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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Chi-Bye...Teacher work saturday or not ?

When gaoment said 5-day week for civil servant, all the teachers very happy because maybe that means no more working on saturday. Then all the many MPs, Dong Zhong, gaoment people and parents say "no lah please no saturday holiday for teachers because if they holiday on saturday, my kids will grow up scoring not so many A in exam". That made all teachers very tulan. The teachers Unions start fuck the gaoment also because they think not fair that they don't get cheebye saturday as holiday!!!

So, yesterday the education ministry held meeting with the 14 teachers unions to sort out the issues. When I read the news, my first reaction was tiu nia sing!Why teachers so free wan ah ? Form so many unions for fuck meh? If they operate like Barisan Nasional by having one major race support one union also got 3+1 only mah, unless they got union for each individual subject taught in school. On second thought, maybe teachers are right because when they got 14 unions, they can send more people into the meeting. In case need to fight during the meeting, they can outscore the ministry 14-1! Can wallop them kao kao !

Anyway, they all seems very happy after the meeting because they said they have agreed with the solution. According to today paper, the solutions are:

1. TEACHERS will not be forced to work on Saturdays. A flexible system to encourage them to do so will be formulated; (Encourage ? encourage my foot give more pay, they come back la. Teachers also need $$ to go kalaoke wan ma)

2. THOSE who have urgent family or personal matters can opt out after informing their heads; (Which dickhead will determine whether their matters are urgent or not ? That means they cannot opt out if the dickhead say the matters not urgent?)

3. THEY will be notified early if they are needed to come back on Saturdays; (How early is early ? call them at 3am when they having fun with their boyfriend/galfriend? LOL)

4. AS a rule, they should not be asked to come back on all Saturdays of the month; (What lan jiao rule is that ? What does it mean ? Bluuur la !)

5. THOSE who volunteer to come back will be given special consideration for educational courses, motivational programmes and promotion; (Here is the catch !Promotion if you come back can also means if you no come back you will be fucked off when it comes to promotion! Right ?)

6. THE “volunteers” will also be accorded special protection in the form of insurance and welfare schemes. (That means non-volunteers when go back school on saturday and kena beat up by those student gangsters no insurance wan la? Fucking scary wor!!)

So,what's the conclusion here ? Can gaoment just go straight to the point and tell us whether next year saturday got school or no school ? No need go round and round until Lin Peh so fucking bluuuur liao!

So far, I think the solution after the brainstorming meeting is still Lan pah pah lan !

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Blogger Helen condemn:

I dun know how it will turn out, but having gone through the pains of school life once, I sure hope Saturday no need to go school lar!!! Pity those students!

Blogger 黄德峻 condemn:


Blogger King's wife condemn:

i also dun want Saturday school leh..mummies also need a break!

Anonymous mypapit condemn:

hahaha.. funny post, shall bookmark it :D

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Saturday off or no off..non of my biz.But better off lar,cos the more they teach the more my son english get worse.Better off friday me lor.

Peanut king

Blogger leecs condemn:

aiyoh...teacher should rest on saturday lah...too much activities for children liao..

but those government dept should open on saturday lah..may be take turn to go on leave but best if they open 7days/week...

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

According to todays's paper, gaoment dept 5 days only ! Kao Lat liao !

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