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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

McDonalds save RM500,000 per year by pretending blur !

Everytime I go McDonalds I like to order the chicken nugget. But everytime also the cashier will not give me the "free sauce" unless I ask for it. I think they have been told by their boss to pretend blur.

Imagin if each sauce cost 10 sen and by pretending blur, they will save 100 sauce per outlet per day which means they will save RM10 per day. Since they got 158 outlets in Malaysia (according to the website that will add up to RM1,580 per day or RM576,700 per year !

True or not ?

3 Condeminations:

Blogger Kang Xian condemn:

Haha linpeh is the best la.

U bo thak chiek also so pandai to comment XD

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

To Kang xian,
Bo Thak Chiek is uneducated not stupid la.....hahaha

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