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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mahai....No Rice Liao


Recently whole world complain say no rice liao because gaoment tell people go work IT so the plan now backfired. The gaoment now realize IT cannot grow rice one, they only know how to make rice cooker. Thats also the reason why the rice cooker getting cheaper everyday because NO RICE LIAO! When you don't have rice, you buy nice nice rice cooker for fuck meh?

Anyway, today Lin Peh want to give the gaoment some advice on how to solve this no rice problem:

1. Stop feeding those criminals in prison. Give each of them a knife and let them eat each other. (Like that also solve the prison overcrowded problem)

2. Ban people from Tambah Nasi when eat the Char Siew Fan. (I know this one, my fei hai friend will damn tulan but Lin peh say this one on purpose to make him tulan wan)

3. Tell people don't go eat Nasi Kandar (I think this one already on..hehe)

4. Go to Makam Mahsuri there and get unlimited supply of rice. (If you don't understand this one, please go visit Pulau Longkangwi)

5. Lastly....MAHAI...EAT MEE LA!

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Blogger Helen condemn:

Yeah, refrain ourselves from indulging in 'taxing' activities. THis way, don't need to eat so much rice to make up for the lost energy.

Less sex please. :-P

Blogger pisang goreng 115,NF condemn:

linpeh... you sohai anot?

that makam mahsuri at pulau langkarwe
where got beras there?

you been there anot?

Blogger alvincheng condemn:

I like your blog, is so cool. Do come and have a visit to my blog when you're free.

Blogger Lil Patchee condemn:

Mee also sudah naik harga la, kor.

Blogger blinka.Li condemn:

You really made me laugh! Thank you! Good job on being SO 'tit', no bengkang bengkok in writing. Haha!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Potato also cheaper than rice wor... 1 kilo RM1.8 at Tesco. We eat to fuck and we fuck to eat.

Fuck not equal taxing equal cukai equal chookai equal GO BACK TO HOLLAND eat potato every day and fuck everyday til LJ drop.

Barang banyak naik means banyak LJ tak dapat naik. Betul ke??

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