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Monday, April 10, 2006

Let's Go Watch Movie for FREE !

Got invited today by my Blog buddie,Y. Bhg Tan Sri Rojaks Wingz , to go watch the Premier Show of "The Wild" A Disney Movie. But this cheap-skate fella told Lin Peh that the condition is that Lin Peh must bring along some piao meis (imported or locally assembled oso can) or alternatively enter a contest at his blog.

Since Lin Peh got no intention to intro my piao meis to this humsap Lojak, Lin Peh has decided to join the contest! So, if you are interested to go watch the movie with Lin Peh, Rojak, and the rest of the Gila Bloggers (provided all of us win la), you are welcum to join the contest as well.

Goood luck and let's go watch movie !

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Blogger Simple American condemn:

Can American play mah?

So we can yodel and listen to the echo or maybe it goes out the trunk?

Blogger Helen condemn:

Dun want to watch movie..... if win alreadi can send pic (untouched/unphotoshopped) of Lin Peh or Lojakz hamsen face ar?? lol

Blogger Lin Peh condemn:

Simple American:
Of course Ameri-can, Afri-can, All-can also can play la! No discrimination wan!

Why wan picture wor ? U wan rub your tofu to it ah ? LOL!

Blogger Helen condemn:

DNMCH.. so can use for black magic the next time you all say bad things about me. :-P

Blogger MahaguruSia condemn:

Huh, why suddenly got tafu eating contest one? I also want to join... me expert. Hehe... slurp slurp

Blogger wombie condemn:

simple american: if you win, you'd have to go to Malaysia to claim your prize!!

I thought of joining the contest too. My sis and mom would enjoy the movie. But then again, when they ask how I win, I'd have to explain about the tree trunk slogan!

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