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Friday, May 23, 2008

Lin Peh also Quit

In response to the recent call by the former PM to quit UMNO, Lin Peh will also quit la. However, since Lin Peh is not UMNO member, the best Lin Peh can do is to quit all the memberships Lin Peh has. So, the list of membership are as follows:

This one must quit because the gift not very nice. Want to claim one bottle of mineral water also must wait 2 years like that.

This one worse ! Must pay RM10 somemore and only get small french fries. Learn the sorhai "2 all beef patties.." can get FREE Big Mac. Easier.

This one really has to quit. Because Lin Peh don't know why got this card in the first place.

This one actually quite good one cause they offer piaomei at special discount rate when you sing song with the piaomei at KTV. You sing the song with the KTV mic while the piaomei sing song with your mic ;-) Really SONG ! But recently, they running out of new piaomei stock so Lin Peh quit also la. LIN PEH WILL REJOIN WHEN GOT NEW PIAOMEI!

Mahai...this one you see it yourself and you know why Lin Peh must quit la.

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Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

no wander you quit la........

you likes kid and molest kid...

see your last card as say so......

wa ka ka ka ka ka ka ka


Anonymous wuching condemn:

Lin Peh I didn't know you look so hansem!

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