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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Movie Review: Tammy mia Handphone Yamade Video

Yesterday, Ah Seng called early morning ask Lin Peh got see the Tammy from Kiasuland mia handphone yamade video. He told me this Tammy gal handphone kena stolen and then the chibye thief go and upload the yamade video to the internet and let the whole world see. You see, our contry mia MSC surely making progress liao cause this Ah Seng drop out standard 6 also know all these lanjiao internet and handphone video ! Malaysia BOLEH!

So, Lin Peh did a search on the net and found the video thru a link at my bruder,Y. Bhg Tan Sri Rojaks Wingz mia blog ! Knowing this chibye Wingz, Lin Peh now suspect he is probably the actor in the video la. LOL ! Since many bloggers always like to do Movie Review, Lin Peh feel obligated to do a review too after sawing the video.

General Intro
The video is about got 2 parts like mini series like dat. First part on warming up is about 4 minutes and second part of 10 minutes are action pack with close up shots.

The cinematografi is clear but sometimes the camera is tilted 90 degree so your have to tilt your head also when watch. In case you got neck pain, you can also tilt your monitor 90 degree.

Sound Effect
There is not much sound effect la except some "blurb, blurb" during the karaoke session. One middle fingers DOWN

Screen Play
KNN! You must be krazy if you looking for story !

Actor (Y. Bhg Tan Sri Rojaks Wingz ? )
Lin Peh is quite impressed with the actor lanjiao cause quite long and somemore he is still young, so got potential to grow further. LOL ! He can tahan quite long cause 10 minutes all action and still singing the Elton John "I'm Still Standing" ! However, his warm up of only 4 minutes Lin Peh think not enough la. All those Mei Mei that Lin Peh yamade one always want long long warmup if not it will be like diving in desert like dat. Lin Peh sure this Tammy also no exception wan. So, the conclusion is this actor not experience enough.

Actress (Tammy)
The actress face is quite chun. Many people on net said she is Ah Lian but Lin Peh thik Ah Lian is determined more by the cloths a gal wear and since she no wear cloths in this movie, Lin Peh will not conclude that she is Ah Lian. LOL! Anyway, her karaoke singing is quite good. See also Lin Peh stim ! 2 middle fingers UP and Lin Peh mia microphone also UP !

Art Direction
Who the fuck who does the art direction of this video should be shot cause the actor in this movie no wear the diving suit when he dive deep deep! It's like want to commit suicide like dat ! 2 middle fingers DOWN ! And please la, don't let your kids watch !

Costume Design

  • Tammy mia handphone very advance. Memory also very big!

  • Handphone don't buy small small one, people can steal easily!

  • If you want make home yamade video, use the big big VHS Camcoder, no one steal!

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    33 Condeminations:

    Blogger Wingz condemn:

    mahaiii i not the actor laaaa!!!! my blog whe3re got movie!!!! diuuu

    Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

    Lin Peh help promote u mah ! Chibye, tank Q also no say :-(

    Blogger may condemn:

    haiya... poor girl. the lesson here is - don't lah take yamade pictures / videos on phone's camera! (or any camcorder / digicam / etc... leave no evidence mah!)

    Blogger JoMel condemn:

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    Blogger JoMel condemn:

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    Blogger frostier condemn:

    The movie sucks. Furthermore no THX or DTS 7.1

    But one thing hor, i totally agree with u mia review. Very accurate and informative

    Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

    You sounds expereince in destroying yamade eveidence ! LOL!

    And u sound worry ! LOL!
    Lin Peh tot onli the pirated wan no DTS ;-)

    Blogger Lord Vendetta condemn:

    Haha a very good review indeed ;)

    Blogger Helen condemn:

    lin peh very admire the boy mia apparatus.... has it ever occur to you, it's special effects?? Never underestimate kiasuland mia movie effects.... Lucasfilm also got studio there one!! lol

    Blogger 5xmom condemn:

    Aiyoh, I again salute Lin Peh! Now I know what Y. Bhg. Tan Silly Latuk Rojakz looks like. *fall of chair*

    Blogger Boss Stewie condemn:

    tsk tsk
    poor girlll

    Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

    Lord Vendetta:
    Tank Q.

    Alamak. if like dat must give 2 middle fingers UP for special effect lor ! LOL!

    Lin Peh got jalan mah ;-)

    Boss Stewie:
    Yeah lor :-(

    Blogger wombie condemn:

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    Blogger wombie condemn:

    so many can start your own production company liao

    Blogger PinPin 彬彬 condemn:

    Two thumbs up for your review!

    Blogger Ah Pek condemn:

    waa so good i oso must see lor. now quick quick go to Y.B's site to download.

    Blogger Ah Pek condemn:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    Blogger ass2006 condemn:

    Hi, a nice blog you have here. You will surely get an bookmark :) xaNax

    Anonymous fuolornis condemn:

    nice review. but after i watch it, i realise got no sound effect like those america xxx. u know, that 'sound effect'?

    Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

    If I start own producksion shop, you interested to be actress ? LOL!

    PinPin 彬彬:
    Anything else UP ?

    Ah Pek:
    So, dapat download kah ? If not, you may get it from pasar malam oledi ;-)

    I think you blaf wan la ! SPAMMER! LOL!

    Of course Lin Peh know the sound effect la....uh uh....ah ah...yamadeeeeeee!!!!

    Anonymous john condemn:

    hi,,who got the video link...can some1 tell me? thanks

    Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

    Lin Peh kah lu kong....I got problem downloading from that link leh. Can send clip to my e-mail anot?
    No,no I am not hamsup...just want to see whether your review accurate anot.
    If not accurate i will hantam kau-kau. LOL

    Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

    stop that@

    Anonymous xxxXXXxxx condemn:

    tis movie review is quite good, good try...10s ! however i wan to make some correction, the warm up time in the video is less than 3 minutes, not about 4 minutes!!! for those havent see the video clip, i recommend this movie review to u!!!

    Blogger the boss condemn:

    the whole world is searching for the clips, go visit and download the clips for free!

    Anonymous Josh condemn:

    Good ler... If the gal is my gf...
    no comment.... the gal quite nice... pretty... heard that have third and forth part... i'm nnot sure... just confirm with u guys...

    Anonymous GY_Lin condemn:

    KNNBCCB, ur movie review reli make laugh my @$$ off....good 1 indeed...but then hor, according to some blog (forgot the link, search for urself if u may, hehe)there are 4 vids in total...wonder who's got them all...chiao...

    Anonymous Piao Mei condemn:

    Piao Ker!!! Wo ai ni!!!

    Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

    Put the video link here la.. I still don't know what the hoo hah is about.. i can't see the video anywhere also.

    Anonymous Anonymous condemn:


    can send me the video clip on Tammy if you have it tks.

    Pls send to

    Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

    video is available in special format at

    Anonymous Anonymous condemn:

    can't find it

    Please send to

    thanks a lot

    Anonymous Putra condemn:

    Two thumbs up for your review! nice

    Add your condemn