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Friday, August 24, 2007

Engrish Doctor vs Chinese Loctor

An American tourist went to China. While in China, he always go happy happy with Piaomei.


One week after he gone back to America, he found that his left testicle covered with green colour spots.

He got damn horrify! So, he immediately go see a Doctor.


The doctor was very surprise because he also never seen anything like this before. After some tests, he told the man that he has contracted a very rare disease called "Shangdong VD".

The doctor told the man "I'm sorry, there's no known cure for this rare disease. We have to cut off your left testicle". 2 hours later...his left testicle gone!

Three days later, the man found that his right testicle also covered with green colour spots!

He got more horrifier! So, he immediately goes to see the Doctor again. After some tests, he told the man: "I am sorry to tell you that the Shangdong VD has spread to your right testicle, there's no other way but to cut off your right testicle". 2 hours later...his right testicle also gone!

3 days later, the man found that his testicleless-penis also covered with green colour spots!

The man got really upset! So, he decided to go back to China to seek the treatment from the Chinese Loctor, figuring that Chinese Loctor probably know best about the Shangdong VD.


The Chinese Loctor examines his penis and said: "Oh, veli small ploblem, you no need worry, just change different brand underwear. The green color spot colour is from your underwear!"

11 Condeminations:

Blogger clement condemn:

ha ha ha

Blogger ckyeo condemn:

Chop War 3, Revenge of the Testis

Blogger W_W_Ho condemn:

lidat mah cham loh, out of no where become testicless pinis!!! mmuahahahaaaaa!!!

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

after that
how he make his muscle cramps?

viagra oso cannot help lor

Anonymous allison condemn:


Blogger Helen condemn:

And I bet those underwear are made in CHina!

Anonymous littlepolaris condemn:

alamak... muahaha
poor guy mou tuin tuin lost 2 of his balls. so he got children already or not? so kesian, now no more cucu-cicit.

Blogger Monk condemn:

kasihan :(

That's mean chinese doc better western

Blogger Kenny Ng condemn:

LOL... green underwear also can?

Blogger Huei condemn:


so now he's a typical msian la? no balls!

Blogger OMG condemn:

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