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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Contest ! Win Movie Tickets !

What is The Prize?

The winner for this contest will get 2 tickets to go watch:

Sponsored by:Cock-a-Doodle
Date: 24th May 2006
Time: 9pm
Venue: GSC 1 Utama

How To Win?

1. Listen to the following song:


2. Tell Lin Peh which blogger should the song be dedicated to and why.

3. The one with bestest answer will WIN!

4. You can make as many comments as you like !

5. Contest Closing: 12noon (according to Lin Peh mia Watch); 8th May 2006


Ok's the lyrics of the song in both Chinese & Engrish:

喂喂荷里活有间大酒店 (Hollywood got one big hotel)
有三个肥婆呀学踢波 (Got 3 fat women learning how to play football)
学踢波 你又踢 佢又踢 (Dis one kick, dat wan kick)
卒之就踢左落河 啊 (Finally kick the ball into the river)

你想执番个波 (You try to get back the ball)
我帮你执个波丫 (I help you get it back)
我标落去水双手揽住个波 (I jumped into the river and grab the ball)
fing上去水面等佢捉住个波 (Throw the ball back to her)
(But she droped into the river while trying to catch the ball)

我忙救佢命惊佢又压死我 (I try to rescue her but scare she squash me to death)
揾多两个肥婆合力去拖 (So I got 2 more fat women to help me pull her up)
好彩又救醒左 (Luckily manage to rescue her)
你地玩波 玩波 (You all play play with the ball)
应该要小心播 (Must be careful la)

唉,你咪救人啦, (Don't simply rescue peeple la)
我都知道就唔救佢架勒, (If I have known earlier, I won't rescue also)
所以我地广东人既俗语讲得好呀, (Dats why the cantonese saying is very true)
好心着雷劈,一D都冇错架. (Do good things will get struck by lightning)

呢! 就系好似果个肥婆咁, (Just like the fat woman liddat)
踢波,系河边踢, (Kick the ball beside the river)
跌左落河,系我救佢上黎姐, (Drop into the river and I rescued her)
都唔在话勒, 救人一命呀胜过七级浮屠, (Peeple say rescue peeple life is damn good deed)
救佢上黎重话我非礼佢, (But she said I molested her instead)
你知啦, 游水救人, (You know la, rescue peeple when swimming)
抆下撞下梗系有架啦嘛. (Sure got touch here and there wan)

佢支支呀佐, 佢真啰呀梳 (She made hell a lot of noises)
居然窒阿哥, 都只为执个波 (Got angry with me cause I grab her ball)
好彩我读过诗书不易发火 (Luckily I am the educated type and not easily angry)
否则我又再兜脚踢佢落河 (If not I sure turn around and kick her back into the river)
荷里活呢间大酒店 (Hollywood got one big hotel)
有个肥婆为左学踢波 (Got one fat woman learning how to play football)
争D命冇左 (Almost lost her life)
你地玩波 玩波 (You all play the ball)
应该要小心播 (Better be careful)

Good Luck !

22 Condeminations:

Blogger Wingz condemn:

I wanna dedicate this song to Fireangel!!! bcoz she wont know wtf they are singing and i can get away with it!!! wuahahahaha!!!

Blogger Zara's Mama condemn:

Sounds like a song dedicated to yourself.. b'cos you like piao meis.. big, fat, thin, short all jiak ka liao and last time always hang out in Planet Holiwood.. and you like to jah-poh..

Blogger Simple American condemn:

3 Fat Women and only 5 legs. Look. Only 5 legs.

Like the Cantonese saying about good deeds. How come my wife dun tell me that one leh?

Blogger Ah Pek condemn:

diu.. my pc no speaker..

Blogger Cocka Doodle condemn:

I have 3 pak ku in mind....but I don't dare to mention names.
Afturds kena fark kau-kau!

Anonymous Sooi2 condemn:

Contest by linpeh?? Prizes by cocka?? (XXX movie ticket summore!)wah, is this a scam to trick the innocents into ur piao mei vice ring?? LOL!

Blogger JoMel condemn:

Cocka, I also have and I also don't dare to mention. HAHA! (oops, I hope I am not one of those on your mind!)

THEREFORE, I would like to redirect my dedication of this song to you Lin Peh kor kor.

Reason being:

1. You very humsap
2. You like to help people
3. When you help people, people think that you have ulterior motive, because you are very humsap.
4. Then you get angry and you will say TIU!
5. Then you left in a huff and puff and vow never to help people again, especially when they are playing balls.
6. Cos you don't want to risk losing your balls.

Ahem, can I have my tickets now? Pleeze?

Anonymous 93~93 condemn:

mahai..borrow knife kill people..better run lor

Anonymous message condemn:



Blogger Helen condemn:

Damn, I take part also useless lar... Tickets in KL!! ** roll eyes **

BTW, I cannot hear ur song lar... Firefox and IE also cannot.

I'll wait until Cocka sponsor stuffs like Ipod, digicam, Middleast all expenses paid tour, etc to try my luck....

Blogger titoki condemn:

It's the wee hours now. My brain's not functioning very well at the moment. I'll give your song's lyrics some serious thoughts and comment again sometime tomorrow!!!

And BTW, everyone is welcum to the Bloggers Meet @KLCC on Sunday (7 May 2006). For more info, please click here. See you there.

Blogger sengkor condemn:

ah linpeh, this songs contain few key words which i wanted to highlight: football, fat, helpful, river, not appreciated, molest, rescue, educated type, and careful.

if i use all the key words above, i can only relate back all to u becos:

Linpeh likes to play football. Since he is old oredi, he gotta retire and play futsal instead. Because he is quite fat, his team mates say he is not very helpful in the game. So they ask him go tapau lunch in Sungai Wang foodcourt.

At the foodcourt, he saw one of his piao meis kena molest. Being a good guy, he tried to rescue her. But actuary, it's his piao mei's tactic to lure a potential educated type customer.

Now, linpeh needs to be more careful in helping people because his help is not always appreciated.

Tickets preaasee...

Blogger JoMel condemn:

Seng kor, get lost!

Blogger sengkor condemn:

jomel, can u see these fists??

Blogger JoMel condemn:

Seng Kor, the best woman will win.

Blogger sengkor condemn:

jomel, not until u see the judge's decision..

Blogger JoMel condemn:

seng kor, get lost!!!

Blogger sengkor condemn:

jomel, pls save ur saliva. u can never beat me!!

Blogger JoMel condemn:

seng kor, the gist of your entry is quite same same to mine! COPY KAT YOU!

Blogger sengkor condemn:

tht's a blatant lie! how can mine a copycat when it's better than yours??

Blogger JoMel condemn:

Seng, you copied mine and tried to improve on it. But any fool can see that. Bleh!

Anonymous Leoni condemn:

I want to dedicate this song to Lin Peh because:-

1) He is the only blogger I know on a "personal" basis

2) Lin Peh is often misunderstood for his good intentions, just like the song.(Actually, he would not want to take advantage of not one, but THREE fat women)

3) I AM hard up for them movie tickets. Anything free is always nice....who cares if I haven't watched all the previous instalments

4) We had a deal.....remember??

Add your condemn