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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Starring Chua Soi Lek


When Lin Peh was preparing new year parties with all the piaomeis, Lin Peh got an sms from a friend asking who is the MCA minister in the porno DVD. Lin Peh first reaction was like: Wah lao eh....this new year good leh, at least got some new thing on newspaper lor! Fucking hell, if not of this, every day Lin Peh on the tv and open the newspaper is only Indian Hindraft news! KNNBCCB! Lin Peh go holiday come back open newspaper and still see nothing but the Ahnehneh news.

At that time, Lin Peh tought the PM will step in and tell the whole nation that we must first authenticate the DVD and then force the person having the original recording to come out. Sound familiar ? ;-) HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, this Chua Soi Lek was honest enough to call press conference and admitted that he was the one starring in the movie so the authentication is no longer an issue la. Wa sai! Lin Peh very like his honesty! Actually, he damn brave to say this kind of thing! But it seems like honesty in the worst policy in this country because since then, many peeples just took out machine guns and shoot, all also say he "taisei" la, shameful la, unholly la, indecent la, la la la etc etc etc and wanted his head. So, he resigned liao!

Well, Lin Peh think that most of the peeple when see sex tape all blur liao. Fuck you la, think with your head la ! Which piaomei he did it with and how his performance in bed is his personal matter and if his wife want to wack him with broom that's their own problem. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL HIM WHAT IS MORALLY RIGHT?. Actually, as long as the money he spent on the room and his piaomei is not the taxpayers money then Lin Peh don't give a shit! On the other hand, Lin Peh see that those fuckers who built big bangoro with the tax payers and those who did the disappearing act on BILLIONS OF RINGGIT at PKFZ are more damaging to the country all still not yet resign! So, Lin Peh conclusion is, cheat the taxpayers money is ok but if you fuck piaomei AND KENA are fucked!

From the reaction generated from this issue, you all should now understand why The President of the Penang Municipal Council, Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan, blamed the CCTV incident on the “sexy” attire worn by the women reporters. It's the same la fucker! The one kena recorded got the bullethole whereas the one holding the camera become the HERO!

Anyway, Lin Peh think the Malaysian in general so damn fucking blur until they think they vote for GOD during the general election. Lanjiao la ! He is a human la ! And human fuck piaomei just like you also need to get screwed from time to time! Somemore, he is a Health Minister so he sure damn healthy and healthy man need to fuck more Piaomeis! OK, tell me which do you prefer as a health minister? A healthy man who can fuck or an unfuckable man ? HAHAHAH! You want to have a GOD as your minister, you migrate to Vatican city and vote for POPE la ! Mahai! HAHAHAHA!

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Blogger Sharon condemn:

haha i was talking to my frens just now and they said i am the first female that supported his act. I just said it's his personal life ma and surely men make mistakes like this wat.
but then hor, with his wife's face liddat if im a guy i will also go curi makan lo >_<
sorry no offence

Anonymous fashionasia condemn:

i really wanna condemn old men like that but in this case i condemn those ppl who planted the video in the hotel. If im Dr.Chua, i would exercise my privacy rights to sue the hotel.......

Blogger angeles condemn:

Hahaha... Unker, I like this entry ALOT!

Now, can you go and find out which hotel it was? Also the video...? :P

Happy New Year!

Anonymous wil condemn:

Aiya some culprit wana take over his seat nia. Sex or no sex recorded he's doomed to be axed. To those who condemned his act, fuck you idiot. He do what "kuan lei lan diu?"

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

over my dead body shall i admit. that's check mate.

he was ill advised whoever his adviser is.

the best move was issue a denial and exit politics altogether.

now....very messy

Blogger Sunshine condemn:

what a way to go...
but i really want to know which hotel ler... don't ever go there!!

later become pornstar also dont know :P

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

linpeh make sure that your piao mei is really genuine female lor. . . .
not 'katoey'

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

oh yeah i forgot 1 thing
make sure your party room is free from any kind of eleh-tronik item

if not later your pulak kena

Anonymous LP condemn:

Lin Peh
U suddently got brain to post something so right arrr? LOL

You must be not in viagra when posting this.

Whether you are in viagra mode or not, I think what you post is right on but

I didn't say what that man did is right arrr. That man paid the price and also hurting his family.

So next time, when u think of kau paio mei make sure u check the room first arrr....

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

I've been surfing your blog for so long and this is the first time i think you are fucking right.

Well, just a "mistake" on his personal manner already made him like dead fish, how about our Mr.PM? you know i know la, for his new wifey......

And those still saying that he should resign, please consider what he had done to our community. Compare to those making money from tax payer and build a mansion, makan angin, i think this Dr. Chua is really have balls and fucking good.

Anonymous sotwawa condemn:

I was stunned reading yr was VERY interesting & hilarious! you are one Honest person...speaks whats in yr mind! I salute u Lin Peh!when i was on business trip..i stayed in that hotel before..that was like a year, there is nt many 4 star Hotel you can find in i Must have guessed as much ...its that PARTICULAR hotel...Anyway, its out in the paper, no secret!

Blogger Sasha condemn:

lin angeri for what neh? he right or wrong already admit and already resign. Human is human ma...make mistake. Just that he is too healthy la this man, 60 yrs old still boleh. memang the right candidate for the position.

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

The pic of the wife taken after the "accident" wan la. Sure la like that ;-)

Now we can see whether the hotel get sued. Next time you go batu pahat, you know which hotel NOT to stay la ? ;-)

Video ? You sindiri bikin lor ! ;-)

So....who's the culprit? share share la info ;-)

Seems like now lagi messy. Go to the room and check wor. sekali take the tilam ? HAHAH!

Yeah lor...nanti the pasar malam outside your house selling your DVD ..really Hailart lor ! HAHA!

LP/pisang goreng:
No worry la. go inside jungle party, no electricity wan !

You means previously, Lin Peh was just FUCKING WRONG ? HAHAHAH!

First time reading Lin Peh blog ah ? Anyway, advice to you if you going to stay at THAT hotel again. Do it under blacket, wear ultraman mask and OFF LIGHT ! HAHAHAH!

Health Minister = Healthy Minister! ;-)

Blogger W_W_H condemn:

i sapot what u said lin peh!!! everybody got their personnal life, no matter who u are, or what u are!!! just that he is the victim of politics in this cunt tree.........

Anonymous sotwawa condemn:

Yup Lin Peh! 1st time reading yr blog...and will be a frequent reader from now on! lol...

Blogger ckyeo condemn:

oi sifu!!! your lazy tou dai is bek into action!!! more pahwerful than transformer and arnold schzeneeger!!!

now lim peh present you the new sky keep you!!!

Anonymous AhBoon condemn:

Hui Linpeh, this story teach you nextime if bring piaomei open room oso need bring ChunChun one, otherwise when video out liao ppl said your tatse no good, that time you Lak9Seh la!!

Anonymous zao-ai condemn:

Haha u r one in one million. Need plenty more good head like youse around... i wanna go back to candles liao bcoz no electricity no camera fuss... si peh high tech nowadays... si peh shiok ah!!! Btw I nearly laughed my ass off reading your rants :-p

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