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Monday, September 19, 2005

It's Lantern Festival time again ! But what happened to the Lanterns ?

Chinese people here is Malaysia is very happening wan. We may not want to admit but we actually have more parties than the Kwai Lo. Kwai Lo only know New Year, Easter, Christmas but we Chinese people every month also got reason to celebrate and to party.

So, after the ghost month, it's time for the Lantern Month. Last time my grandma told me the real reason for this celebration is that many years ago we Chinese kicked the Mongolian ass during the 15th day of the 8th month that's why we celebrate. No wonder the chinese people also refer to ass as the "Ba Yue Shi Wu" ! haha !'s actually a celebration of Chinese Unity ! Wah...damn kao latt huh ? Sounds like the Gangster Talk !

Went to some lantern parties recently and what really surprise me is that the design of the lanterns are now very "in" and hi tech. When I asked my friend Ah Kao why many lanterns no more using the traditional candles, his answer was "the wind blow very strong nowadays la". hmmm... I was thinking about the Katrina but then I realize he was talking about the police catching all the VCDs seller. Another thing about the lantern is most of them nowadays are made of plastics and the shape is in the latest Disney Cartoons and got one TAI CHIONG KAM somemore ! I am sure the mongolian will just pack up and get the hell out of China if this type of lantern were used back then. No need to kick ass.

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