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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

United We Stand !

The Football Association of Malaysia has decided to ignore the order of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and go ahead with the Manchester United trip to Malaysia during the Asia Cup. However, the FAM’s defiance of this AFC ruling could put the national governing body in the line of fire. So, why do you think FAM is taking such a risk? Here is what Lin Peh think:

1) What kind of repercussions from the AFC are we expecting ?
Suspense us from World Cup and Olympic? HAHAHAH! Ask them to do their homework la. It makes no difference one !

2) The Match Will Not Affect Malaysia Team Performance at the Asia Cup.
Even though the MU match will be played on July 27 which is two days before the Asian Cup final, all the Malaysian rakyat agree with the FAM that we are very confident that it will not affect the Malaysian team. Because non of us expect Malaysia to make it to the final. HAHAHAH!

3) This match is part of the Celebration of 50th anniversary of our Independence.
In other part of the world, their national day celebration is the day for them to parade their military power and sometimes even nuclear warhead. However, being such a peace loving country, we have decided to parade something that the entire country is so pround of after 50 years of independence - Manchester United! Even Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had said last Friday that he wanted the United match here to kick off as scheduled.

4) Manchester United is actually the national football team of Malaysia.
How often do you see this logo at the bumper of Malaysia's car ?

Quite often, right ?

How often do you see this ?

Almost never! Right ? HAHAHAH!

So, Lin Peh not surprise with the FAM decision. Are you ?

United We Stand!

Another Projeck by the Malaysia Boleh Gaoment

14 Condeminations:

Anonymous Bee Stung Lips condemn:

Have anybody noticed how our authorities make decisions, only to overturn them later (aka eat their words)?

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

Haha! I cannot say anything else. ;)

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Bee Stung Lips:
Do you think they will do the U-turn for the bocor case ? LOL!

Lil Patchee:
Wait till they parade you baru u will say something ah ? LOL!

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

other team kanot meh?
like chelse


oso can mah

Anonymous AhBooon condemn:

Majulah Football untuk negara dan diri anda. Thank you!!

Blogger zewt condemn:

hahahaha... nicely written.

from what i heard (which can be totally untrue) is that FAM asked AFC to let us host the Asian Cup... u know la, if we dont host, how to qualify. then AFC give face and said yes... now that we are hosting it... we want MU to come. AFC said no, priority if Asian Cup... mana tau FAM said MU more important.

if you are AFC, you pissed or not?

by the way... i have this dream... is that one day... all your celebrity whacky bloggers like you, 5xmom, rojaks, kennysia, ahpek, etc etc suddenly starting to brog about our malaysia boleh goament... starting with the bocor case... i really wonder what will happen... it will be really interesting to see...

Blogger w e E k S ~ condemn:

I condemn u linpeh..condemn until copy your entire entry to my blog..(will link back to u la of course) .. very funny entry :)

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Is there a female team too?

Womanchester Dividied?

Blogger ah nel condemn:

y wana stick the logo to ur car tat owes loose in the field wan?

feel so proud when Malaysia Bulleh owes lost!

Blogger Huei condemn:


i dun like man-u!! =P

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

pisang goreng:
Other team not so keng la. U go market ask aunty also they know who is MU la ! ;-)

Maju Fulat Untuk Negara !

Bocor case kenot simply write la. Nanti all my piaomeis bocor same day I TFK ah ? LOL!

w e E k S:
Please continue condemn !

Simple American:
U humsap la ! HAHAH!

ah nel:
True also. Put the loser sticker nanti car also no one want to steal! HAHAHAH!

Don't like MU then...susah a bit lor try Manchester City la. That's the nearest you can get ;-)

Blogger ah nel condemn:

btw if we stick MU sticker mayb we got chance to get free things or travel to watch live game at the kuai lou country if we stick our team wat we get?

free pass to Stadium Bukit Jalil watch Malaysia vs tentera laut team

Blogger Ckyeo condemn:

Match Prediction Malaysia 0-5 Manchester United (3 own goals)

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

Man Utd Rocks!

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