wei! I said want to duet with the prettiest piaomei lar!

Cocka is not piaomei... got "cocka" one! Lol.

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