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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Latest in Blog Advertising - Lafflin


Lin Peh just launched the latest and greatest Blog Advertising Community - Lafflin. Unlike all the other blog advertising companies, Lafflin requires no prior registration, no prior approval and accept all the blogs that are deems to be racist, sexually explicit, religious fanatics, and all the condemn gaoment blogs that no one else will even want to be affiliated with.

Objective of lafflin:
To create an opportunity for bloggers in an unique and simplicity with excitements, perseverance and creeds to success with eyes for detail, plus an open mind to all possibilities with considerations.

What do you need to do:

Very simple, just put a link at your blog to Unlike other blog ad companies that request you to put their link high high at prominent location, lafflin don't give a fuck about where you put the link, location is not our priority! In addition, the description of the link can be anything also but here are some suggestions if you need some good ideas:

For Female Bloggers:
Piao Ker Lin Peh
Lin Peh Leng Chai
Lin Peh Kor Kor

For Male Bloggers:
Lin Peh Tai Kor
Lin Peh Tai Lou
Best Blogger in Town

How the system work:
You will be paid according to the visitor stat to your blog. However, because lafflin's stat counter damn kao pahwer one so you no need to install any script into your blog thus you no need to be afraid of any spyware, skyware or underwear embedded in your blog. From time to time, lafflin will sukak sukak send you a report about the stats. Please bare in mind that lafflin has the best stat counter in the entire universe because it is a state of art engine created using Sumatra language one and the results may be different from those generated by other stat counters which uses the Java language. In the event if you start questioning lafflin punya stat counter, lafflin will shoot you with a standard letter, tell you that lafflin stat counter is the most pahwer and aat the same time ask you to shut the fuck up and fuck yourself provided that your lanjiao is long enough.

How do we compute your earning:
Your earning is based solely on lafflin's discreetion one. Sometimes, it will be based on the number of visitors to your blog, sometimes based on number of clicks but most of the time, it's base on how much lafflin feel like giving out. So, don't be surprise that you have 1,000 unique visitors per day but get paid like 10 cent only because nothing is impossible at lafflin. Like that you can be assured that lafflin won't go chap lap and we can do business foreever!

How will you be paid:
Lafflin's finance department is headed by the damn famous prince from Africa - Prince Ngongngongsorhai. He will send you an email when your accumulated earning reach about USD 30 million. His email will generally have the title "Congratulation" or "Urgent". In his email, he will ask for your bank account number and after you reveal your account number to him, he will guide you through the entire process on how to get your money.

How does lafflin make money:
Do you really care ?

How does lafflin compete with other Blog Ad companies:
Lafflin no compete wan. NO FIGHT LA ! Mo Tak Teng!

Who is behind lafflin:
Lafflin is owned and marketed by Lafflin Very Limited Corporation (a subsidiary of Olin) and a group of distress and half-dead bloggers who have been actively contribute and consult the Lafflin Team with their damn fucking ideas.

19 Condeminations:

Blogger Ah Pek condemn:

wahhh!! so 9 geng! I wan to join!

Anonymous LP condemn:

lin peh kai kor:
you finally get your brain working..

Blogger dreamie condemn:

Lin Peh Tai Lou,
Nie hai tak geh !!

Blogger CY condemn:

I want to join! Please send me the underwear...

Blogger angel condemn:

i like to laff, so for sure i sapot Lafflin! my blog is proof...

i put lin peh leng jai, ok?

Blogger ah nel condemn:

lafflin sounds lyk laff at u or laff at nen nen...

i put lin peh hum hai ngam u ho?

Blogger Simple American condemn:

Do you wear a condom when I ad the link. I kinda feel like I might be getting screwed.

Blogger Huei condemn:

hahahahah keng cau!! i wan join!!!

Anonymous ahboon condemn:

ooi what kind of ad will come out punya arr?? got those piaomei with less less cloths?? of those sorhai holding kelis punya ads arr??

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

Waah!! At least your Lafflin is brutally honest.
I heard that 'nut-nangs' damn 9 cheapo wan.
Many ppl complained that their stats counter always differ from the blogs' owners.
I guess it's their cheap trick to get ppl to advertise for them at dirt cheap price. If I were them, I would just de-link them.

Blogger Ckyeo condemn:

lafflin got host any movie premiere this upcoming movie called transporner!!

Blogger Helen condemn:

Hey, i want to join.

But to gain more click, I cannot follow your exact link description..

I will put

Andy Lau hate site
Ultimate Andy Lau fan site
Official F4 site
Anti Bee N site

Blogger W_W_Ho condemn:

wwwuuuuuuuaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! u r my idol!!! lin peh ngau jeong!!! salute 9 u lah!!!

Blogger CY condemn:

Cocka, you are right.

Blogger Monk condemn:

please count me in lafflin^^.

Blogger Sunshine condemn:

lol... i also want to join :)

Anonymous Antabax condemn:

L M A O !

Anonymous fattien condemn:

xiao di here very agree with lin peh tai kok. pui fuk pui fuk

Blogger Shu Fen condemn:

lol hilarious xD

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