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Friday, November 18, 2005

Last Night Go Karaoke Dinner Show

Last night, Ah Huat invited me to go for a Karaoke dinner show because he bought one table as charitable contribution. So, we decided to car pool there and we got Ah Seng to drive us there in his Kancil (save petrol mah).

Anyway, the place is located at a chinese kampong outside KL and it took us almost 2 fucking hours to get there (of course 1+ hour was the jam in KL la). When we got there, many cars already there until the car park (the next padang) all full house. We round and round many times baru find a small small place enough for the Kancil. But still, we park until quite far away. The place we park is next to some grass land and some big old trees and no street light one.

As we were walking towards the dinner place, we can hear the music already. They were playing the song "Ai Pia Jia Eh Ya" (Must fight baru can win). Seems like the kampong people also very motivated by this type of song ! The event was held at a padang and wah !!!! got about 100 tables la. This chinese community all damn terror when organise charity dinner and get people to come for gathering ! No wonder UMNO still need MCA after all these years !

When we reached there, Alex, Ah Kow and his friends already there. I think they are from the Kampong wan that's why can be there so early. So I sit at my table with Ah Huat, Ah Seng, Ah Kow, Ah Kow's friends (all face rough rough wan..I think they all work as Tai Yi Loong wan), and Alex (the only one in our table who claim ex galfriend is Ang Mor Chic). But our table is at quite the back one because Ah Huat said the front table for the VIP people. Each table cost RM5,000 wan. Chi-bye man, these people really economy so good meh ? RM5k in KL also can go shanga-gila and eat lor ! But I think for charity, the kampong people heart also very good.

The food served is quite the standard Chinese 8 course dinner, got 4 seasons, fish, prawn, sharkfins soup (actually...really soup only), vege..etc etc. But we have to waited quite long before they serve first dish because have to wait for the VVIP (KNN...nowadays got VVIP that is bigger than VIP, what's next ? VVVVVVVIP?) to arrive baru can start the dinner.

When the VVIP arrived, the dinner also served and the karaoke contest also start. All same time. Damn good coordination la. Must be very experienced already !

They were total of 20 contestants and everyone also one got own style. Got Ah Lian style who sing Twins, Yung Joey; Ah Beng style who sing Andy Low; Ah Pek style who sing Yi Tian, Fei Yi Qing; Auntie style who sing Pai Kuang, Chao Xuan. Hokkien Ah Pek style who sing Ai Pia Jia Eh Ya. But I wait whole night also no one sing Jay Chow wan. I asked Alex why no Jay Chow style and his answer was this kampong people don't consider Jay Chow style as singing so the contesttant will be disqualified if go up stage and mumble mumble ! I think Alex is true also. But no matter what style they sing, we all can tell the contestants all take the contest very seriously. Because the costume all shining shining wan ! Got one Ah Pek who sing the "Yo Le di...Yo Le Di..." song somemore wear Cowboy costume! See until my eyes nearly pop up ! Anyway, the young chic who sings the Twins song wear the short short skirt until like no wear anything like dat make my table people all stop eating and no talking also! Never know at kampong also got this type of quality chic!

Just like the Malaysian Idle show, they also got 3 judges. But even tho the judges don't look so professional but at least they are nicer people. They don't simply condemn people until no give face like dat. I think they also scare if they simply condemn because Ah Kow's friends in my table will probably shout "Wei...Kan Ni Nao Bu Eh...Ho Bin Tam Bo Eh Sai Bo ? Lu Ah Ni Pan Lai Lu Jiu La! (meaning: FXXk your mother la. Can give face a bit or not ? If you so good, u sing la)!

While waiting for the results, got lucky draw somemore. Prizes got Bicycle, Big Big Hamper, Electric Kettle, Electric Fan...all nice nice and got tie ribbon somemore one ! The luck was not with us cause we keep missing the number by one digit until I so panic that Ah Kow's friends may throw bottle at the VVIP who made the draw. But everything was under control when Ah Seng proposed that we start a side betting to see which one will come out as Champion. My pick same as Ah Huat, we chose the young chic with short short skirt because 2 of the 3 judges are men and which man don't like short short skirt lady ? Right ?(the sawarak one who married another man not counted). Ah Seng chose the cowboy because he thinks best costume, Alex chose the one and only one who sang Ang Mor song "One way Ticket" and the entire Ah Kow Gang chose one matured lady who sing Pai Kuang Oldies because they think she has the MILF look and the judges will fall for it.

When they announce results, Ah Kow Gang was correct, the MILF matured lady got first prize ! Best costume was won by Cowboy and my short skirt one only got consolation prize. So, Ah Kow gang very happy because they won the bet. Then....I realized the judges wives were sitting at the dinner table also, chi-bye wonder they dare not let the short skirt one win la. Want to die meh ?

Anyway, the event was succesfully organised and I can see many people very happy at the end. Get to eat, get to watch show, eat to win lucky draw, get to see short short skirt. Who not happy, right ? But the most important thing is that the entire kampong has raised almost RM50K for the Charity ! It may be a bit kampong with their style of doing things but they are all good heart !

Good people ! Good Heart ! May God Blessed Them ! A-Mi-To-Fou !

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Blogger Helen condemn:

Enjoyed yourself eh? lol Ei, you go happy also never bring along your camera ar? How can??

BTW, Andy's concert is drawing nearer.... you dun curi curi go there and 'kau' the Ah Lians har!! lol

Blogger sLenZieLiECioUs condemn:

lin peh...need to juice ur blog up a bit with pictures la...too many words see also eyes blur....


Blogger King's wife condemn:

eh, u never sing your favourite song meh?

helen is right lah, next time bring camera and share some cun pictures with us mah..

Blogger Kang Xian condemn:

wahlun .. linpeh ... go dinner bo jio me ...

where got hoh se like this ?
wahlun ney ..

bring me go see chiobu ma.. i heard they say kampung girls very easy to .. chiak one wor.. :P

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Helen: Soli la, it was a last minute invitation from Ah Huat and Lin Peh still using Nokia3310 where got camera one ? But seriously, I also regret no bring camera along..or else I will sure take many pics of the short short skirt wan (u know la..she on below stage..her skirt short shot...wa lau eh...think about it also stim la)

I no curi curi go Andy Lau concert wan...I go terang terang ! U want be my date kah ? LOL!

Slenz: Thanks for your comment. Like I camera la :-( U want sponsor ah ? LOL ! By the way...picture in your profile really u kah ? Not bad wor...... (saliva drooling lor...)

King's Wife: They don't accept last minute participation la...or else..Lin Peh punya "Jit Pah Ban" sure hit wan !

Kang Xian: SPM la ! After SPM u contact Lin Peh la. U want Kampong wan, China wan, Thailand wan, Local Full time, Part Time, Curi Makan...Lin Peh all got jalan la ! But hard now....lepas SPM baru we talk ! ;-)

Blogger Samm condemn:

eh, when dat girl vif da short short skirt sing on stage ah, u guys got try and ogle at her and guess at the color of her panty onot?

I wan pichure next time, k.

Blogger Loc Kee condemn:

hey me not 1st time come but 1st time leave comment.

I veli tak mau mukaly added my blog on your 'auto link' :p hope you dont veli mind.

yee? kampong dinner no beer or Oh Kao or XO meh??

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Samm: My name is Lin Peh not Saint Lin Peh. Sure got play the "guess the colour" game la. Actually, we also guess many other things ! LOL !

Loc Kee: Lin Peh veli happy you leave comment. U come read no leave comment is like "yum chao mo siu yin" (drink beer but no smoke) and "diu hai mo cha lin" (fuck chi-bye but no play the neh neh). How can ?

About Beer, Oh Kao, XO. soli la. All got but Lin Peh no drink wan...Lin Peh must stay clear clear to see Leng Looi. Blur blur cannot concerntrate la !

Blogger Loc Kee condemn:

wat la, tell ppl "yum chao mo siu yin"... u lagi teruk... go Yum Chao but no Yum.
tell u hoh, after few glasses leng looi wil be more lenger leh :p

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Loc Kee:
Lin Peh scare after few drinks see all the leng loi follow me home and next day wake up see all aunties only ! Better be careful wow !

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Lin peh you veli smart wan. Lucky u no drink the Oh kao bik. Ppl say after drinking hor the ku-ku jiao cannot "kiau" you know or not. Become deflated (like flat tyre)the whole night ah! Better not drink. Can see enough lah some more play the neh neh.

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Thanks for your advice. Will always remember no to drink the Oh kao bik when I plan to sing "NEGARAKU" !

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