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Friday, October 07, 2005

Monash University Advertisement

Recently the chinese radio station in Malaysia got Monash University advertisement. But even Lin Peh engrish like fuck also Lin Peh know the person who talk on the advertisement cannot say the word "Monash" properly. He keep saying "Moh-Nas" no "h" sound wan. Lin Peh hear until "8" ears. Feel like calling up the college and tell them the problem. Anyway, I am sure the college tao keh must have heard the advertisement before they play it on radio so I guess the taokeh also Mo-Nas wan la!

However, this past week, the advertisement changed they say everything in Mandarin including the name of the University. I guess they realize the problem but cannot find anyone who can say the word Monash in engrish properly ! Tiu Nia come they never come look for Lin Peh ah ?

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Anonymous Anonymous condemn:


i like ur writing very much! keep on ur great job pls! u really a talent and bring a lot of joyful to us !!!m'sia boleh!haha..

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

u don't know meh?! nowaday radio speaker really teruk one.not even english ,chinese spelling also very teruk!

Blogger King's wife condemn:

all the engrish going down the drain lah..

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Nothing can beat the minister of education. Many times on TV he say the words "mereka mereka ..." Where got such thing as mereka mereka? Even my young son oso know he is speakin nonsense ... shameful lah education minister oso cannot speak mother tongue well. Don say engrish oso cannot speak some more. Lin Peh should be the education minister lah.

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