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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Citibank Crazy wan la !

Just got a call from a citibank officer and the conversation go like this:

Citibank: Hello, is that Mr Lin Peh
Me: Yes. Who that ?

Citibank: I am calling from Citibank..... and before we go on, can I have your IC number for verification?

Me: WEI...YOU CRAZY AH ? Who is calling who now ?

Citibank: Sorry Mr Lin Peh it's our security procedures to make sure we are talking to the right person ?

Me: Why don't you give me your IC number and I verify you ?

Tiu Nia call that security procedure ?

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Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

haha...ya....citibank really really crazy and illness !!!!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

haih.. no wonder y. with customers like u all who are damn rude, no wonder y all the customer service officers who work in s'pore based companies quit. dun be rude. be civilised ppl. dun tell me singaporeans are really tat rude. i doubt. i came out fine. pls dun give us a bad name in the eyes of the foreigners.

if u dun think u wanna be verified just like that, offer to call them back. found their number for u. +65 62255225. ask for their name and surname and call back to re-verify the existence and then ask them to call you back again. ok?

btw, still cant really understand why "anonymous" has such a bad command in English. please, before commenting, check for grammatical errors. what do you mean by r"eally really crazy AND ILLNESS"?? i bet this must be a direct translation from mandarin. hopeless..

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