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Friday, November 25, 2005

Malaysia Police is like Gangster !

I was trying to read the newspaper today and everywhere I turn, got this naked China woman doing ear squats news. Fuck lah. All the English Chinese Malay Indian paper also got this fucking news.

Then I read the internet also got many people write in their blogs about this case.

Here are some of the Headlines:

Bernama: Don't Cover-up Facts In Nude Woman Probe, Police Told (Lin Peh: I nearly fall off my chair when I read this cause I read it wrongly as "Don't cover up the Nude Woman". Anyway, the police sure won't cover the gal wan..or else how to see her nude? But the police woman will cover everything including using the tudong to cover her hair !)

New Straits Times: Naked anger over lockup abuse (Lin Peh: Sure la anger...naked and kena pull ear lagi, but will anger itself solve the problem?)

The Star: PM: It's shameful (Lin Peh: Yeah shameful but what are you going to do with it ? Please something are our tai-kor you know? If this happen in the gang, sure the tai-kor wallop the police involved until vomit blood and shit and father mother also cannot recognise wan la. Please la......)

The Sun: Caught in the act (Lin Peh: Wei...this one not act la. Act can win Oscar wan...this one real one play play!)

星洲: 脫光衣查案損國譽 納吉:警方須採行動挽民心 (Sin Chew: Naked woman case make our country name condemn, Najib asked police do something to win back people's heart) (Lin Peh: are assistant Tai-kor la. Don't just point here point there...DO SOMETHING LA!)

中國報: 副警總長:齋戒月期間拍攝 她是靈區警局女警 (China Press: Deputy IGP: Recorded during Bulan Ramadhan, She is Police Woman from PJ) (Lin Peh: OK...Identified...Deputy IGP already know who she is ! But nothing mention about what they going to do to her. About when the incident took place....Lin Peh better no make comment.)

南洋商报: MMS脱衣录像片段 证实在灵警察总部摄录 (Nanyang Press: Naked woman MMS confirmed recorded at PJ Police HQ) (Lin Peh: Pretty much same as what reported in China Press.....soli la...both Nanyang and China owned by same taokeh)

Utusan: PM berang, kecewa -- `Jangan sembunyi fakta siasat wanita warga China dipaksa bogel' (Lin Peh: What fact is there to hide ? All recorded...very clear...face can see, neh neh also can see...the face behind the tudong also can see....JUST TAKE ACTION!)

Berita Harian: Memalukan polis: PM Arah siasatan rapi kes tahanan wanita dibogel dalam lokap (Lin Peh: See comment above on Utusan)

Conclusion: Chi-bye leh ! Seems like everyone also say things like Regret la, Shameful la, Investigate la, point here point there la; but no one is willing to come out and claim responsible. All fucking no balls wan. If Malaysia police want to act like gangster, must dare to face the gangster type of punishment also la, Right ?!! Standing in front of the camera with face clear clear somemore need to hide meh ? Anyway, I better stop here before the policce come catch me and make me squat in naked also ! hahahahahahaha!!!!

13 Condeminations:

Anonymous peanut king condemn:

dont frighten my dogs away lar by squating nude.There wont be any hphone cameras around to tape ur action.I 'sid dai' abit for ur sake..I hang around to do the dirty job for ur sake.I understand u hv been trying to make it to the headlines for years but fail.
This time u will succeed...tks to me...hehe

Blogger King's wife condemn:

but if they make you squat, sure u like wan....another new position for you!

peanut king, don't worry. Linpeh will tape his own action and blog for everyone to see...

Blogger Loc Kee condemn:

yeah... we wil wait for next week's headline :>
but i doubt lo... those ganster so sui liao.. mana dare to ask lin pek naked wo??

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Peanut King:
You from Raub or Ipoh? Left hand brand or Right Hand brand? Anyway, Thank you very much for trying to make me famous. You want hang around and do the dirty job really make me scare la. What dirty job are you referring to ? Squat on my behalf ah ? But, when you squat, I don't think I want to be around la. Scare u gay la! LOL

King's wife:
Aiya...I tried the squat position already la. Not every nice, u no believe you can try and then let me know! LOL

Loc Kee:
You think Lin Peh gangster head meh ?

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

Wah wan to check for drugs and weapons (water pistol ah?) in the vagina and kar-chng must do squatting up and down? Lin peh must advise the polis force that if they cannot shit then they oso must do ear-squatting lo. Best cure for constipation. Sure work wan!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

The gal where got water pistol ? Only got water fall and that is not weapon also la. Anyway, Lin Peh not enough power to advise the police la. Even Lim Kit Siang and all the MPs Cow Peh Cow Bu also no impact..u think Lin Peh is god meh ? :-(

Blogger Kang Xian condemn:

if linpeh strip and squat .. his balls will be touching the floor .


Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Kang Xian:
Yeah...funny ! You think Lin Peh eat the overnight hard boil egg so much until Lan Pah so big like the elephant wan meh ? LOL!

Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

What kang xian mean to say is that the lam par skin got no more tension and cannot hold the balls high. Unlike some ppl so clever at por lam par.

Blogger Helen condemn:

I agree with King's wife.. Lin Peh will tape his own action and blog for everyone to see... LOL

Definitely sooo like Lin Peh!! But I believe Lin Peh will give his first director's cut DVD version to King's wife!!!! HA HA HA

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

If next few days we don't see you blogging or blog hopping, we know where you are la..

Doing squating naked in some lockup b'cos of writing this.

Blogger Samm condemn:

wah, lin peh doing nakid squats in lockup. I WAN TO SEE!!!!

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

All u sick fella and no kesihan for Lin Peh wan la....If Lin Peh kena do the squat and appear on video..u all veli the happy meh ? :-( wallau's 11:30PM now and someone knocking on my door...............

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